THE (TOTAL) REALITY AND THE "OFFICIAL" REALITY - CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS (THE GLOBAL B.E.M.-CONFERENCE - PART II) Kees Deckers November 2012 August 2013 This is the second in a series of articles with regard to the "Breakthrough Energy Conference". An international conference with more than 18  speakers about the use of alternative energy and alternative sources of energy, which took place on November 9, 10 and 11 in Hilversum, The  Netherlands, and was organised by Global B.E.M. Global B.E.M. stands for "Global Breakthrough Energy Movement". During the conference the focus was on sources of energy, which can make the use of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) and hot nuclear reactions  obsolete. Discussed were amongst others zero point energy, cold fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (L.E.N.R.), sound as source of  energy and orgone.  And: No, the conference was not only a gathering of of-the-world-alienated inventors, of fantasts and of dreamers. On the contrary, present  were, also among the speakers, scientists, business people and people from politics. Amongst others Paul Hellyer (aeronautical engineer,  former Canadian Minister of Defense, journalist, political commentator, with a lifelong interest in macroeconomics), Johan Oldenkamp  (cognitive psychologist and party leader of the Dutch political party S.O.P.N.), Judy Wood (professor mechanical engineering) and Catherine  Austin Fitts (owner of a business in investment advice) gave a presentation.  All searching for an energy breakthrough, which is pure necessity. Pure necessity to solve the worldwide problems with our current sources of  energy. Based only on the energy sources fossil fuels and hot nuclear reactions disasters, wars and power games of the few are the  consequences of the current energy policy on multinational companies level and national and union governments level.  All therefore searching too for new ways to let these new sources of energy benefit each, individual human on Earth. Away from the  Centralisation of Power, which at the moment takes place by a small group of humans. A group, which at the moment tries to get the whole of  humanity in its grip. Back to a Decentralisation, in which the own energy of each human belongs to himself again. In which the own energy  can be used freely again by him. Free to share with others in his own manner and way. Not determined and limited by a small group of  humans, who tell him how he may and must use his energy and how not. And back to a Decentralisation, in which alternative energy and  sources of energy give each, individual human chances and possibilities in her own hands again. Not only to be able to live a long and  pleasurable life in an own safe living environment, But also to be able to develop herself in her own way with this energy. Into a human, who,  without obligations, can make contributions to her fellow humans, from the own wish, the own will and the own heart.  In this article I give an overview of Catherine Austin Fitts’ presentation. Added to this I give my own impressions, thoughts and question  marks in the form of asides. These asides I give in green coloured text.  The presentation of Catherine Austin Fitts, with the title: "Imagining the Reinvention of Everything", had as main theme the return to the  Decentralisation of Power, away from the Centralisation of Power. Her idea to reach this, is by bringing and keeping the money in the own  hands again of families, neighbourhoods, small businesses, little villages and communities and with that also power. As can be read in the  program announcement of her presentation: "Breakthrough energy technology is more than new technology. It is part of the reinvention of  everything. How a transitioning from an economy based on scarcity and competition to an economy based on abundance and cooperation by  implementation of breakthrough energy can benefit us all."  In contrast to the story of Michael Tellinger and the UBUNTU Contributionism (see my first article: "Historical Cattle Kraals" and UBUNTU  Contributionism - Michael Tellinger (The Global B.E.M.-Conference - part I)) money does play a role in the ideas of Catherine Austin Fitts. An  important role even. Which is not surprising, given her work over time. Both though, Tellinger and Austin Fitts, strongly support  decentralisation. Both advocate decentralisation in stead of centralisation. Both want to bring back the power and the strength, which humans  have given out of their hands in the hands of just a few, where it belongs. If next to the main topic: Other energy usage and other energy  sources, one other topic sounded loudly through during the three-day conference by Global B.E.M., the Global Breakthrough Energy  Movement, it was decentralisation. Also in the presentations of Paul Hellyer and Brooks Agnews this last motive: Stop centralising money and  power, was paramount. Catherine Austin Fitts  Catherine Austin Fitts loves money, as she states herself. She has her own company, called Solari Investment Advisory Services, of which she  is the founder and president (internet reference (02-08-13): and: She served as  Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of the Wall Street investment bank, Dillon, Read & Co., Inc. She also served as  Assistant Secretary of Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner at HUD in the first Bush Administration and was the President and Founder of  Hamilton Securities Group, Inc. She designed and closed to date, more than 25 billion dollars of transactions and investments and led  portfolio and investment strategies for 300 billion dollars in financial assets and liabilities.  