TIME FOR A NEXIT FROM THE N.A.T.O. AND TO THROW THE NORTH-AMERICAN CULTURE OUT OF THE COUNTRY Kees Deckers 15 July 2016 Well, so the so-called “Dutch” also want out of the E.U. Just like many of the so-called Brits. After a Brexit a Nexit.  Very unwise, but also very understandable, for after all the United Europe is at this moment in the hands of capitalist-extremists and capitalist-  terrorists and based on the most disruptive economic system ever: The capitalistic economy.   In stead of one Europe based on the principles of proportionality and equality, in which all Europeans can develop themselves together on the  basis of an Unconditional Basic Income, we work only from and work towards a capitalistic oligarchic Europe. A Europe, in which the 1%, the  pigs from "Animal Farm" by George Orwell, are the overLORDS over the 99%, the cows and sheep in that book, according to the rule: "All  animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others." Whether this takes place on a nazionalistic level or a European level makes no  difference. A Europe divided in nazionalities is as advantageous for the pigs as a united Europe. It remains a win-win-situation for the clique of  the 1% of bargaining capitalists, based among others on the so-called "Dutch" merchant mentality. The Hollanders should surely be rightly  proud of this. But if they are that proud on that great Hollandish and "Dutch", whatever that maybe in a more and more by the North-American and English  culture diseased so-called Netherlands, then they also have to carry through in another way with a Nexit. And that is, as one people of  Hollandish cows and sheep no longer walk behind the LORD and SHEPHERD pigs of North-America, to start a war against the Russians as part of  ONE Europe. Against a Russia, which has been for more than 20 years already just as capitalistic as North-America and Europe, and therefore  should be no more and no less the brothers and sisters of by capitalism intoxicated and poisoned North-America. By the way, there has never  existed anywhere on the world one so-called country that was not capitalistic. There only exist oligarchies, of which some abuse a strategy of  permission and tolerance for their herd of cows, whenever this is in the interest of the LORD and SHEPHERD pigs, and with that does not cost  too much or even costs less. A common shopping street in that so-called Netherlands today is literally infested with English and North-American terminology like: Sale,  today's look, energy takes over, raw, it's all about sweater weather, gifts, games, superdeal, mid season sale and more English than Hollandish  language brand and company names. Just have a look around with Goggle Streetview, just walk through a shopping street of so-called Holland.  Sinterklaas must be choked and strangled because of problems with slavery, so that the obesitas-propagating fatso Santa Claus (just another  name for Sinterklaas) may fill the streets even more with his capitalistic hohoho belly laugh. Another sanctimonious MAN, who possesses his  own kind of slaves on the North Pole, existing of little people and elves. Halloween, the North-American way, replaces more and more Sint  Maarten and Allerheiligen, and expressions of love must be celebrated on Valentine's Day, according to an English cultural phenomenon, which  through political commercial influence also has become commonplace in that so-called Holland. So, what is this so-called "Dutch" identity really,  which needs to be preserved and maintained so very much against humans from Eastern Europe and Africa, but which may be puked full of  North-American and English excrement? Is it not time to throw this North-American cultural influencing out of the country also? Let's be honest,  the North-American culture propagates unceasingly that every human can only be truly free, if he has filled his own property up to the top with  as much of the two most important products, which that nazion North-America produces and markets: Weaponry and the freedom to sow death  and destruction against the own neighbour. Whether it is the neighbour in the so-called own country or the neighbour of a so-called other  country, makes no difference. Let's keep following that culture, so that we can later on also start with delicious spray killings on schools, in clubs  and on just a sunny day in the middle of a city or village, always perpetrated by so-called "Lone Gunmen".  North-America is still propagated as a "super power", while a large part of the citizenry lives deep below the poverty threshold. The national debt  clock of that so-called country stood on July 8 2016 at:  Converted to euro's the debt per North-American inhabitant is 62.715,- euro. And per And per so-called working North-American 107.871,-.  While the national debt clock of the so-called Netherlands on July 8 2016 stood at:  Ergo, the so-called Dutch follow, according to most of the North-Americans still, the "richest" country of the world, in all of their murderous  actions and deeds and in their fantastically great way of executing economy on their own citizens. Very wise, is it not?  A country, in which every inhabitant is more than twice as deep in debt and every so-called working inhabitant is almost twice as deep in debt  than every inhabitant in so-called Holland. So, these Hollanders follow a country, in which each inhabitant is twice as poor as they are  themselves and they keep doing this faithfully and obediently. The so-called "Dutch" national anthem today therefore is as follows: "Noord-  Amerika getrouwe, blijf ik tot in den dood" (North America I remain faithful unto death). They let themselves be told to go to war against every  so-called "alien" of North-America (and that is literally everyone, whether they come from this Earth or from far outside it). Wars, which are  always as-far-as-possible-from-my-bed-and-my-North-America-borders wars for that "land of the free and the home of the brave!" itself. Now  amongst others it is Russia's turn. It will produce again much status, power, prestige, but especially money, resources and other possessions for a small clique of mostly North-  Americans, the pigs who fancy that they are allowed to have the power over the North-American sheep and cows, so that they can squander it  again, on amongst others psychologically extremely disturbed presidential elections, which flow over of every kind of aggression this small clique  of humans can get away with. And the national debt in that country will, because of it, look a bit better through all the weapons sales, while the  debt of so-called Holland only in very "lucky" circumstances will start to look somewhat rosier. In fact only, if this pushed through and for the so-  called Netherlands completely useless war will maybe be won later on. But it will rather become much worse, what yet again will benefit the  North-American debt clock, because the difference between the two will seemingly get less. How much humans will be murdered in that war? Oh  well, that is called for decades already with an English term "collateral damage". We should really not worry about that as so-called Hollanders  with a real "Dutch" identity. We can celebrate each year another nice national day of mourning for them, while the surviving veterans will only  be honoured, as long as they do not bother the rest of the population with their war traumas. It is logical that the National Security goes far  beyond that of the personal and individual safety and security. And it is all only about The Greater Good.  Is it not time to no longer accept that capitalist-extremists and capitalist-terrorists continue to have the right to make the future of humanity  keep looking like another statement by George Orwell, namely like "a boot, stamping on a human face - forever"?  Is it not time to start with that, by a Nexit from the N.A.T.O. (the North-Atlantic Treaty Organisation or is it North-American Divide-and-Conquer  Organsation), in stead of a Nexit from a united Europe based on other principles, the principles of proportionality and equality?