Up "HISTORICAL CATTLE KRAALS" AND UBUNTU CONTRIBUTIONISM - MICHAEL TELLINGER (THE GLOBAL B.E.M.-CONFERENCE - PART I) Kees Deckers November 2012 August 2013 Sound, sound waves, resounding, resonating, a ting, a BOIINGOIINGOOOIINGG, swelling into a ROAR, GROWing silent, the introduction  of the second day of the conference organised by Global B.E.M. Sound, vibrations, energy moving through the space of the theatre hall of the  “Gooiland Evenementenlocatie” in the heart of Hilversum, The Netherlands. A sound presentation with gongs by Valekriy preludes my first of  the two days I can visit the conference (internet reference (02-08-13): http://www.slavski.com/gongsound_net/index_en.html and:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT7ArdXqf7E).  That introduction, these sounds would emerge and resound in all kinds of ways again and again in the presentations by very different  speakers on the area of energy and sources of energy. http://globalbem.com/conference How do you put into one article, which covers only a few pages, all information, brought to the attention by more than 18 speakers? You can  not. It also can not be done, because, alas, all the time two presentations take place simultaneously. The only disappointing point in the  organisation of this Global B.E.M. happening. What presentation do you visit? What presentation not? In a series of articles I give overviews of my choice of the lectures. Added to these I will describe my own impressions, thoughts and question  marks in the form of asides. These asides I give with green coloured text.  Global B.E.M.  On November 9, 10 and 11 2012 Global B.E.M. organised a three-day conference, the "Breakthrough Energy Conference" about energy and  sources of energy. Three days, from 10:00 tot 20:00 hours, in two auditoriums at once lectures were given by more than 18 speakers. Not  about the energy sources coal, oil and gas (the so-called fossil fuels) and hot nuclear reactors, from which we currently still obtain almost all  of our energy. And no, also not about solar panels and wind turbines. This energy conference was aimed especially on the other sources of  energy. Some of which the existence has been known hundreds of thousands of years already, others which have been known hundreds of  years already and others which have been discovered the last 20 to 25 years. It is about the discoveries and inventions of humans  everywhere on Earth, who are seeking other, healthier, safer, cheaper and especially also more free forms of energy. More free forms of  energy in the meaning of without burdening the environment, our own living environment, and human herself too much as well as in the  meaning of in economical and monetary concepts cheap to even gratis energy for everybody.  Global B.E.M. stands for "Global Breakthrough Energy Movement". It is based on the statement by Brian O'Leary, who said about the current  energy situation on Earth: "The only solution is a Breakthrough Energy Revolution".  Brian O'Leary  Brian Todd O'Leary (January 27, 1940 – July 28, 2011) was an American scientist, author, and former NASA astronaut. He was a member of the sixth group of astronauts  selected by NASA in August 1967. The members of this group of eleven were known as the scientist-astronauts, intended to train for the Apollo Applications Program - a  follow-on to the Apollo Program, which was ultimately canceled. In later life he became an advocate of utilizing exotic energy sources to resolve humanity's energy  problems.  Internet reference (02-08-13):  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_O%27Leary  This energy breakthrough is a pure necessity. A pure necessity to solve the worldwide problems with our current sources of energy. Not only  the consequences of the way, in which we exploit these sources of energy are devastating, as is apparent from the abuses, which Shell causes  in Nigeria and which nevertheless the Dutch government remains committed to,  see for instance the article: "Overheid kiest kant Shell in  Nigeria" (Government chooses side Shell in Nigeria) on the website "Nu.nl"  (internet reference (02-08-13):  http://www.nu.nl/politiek/2960050/overheid-kiest-kant-shell-in-nigeria.html), as is apparent from the still festering oil disaster by B.P. in the  Gulf of Mexico, and as is apparent from the nuclear disasters in Chernobyl, Russia and Fukushima, Japan. But also, these sources of energy  and raw materials are on an international level the reason for many wars and on an individual human level for much unneeded poverty and  suffering, like the yearly hundreds of humans in the United Kingdom, who die of cold, because they can not afford the energy for heating  because of the excessively high costs. Why? Because these energy sources are in the hands of just a few, who play petty and pathetic power  games with them.  A story about "a very long ago" and a story about "now" Michael Tellinger (internet reference (02-08-13): http://www.michaeltellinger.com/index.php) told two important stories during his  presentation. The first story was about "a very long ago". The second story was about "now". Sound, resonance (resound, echoing, a forced vibration in which the excitation frequency lies close to the natural frequency, resulting in large  oscillations, or re-son-ating = re-sound-ing), with that the second conference day started. In Tellinger's first story sound plays a very  important role. As he stated himself: "Sound is free energy". Sound can be used as source of energy. Indeed the use of sound and the birth of  human are, according to him, totally intertwined with each other. No wonder maybe, that humans speak of the AUM, of the singing into life of  the world and of "In the beginning was the Word". But I will now let Michael Tellinger tell his stories.  