A SMALL ARTICLE ABOUT A SMALL GROUPING OF SMALL PEOPLE Kees Deckers June 2011 Last Thursday, June 23, there was a small article in the Dutch newspaper METRO. Did you read it too somewhere? The heading: World record of millionaires. In just one year time, last year, worldwide 8.3 percent more millionaires. Together these 10.9 million millionaires possess 42,700 billion or 42,7 trillion dollar. That is an average of 4,000,000 dollar a millionaire. In numbers: 10,900,000 people possess 42,700,000,000,000 dollar. And the U.S.A., Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, England.... and so on??? Bankrupt. And who may work even  longer for these bankrupt nations, both in hours per week and in years of life, who may even pay more tax, with  even less social care and more expensive health care, education etcetera? Should I waste still more words on a small grouping of small people? And on all those people, who still believe that capitalism is the way to go?