Up ARGUS EYES ON THE E-CAT Kees Deckers November 2011 With Argus eyes, I look at the developments and complications surrounding the E-Cat of Andrea Rossi. For those, who don’t know what the E- Cat is, very brief the following. E-Cat stands for Energy-Catalyser. It is a device invented by the Italian Andrea Rossi, which probably makes a  new form of energy extraction possible. It is based on Cold (Nuclear) Fusion, nowadays also called L.E.N.R. (= Low Energy Nuclear  Reactions), or possibly on another as of yet unknown phenomenon. With that it is cleaner, safer energy than Hot (Nuclear) Fusion energy and  the burning of fossil fuels like gas and oil.  For more information, see among others, the following internet references: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_Catalyzerhttp://pesn.com/2011/10/28/9501940_1_MW_E-Cat_Test_Successful/  http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/le3303817.ece/BINARY/Updated+analysis+Ecat+Oct+6+Roberson+%28pdf%29  http://blog.newenergytimes.com/2011/10/30/noble-aspirations-are-not-enough/  Some Dutch language internet references with information about the E-Cat are:  http://www.ufowijzer.nl/LaatstToegArt.html http://nulpuntenergie.net/index.php/nulpuntenergie/463-koude-kernfusie-fusie-werkelijkheid  http://www.niburu.nl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=  1508:test-koude-kernfusie-systeem-succesvol&catid=21:innovatie&Itemid=34  More than once the system has been demonstrated and tested. The last time on October 28th this year, in the form of the 1 MegaWatt E-Cat.  Around this, there is a lot of the typical petty shouting by sceptics and anti-interested parties with regard to the device. Because, if this  device actually does, what is claimed, a table sized E-Cat could produce in each home free and in principle gratis energy for warmth and  electra in a safer and cleaner way. This would mean that large energy producers as anti-interested parties would start to lose lots of capital.  And yet again, another hobby horse of the narrowed sciences, that Cold (Nuclear) Fusion is not possible, would get crushed.  The proponents shout that the tests are a success. The opponents shout, that it is not the case and that it is all lies and deceit. I, as human and Earthling, think it is shameless, that it seems hardly possible to work together around this for-humans-possibly-usable-  energy-production. Opponents of Rossi will now shout immediately, that it is Rossi, who is to blame, that there is no co-operation. For me, as  Earthling, it is totally irrelevant who is to blame. The only thing that is important, and even very important, is that it has to be researched,  whether it is possible or not. This I see as a task of scientists. Real scientists do research. They don’t stay proud of ideas and beliefs that all is  already known. They start to work and try to prove these sorts of possibilities, using, amongst others, verification and falsification and all  those beautiful other ways, which the scientific method offers. But they should also be keen to remember, that the scientific method is not  absolute nor god. In fact, there are already a few scientists involved in the E-Cat. But, of course, by way of political polemic and clucking here also it is claimed,  that these people are untrustworthy or not knowledgeable. Why? In the end it is about whose pockets are going to be filled and who will get  the honour. Ergo: Here also the pettiness is rampant. But my Argus eyes are especially aimed on those people, who, and this is an even greater danger if the E-Cat really works, will try to cocoon  the device in all kinds of lawyers’ gobbledygook and other legal jargon to obtain the monopoly. The latter will be like flies on the syrup. It is  one possible reason why the interested investor wanted to keep his name secret at the test of October 28th. A reason I have not read  anywhere, uptil this moment.  For Andrea Rossi himself this is a difficult position to be in. Who is trustworthy, who isn’t? And whatever he does and with whomever he does  it with, large numbers of opponents, anti-interested parties and "cheated" interested parties, who also wanted to buy the device, will blame  him for this.  What will happen if the device really works? It is here, that my biggest suspicion and mistrust lies. Because what will be the costs of the table  top sized device and what the costs of maintenance for the citizen as consumer? This will be determined by Andrea Rossi and by the people,  who will put this product on the market. And within the capitalistic system, we unfortunately keep preferring, this possibly will mean the  following.  Citizens in the so-called developed West, in addition to paying a 30 to 50 year mortgage, almost lifelong paying for health and other  insurancies and all kinds of other taxes, will also be paying almost lifelong for the ownership of an E-Cat and the maintenance it requires.  Again Certain multinationals and countries will be making lots of money, while other countries will only experience the costs.  And don’t think, this will not happen.  A quote from the Dutch article: "Nikola Tesla: The future is mine", in Frontier Magazine number 101, October-November 2011:  Tesla promises Morgan that he can build a system of towers, which can get energy from the ionosphere. Which make it possible to transport electricity worldwide without wires.  In short, gratis energy for all. Tesla is called crazy because he can generate electricity without fuel, solar energy and wind, and he did it too. And that was something the fuel  companies were not waiting on. When J.P. Morgan heard this, the project was stopped immediately. Morgan did not see any chance of making a profit with Tesla's device for  gratis energy. (My own translation). And that's a sad prospect. Even for a cleaner and safer form of free energy.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_Catalyzer  http://pesn.com/2011/10/28/9501940_1_MW_E-Cat_Test_Successful/ http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2011-10/29/rossi-success  http://www.nyteknik.se/incoming/article3303817.ece/BINARY/Updated+analysis+Ecat+Oct+6+Roberson+%28pdf%29  http://blog.newenergytimes.com/2011/10/30/noble-aspirations-are-not-enough/  http://www.ufowijzer.nl/LaatstToegArt.html http://nulpuntenergie.net/index.php/nulpuntenergie/463-koude-kernfusie-fusie-werkelijkheid  http://www.niburu.nl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1508:test-koude-kernfusie-systeem-  succesvol&catid=21:innovatie&Itemid=34