First his story about "a very long ago". It takes place in southern Africa, although there are connections with written sources in Sumer. Who  are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? That is "The Great Human Puzzle", for which each human finds herself placed. Sound and  resonance lie at the start of Michael Tellinger's story. They also lie at the start of many god beliefs, religions and creation myths and of higher  consciousness. The Christians know it as "The Word". Hindus know it as "Om". The Egyptians tell that the world was “Sung” into life.  Interesting is that the Christians know the six days of creation. The Hindus speak of the 6 aspects of Om. And the Egyptians talk of the 6  aspects of the Eye of Horus. Nikola Tesla said: "The Earth sounds like a bell". Michael Tellinger poses, that when you know how the sound of  Gaia, the Earth, works, you have an unlimited source of free energy.  Sound as source of energy But what is sound? And what can you do with this source of free energy? - Sound can make water boil. Peter Davey proved this. He created a small device, the "Sonic Resonance Boiler", which with sound could for  instance boil the water for a cup of tea. On YouTube the video "Peter Davey - Sonic Resonance Boiler" can be found (internet reference (02-  08-13): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGT5PB733a0). Peter Davey did not want to reveal his secret for no reason. First he wanted to  find a manufacturer, who would be able to build it, so he himself would be sufficiently compensated. Peter Davey is dead. He has not been  able to profit from his invention. But also no one else on the Earth. This contains a lesson. The lesson is: Give freely, be not greedy till you  die, like Peter Davey. Michael Tellinger now rightly asks himself: Is there not one scientist, who can duplicate this invention?  - Sound can levitate objects, can make objects take off and let them float. At the intersection of different sound frequencies levitation can  take place. See for this for instance the short video "Acoustic Levitation Chamber" (internet reference (02-08-13):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94KzmB2bI7s). UPDATE: An article on “The Washington Post” of July 15 states “Sound waves can be  used to levitate and move objects, study says” (internet reference (07-08-13): http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-  science/sound-waves-can-be-used-to-levitate-and-move-objects-study-says/2013/07/15/4d808a5e-eb15-11e2-8023-  b7f07811d98e_story.html). - Sound frequencies create patterns. This is known as cymatics: The study of visible sound and vibration (internet reference (02-08-13):  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cymatics). An example is the short video "Sound Waves" on Youtube (internet reference (02-08-13):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9GBf8y0lY0).   Aside. Another splendid example in three parts dating back already to the 1960s can be found under the title "Cymatics - Bringing Matter To  Life With Sound (internet reference (02-08-13): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05Io6lop3mk). UPDATE: Two other intriguing examples  are “Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Speaker Cone” (internet reference (07-08-13): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zoTKXXNQIU) and  “Collin's Lab: DIY Cymatics” (internet reference (07-08-13): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaYvYysQvBU).  Aside. Sound can do much more, as we know. We can look with it into our own bodies by way of ultrasound or sonography: "... a technique  which uses sound waves, which move through the body and reflect on the boundaries between soft and harder structures." (internet reference  (02-08-13): http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echografie). We compose the most amazing music with it, from beautiful sonatas to rap-rhythmic  raps. And, maybe the most important of all possibilities of sound is that, for most of us, it is the means to communicate with each other. Our  language includes for instance a huge variety of sounds and tones.  What does all this have to do with old civilisations and the evolution of consciousness? According to Tellinger many symbols from god beliefs  and religions are inspired and based on these sound frequency patterns, these sounds become visible. For example, there is the cross, which  according to him comes forth from this sound frequency pattern:  This sound frequency pattern is amongst others the symbol for the Sumerian cross, which stands for the Lord of Light. It is also the symbol  for the Coptic and the Pagan cross. Tellinger thinks that the pyramids are resonance chambers. Sound and light were used by the pyramid  builders, the light probably used to activate the pyramids, to activate the sound. Symmetrical interference patterns can also be found at  Stonehenge. This structure is more than a million years old already. That can be concluded, according to Tellinger, from the erosion of the  stones. Today still it vibrates and resonates and with that gives energy. Another structure is created by a modern "levitator". The builder of  what is known as "Coral Castle" is called Edward Leedskalnin and the "Coral Castle" can be found in Homestead, South Florida (internet  reference (02-08-13): http://coralcastle.com/ and: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coral_Castle). As of yet, nobody has been able to find out,  how he has been able to build it on his own. Made of oolite, also called coral stone, the largest stone weighs 27,000 kilo. Edward worked at  