A PROPOSAL FOR NEW REINTEGRATION BUREAUS (A to-think-about-article) Kees Deckers June 2012 Integration means: "the act of combining or adding parts to make a unified whole", "(from the Latin integer, meaning whole or entire) generally  means combining parts so that they work together or form a whole", "(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the act of amalgamating a racial or  religious group with an existing community". "inclusion in a whole, especially certain individuals or groups in society", "(i)n social life  integration is a term for the extent to which different populations are able to live together sustainably." And according to the Dutch Wikipedia:  Integration (sociology) Integration is the process, through which different components melt together into one whole. In sociology and in politics integration is a much used term to indicate the  fusion of multiple population groups in society.  A characteristic is that both groups make adjustments. When there is unilateral adjustment this is called assimilation.  Internet reference (01-06-12) (my own translation): http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integratie_%28sociologie%29  Reintegration stands in the Dutch language for: "When an employee has become unfit for work, the employer has to carry out efforts, aimed at  the possibility to include the employee again into the production process. In case of long-term disability, together with the Arbo-dienst  (safety,health and welfare service) a reintegration plan has to be drafted and has to be submitted to the implementing organisation" and: "after  a period of illness the preparing and starting again of work, often with the aid of a reintegration bureau" (my own translations from Dutch). And  according to the Dutch Wikipedia:  Reintegration Reintegration literally means 'to make/let function again'. Usually it refers to 'reintegrating into the labour market', which means that somebody searches for work again  by way of a bureau. Also after a sick leave, when returning back to the own workplace one speaks about reintegration.  Internet reference (01-06-12) (my own translation): http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Re-integratie  Now, try to find the same meaning for this term in other languages, meaning in other countries.  On the English Wikipedia for the equivalent English term no information can be found, similar to the by the Dutch government fictional wordplay  with regard to reintegration. There is even no reference in any language. So, only humans in The Netherlands apparently get deintegrated, as  soon as they lose their paid job. This does not happen to other humans, wherever in the world. They stay integrated in the society. Only after  looking further we discover, from where this Dutch fantasy originates. And, of course it is an idea coming from the United States of North  America:  Work First Work First is a methodology originating from the United States, that puts unemployed people to work for their benefit. The idea behind this is that unemployed people  through this gain a working rhythm and after that can find a job themselves, which in practice often does not happen, because for many people the distance to the labour  market is to great. There is much criticism on reintegration routes, because of the high costs for registering and the low efficiency (reintegration bureaus get substantial premiums just for  registering unemployed, although they do very little for their clients and for the displacement of regular jobs by cheap labourers). In 2008 the Socialistische Partij  (Socialist Party) released a critical report regarding the reintegration branche.  Work First can be compared with the previous unemployment relief works from the early 20th century (see internet reference (06-06-12):  http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werkverschaffing and: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Depression, red.). It is also considered as forced labour and there have been  attempts to demonstrate this judicially, because forced labour is prohibited under human rights.  On February 8 2010 the Centrale Raad van Beroep (the Central Board of Appeal) at Utrecht considered that there is no forced labour in the case of a Work First  programme, but that the personal circumstances of the jobseeker, like level of education and handicaps, have to be taken into account. After this ruling an appeal has  been put to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The circumstances, that have to be taken into account, are as follows:  - the nature, location, duration and working hours of the work within the framework of the proposed facility in relation to the capabilities, experience, training and family  situation of the person,  - the duration of unemployment of the individual,  - whether and if so, how the proposed facility may contribute to obtaining employment of the person, and   - the severity of the sanction for not cooperating in the provision offered.  Meanwhile, the European Court of Human Rights on May 4 2010 in the case Schuitemaker (a different case than the above) decided that there is no question of forced  labour in the obligation to accept generally accepted employment with social assistance.  A variant of Work First is salary for social assistance, in which case there is a labour contract and one is no longer registered as a beneficiary.  Internet reference (01-06-12) (my own translation): http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Work_First  See on Wikipedia the term "Workfare" for English and other languages.  