Important to her is the decentralising of power. On her website it says: "Our mission is to help you build wealth in ways that build real wealth  in the wider economy. We believe that personal and family wealth is a critical ingredient of both individual freedom and community health  and wealth" (internet reference (02-08-13):  And: "I believe we can transform our finances, and our world, hand in hand. I believe we can start doing this in our lives and with family,  friends and colleagues wherever we live and through our networks in many places. We can do this by focusing our time and our money in a  financially intimate way -- in support of authentic leaders and diversified, excellent enterprises we and our network know and trust -- that  create jobs and financial security in our families and communities, strengthen our small farms and businesses, and generate positive  investment returns for local and global investors." (internet reference (02-08-13):  From one dying system to another being born  Catherine Austin Fitts divides her lecture in two parts. The first part is about "a world that is dying". The second part is about "a world that is  being born". The first world is to her the world, in which all power and money is being centralised into the hands of just a few. The second  world is to her the world, in which power and money is being decentralised, to personal and family wealth. Her questions are: How do we  build bridges between these to worlds? And how can we contribute in a positive direction?  Austin Fitts divides reality into two parts: In above images she shows an "official" reality embedded in a much larger reality. She shows this "official" reality in the form of a "red  button". At this moment it is this "official" reality, with which we experience major problems on all areas of our society. But who of us has the  guts to press that "red button" and to bring the "official" reality to a standstill? Who of you is prepared to press that button?, she asks the  audience. Hardly anyone, because this means that all the own, personal certainties will become unsure.  The "official" reality and reality are not the same. Questions are what the reality is outside of the "official" reality and how both realities can  be made into one. Question also is: Who regulates the "official" reality? This reality is, according to Austin Fitts, strictly controlled by lines  from: technology, money and investment, knowledge and admiration.  Catherine Austin Fitts states that the money system can not exist, can not work without force. Governments, however, have no idea how it  works. According to her, we have no economic problem. Not even on a global level. What we have is a political problem. The current wealth is  just 1% of what is possible to riches, because it is only based on fossil fuels. The other 99% of wealth can come from "free energy". The  question though is: Are we able to use it in a wise way?  Looking at a third image of her "official" reality as a red button, she asks: "What do people need the most? What is desired the most?" One  step to building a bridge is CLEARNESS, CLARITY, is her answer. So, in the image "Clear" and "Agree" are desired most. Then follow "Clear" and "Disagree". It is necessary for us that we get a culture, in wich  we can communicate clearly, also about our "Disagreeing". The "official" reality is the socially acceptable zone, the socially acceptable area.  So, we all together try to stay in that area. But reality is much larger than this "official" reality. Who actually creates the "official" reality? We  do that ourselves! Aside. This larger reality of Austin Fitts I call the Total Reality. Let’s label the "official" reality of Catherine Austin Fitts momentarily also with  another term. With the term paradigm. Paradigm stands for: system of interrelated scientific theories; way of thinking; philosophical premise;  basic attitude and world view.  Catherine Austin Fitts' image then looks like this: If we see the "red button", the "official" reality, as "the reality of the world view we live in", how then do we break through this paradigm? The  current paradigm is full of security guards, who try to prevent that we break through the borders to a new one. Austin Fitts is right, we all are  fellow guards of these boundaries. Nobody of us wants to live in uncertainty. Therefore nobody wants change. Change by breaking through  these boundaries. Change, for instance, by using new forms of energy and new sources of energy. So, we ourselves do not push that "red  button". In fact, we keep all a very close eye, that this "red button" is not pressed by someone else. Is this not the old and familiar story of  Plato, the Myth or Allegory of the Cave? Even the majority of the 99% prefers to cling to certainties, rather than pressing that button.  Force + Money + Technology = Centralisation of Power  According to Catherine Austin Fitts a Coup d'État has taken place using the formula: Force + Money + Technology = Centralisation of Power.  The central banking system, for instance, works in this way. From this Coup d'État a re-engineering, a re-building of the global governance  and of the worldwide economy takes place. Austin Fitts mentions Sir James Goldsmith, who in an interview in 1994 described the fact that we  literally are creating a new balance in the global governance and the worldwide economy.  Aside. The interview of Charlie Rose with James Goldsmith and Laura Tyson is on D.V.D., but can also be found in parts on YouTube under the  titel "A prophetic interview with Sir James Goldsmith in 1994" (internet reference (09-08-13): watch?v=  4PQrz8F0dBI and:  Who finances this Coup d'État? We do this ourselves! With an image Austin Fitts shows this as follows: Aside. I agree with Catherine Austin Fitts that we indeed finance the Coup d'État ourselves. But not only with money. Also with our own power  and energy. We give away our own power ourselves into the hands of just a few, whereby the formula: Force + Money + Technology leads to  Centralisation of Power or Power of the Few. Then, with this power, these few not only start determining and limiting and steering the  direction, we all must go, but at the same time begin to control us. We let ourselves be led and steered even to the abyss by these few. Or as  Paul Hellyer said in his presentation, our so-called leaders steer at most a bit to the right, or maybe even a bit to the left, but they keep  heading to that abyss, instead of making a U-turn (see my article: "The G20 fiddles, while the planet burns" - Paul Hellyer (The Global B.E.M.