night and in secret, nobody was allowed to watch while he was working. Two school children, though, saw him at work once. They stated that  he had two "ice cream cones" in his hands. When Michael Tellinger saw this form, he suddenly understood why in southern Africa so many  cone shaped stone tools can be found. For this reason he speaks now about the "IcecreamCone Phenomenon" (IJsHoornFenomeen). In  southern Africa, his work and research area, an area about which the current scientific belief is that it was thinly populated throughout  history, not only many of these stone tools have been found, but also many old stone ruins, amongst them stone circles. These stone  structures often are called "cattle kraals of little historical value" by the Main Stream archeologists. But why then has a very thinly populated  area so many of these "cattle kraals"? And why have these "cattle kraals" no doors, no entrances? Why are there roads and channels, which  connect all "cattle kraals" with each other? And why are there so very many agricultural terraces in the same area? In 1891 Theodore Bent  counted 4,000 ruins. In 1994 Roger Summers 20,000 ruins. Michael Tellinger himself counted 100,000 plus of them in 2007. But with the help  of Google this count has now risen to 10,000,000. The agricultural terraces cover thousands of kilometers. Some of the old roads and  channels are hundreds of kilometres long. There are no stand alone ruins. They form one large network, one grid.  Why is all this here? What has been the use of all these ruins, or as Michael Tellinger calls them "very special cattle kraals"? And what has  happened with the humans, who lived here? Nothing can be found of them.  Gold  It is all about gold! In his continous fascinating narrative Tellinger explains how the story of the Sumerian stone tablets, clay tablets, which  tell about Enki and the other gods, has taken place in southern Africa. Here the gods with the lower case "g", not the "God" with the capital  "G", who were obsessed by gold, also known as the Annunaki and in the Bible as Elohim, decided, for reasons of their own safety, to clone a  new species. It is, according to Tellinger, the story of the Sumerian kings, which in rough lines speaks about how the kingship descended from  the heavens on Earth and how according to a list of kings 8 kings in total reigned 222,600 or 241,000 years until a great flood, known  through the Bible as the Flood, swept over everything (internet reference (02-08-13): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eridu and:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumerian_king_list). Below is this list of 8 kings:  Aside. The educational broadcasting R.V.U aired a great programme about the Annunaki in 2004. In it Bram Vermeulen tells the story of these  gods. It can be found on YouTube under the title: "Bram Vermeulen in den beginne" (Bram Vermeulen in the beginning) (internet reference (02-08-  13): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsUS_Ox5GPA) (Sorry, Dutch only).  The Earth Splitter  It is Enki, who according to the Sumerian stone tablets created human, to work as a slave in the gold mines. It is also Enki, who made a  device, which was called the Earth Splitter. Michael Tellinger has found physical evidence of this Earth Splitter, in southern Africa. Wherever  stone circles are in southern Africa gold mines are close by. Very old mine shafts have been found. In the 1990s De Beers found a 7 kilometre  deep shaft. How have humans been able to make this?  As stated many ice cream cone shaped stone tools have been found. These turn out to be made from a special stone, called hornsfel, which is  German for horn stone. But in Africa it is also called ring stone. Because the stone sounds like a bell, when you hit it. The stone conducts  sound. It exists of metamorfised quartzite. Also other unusual stones are found, like the Sacred Stone, which looks like a circular stone with a  hole in the middle, or, as Tellinger says, which looks like a torus, referring to the energy theory of torsion fields. Then he speaks about the  most important ruin of all, Adam's Calendar (internet reference (02-08-13): http://toolwielder.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/adams-calandar-  stonehenge-the-hopi-medicine-wheel/):  According to Credo Mutwa it is the "Birth place of the sun/son". Tellinger talks about the connection between Orion and Adam's Calendar. In  the above photo-composition it is about the four upper stones. The most left stone is a representation of the Egyptian god Horus. The three  stones on the right give the position, where at night Orion appeared exactly above the horizon in the time this monument was built. Different  dating methods have been used to determine the antiquity of the calendar. In the archaeoastronomy dating the age of astronomy focused  monuments is done on the basis of the calculation of the position of the stars with respect to the Earth. This position of the stars can be  calculated for any time in human history and further back. The moment the position of Orion's belt matches the three right stones, gives the  date of the building of this monument. In this case, there seemed to be a misalignment of the stones on the basis of another dating method,  namely the dating of the monument on the basis of the patina growth on the stones. Erosion patina can be used for dating, in which a number  of 1,000 years is presumed for 1 microscopic layer, according to Tellinger. The stones seemed misaligned, until they took into account the  "crustal displacement theory" of Charles Hapgood (internet reference (02-08-13): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Hapgood).  Next page