Deintegration stands for: "disaggregation - Breaking up of a total (aggregate), integrated whole, or a conglomerate, into smaller elements,  parts, or units, usually for easier handling or management. Also called deintegration or disintegration."  Deintegration as a word is virtually unknown in the Dutch language. The nearest equivalent word is desintegratie (disintegration).  Disintegration means: "Separation into component parts", "total destruction", "in psychology the no longer balanced functioning of mind,  instincts and impulses" and: "1) Decomposition 2) falling apart 3) fragmentation." Is being unemployed equivalent to being deintegrated or disintegrated?  In The Netherlands unemployed humans, read humans who have no paid job, are considered for many years already as deintegrated or  disintegrated. Meaning: All of a sudden, these humans don't understand anylonger what a work rhythm is, they don't understand that they must  be on time in a paid job; they don't understand how to deal with their superiors; they don't understand how to deal with their most direct  colleagues and so on. That is what deintegration or disintegration stands for: falling apart, fragment, and according to psychological assumptions  mentally and instinctually no longer function in a balanced way. And we all have to be integrated in our so-called society. That is to say: being  included "in the society" and being "able to live together sustainably." When we do not work, again read do not have a paid job, then all of a  sudden we no longer are able "to live together sustainably" and we are also no longer included "in a whole, especially ... in society ". It does not  matter whether you have a family, whether you participate in all sorts of clubs, it does not matter whether you take care of your own household.  According to the Dutch Government you are deintegrated when you have no paid job. And that is serious.  From the start there has been deservedly much criticism on the so-called reintegration bureaus, which like fungi grew on the economic  foundation, as soon as this term came into vogue in the so-called Dutch society. Most were headed by cunning entrepreneurs, who only had  their own wallet in mind and to the extent they still exist, still have this only in mind. Their rationale was totally focused on their own welfare  and above all their own prosperity, and the deintegrated were only difficult customers. The most, what the unemployed was offered as  customers, was no more than rules of etiquette taken from books, about how to write a letter of application, how to behave yourself during a job  interview and how and where to find vacancies. Ergo: Information most clients could find out themselves. And mostly no information, which in  fact has to do with building up a so-called work rhythm anew, or any other information which is useful in a paid employment.  Going further back in time, from the moment the so-called temporary employment agencies sprang up as very poisonous mushrooms and fungi  in the so-called society, because of a so-called pure economic necessity, the permanent, paid, 40-hours-a-week job of each employee was in  jeopardy. Employers and capitalists had and have finally but one goal, their own power, status, prestige and importance. And because that is  largely measured in money, with amounts of money this can be demonstrated the most easiest, the employee had and has to cost as little as  possible. This was the only so-called pure economic necessity to deprive hundreds of thousands of permanent job-employees of their economic  security and with that indirectly undermine the security of the total economy. This led and still leads to a disbalance and to the final  disintegration of the total economy. First it led to the so-called "deintegration" of employers with a permanent, paid, 40-hours-a-week job, by  sacking them. Thereafter it led to further "deintegration" by making jobless humans search for 20-hours-, 10-hours- and even-less-hours-a-  week "jobs".  A proposal for new reintegration bureaus  Even so, I am a proponent for the setting up anew of a good many reintegration bureaus. Why? Well, curiously enough there exist still a number  of quite large population groups, which really are little to not integrated in the so-called whole of our society, and which are not really capable of  living together sustainably. I am talking here about the employers of multinational companies and multinationals banks and the clique of  millionaires and billionaires. How integrated are these humans, when they have to hide in big buildings, on large estates and what not, behind  double walls, guard dogs, human shields also called body guards and complex and huge masses of electronic security devices? They isolate  themselves from the rest of society. They build villas with swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses and every other luxury they can think of,  and they build around these Chinese Walls, Cold War walls and the same kind of walls, as those Israel thinks to need to protect itself and its  "own territory". Are humans who (have to) live like that integrated? Or are they deintegrated? Even worse, are it not they, who in the end cause  the total disintegration of our so-called society? Instead of the humans who lose their jobs unwillingly and who thereafter have to take two or  three jobs, for a pittance of what they formerly were paid? Hence my proposal for reintegration bureaus for capitalist extremists.