-  conference - Part III)).  Individual humans often do not understand, how easily they can break the Centralisation of Power themselves. Assuming the above formula it  may be evident, that they can do this by using their own Money as well as their own Force differently. The Centralisation of Power is added  from, built from their own labour Force and their own Money. Spend both differently and the Centralisation of Power is broken. Catherine  Austin Fitts too mentions this in the continuation of her presentation. I am less in ageement with Austin Fitts’ idea that we should love money. And that by decentralising money again to families, small companies,  villages and communities the solution has been found. My feelings tell me, that Michael Tellinger and the Ubuntu Liberation Movement (see  my article: "Historical Cattle Kraals" and UBUNTU Contributionism - Michael Tellinger (The Global B.E.M.-Conference - part I)) have a much  better proposal, by going a step further and attaching no value to something, so money is not necessary. As they say, money does nothing, it  are the humans who do everything. Money can always be hoarded, als in families by certain family members, and also in small communities.  When the Force is in the hands of humans themselves (again) and when they decide for what they use their Money, then only Technology is  left over in the formula, with which Centralisation of Power can take place. Therein lies perhaps the biggest problem. Technology is a  possibility not to be underestimated to centralise power with. It has been used for a long time already by the few, who profit from the total  sum, to be applied in all kinds of manners, not for the benefit of all of humanity, but to the detriment. In fact Technology in the hands of the  few is only converted into and used in every way imaginable as weapon. Not only the gun, not only the atom bomb, not only the taser, but  also every safety gate in the shops, at railway stations and at airports and the forced transfer from cash money to digital money are weapons.  Also every I- or other pad and mobile phone can and is abused as a weapon, to know exactly each moment of the day what a human is doing,  where she is, what she buys and with whom she interacts where. See for instance the article: “Women inside Saudi Arabia stand up to  guardianship laws” (internet reference (09-08-13):  (WNN) Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA: Criticism of the Saudia Arabian government and the Ministry of Interior is mounting among global women’s rights and human rights  activists as an app for mobile tracking technology has been approved for use by the Parliament of Saudi Arabia to track women who may wish to travel.  ... the government has recently sanctioned the new technology that sends an alert to the husband, or male guardian, of any woman who attempts to leave the country. Last  week mobile notifications began to appear on the phones of men who consider themselves to be ‘guardians’ of women who are traveling with or without their presence.  Male guardianship in the region has been an ongoing issue inside Saudi Arabia, said HRW – Human Rights Watch in a public statement made last August. “Under the  Saudi system of male guardianship, the guardians – a woman’s husband, father, brother, or even minor son – have power over their female relatives of all ages, approving  or declining their travel, work, marriages, official business, or health care, almost at will,” outlined HRW.    Step by step our nations, unions of nations and the entire world are technologised in such a way, that the individual human can not take any  action whatsoever, without being spied upon. The next step could be that a computer system tells you in the morning to wake up, where you  have to go to work that day, how you may go there and how not, with whom you may have contact and with whom not and so on.  Breakthrough energy indeed gives the chances to turn back again from this centralisation to decentralisation. But then we do need to be  conscious of this and take action. In my view, the E-Cat Technology of Andrea Rossi, for instance, has fallen largely in the hands of the same  small group of humans already, who also possess all fossil fuels. Firstly, this shows from the fact that this E-Cat Technology at the moment is  already being developed further by a part of the military of North-America. Secondly, this shows from different short articles on the website  "E-Cat World" of Frank Acland. For instance from the article: "Reflections on the Pordenone Hot Cat Report" of October 14 oktober 2012,  wherein is said amongst others:  ... I have followed with interest the discussions about whether open sourcing the E-cat would be the best and most moral approach for Rossi to take. My feeling on the  topic is that given the reality of the current market-based capitalist system that exists in varying degrees in most parts of the world, a traditional business approach makes  sense if the goal is to spread this technology far and wide as fast as possible. It will take a concentration of capital to get the best engineers, scientists and manufacturers  involved in getting this technology out into the world where it can be put to use. Investors who put up the funds for these operations will want assurances that Rossi’s IP is  not given away, and they be left with no returns. Internet reference (09-08-13): /10/reflections-on-the-pordenone-hot-cat-report/ And from the article: "Rossi: No More Interviews Until 1 MW Plant Made Public", with, amongst others, an e-mail of Andrea Rossi himself:  I am receiving many requests of interview in this period, and I am spamming all of them. This comment is the answer for all: I will not release any more interview of any  kind until the 1 MW plant for civil use will be presented to the public. This decision has been agreed upon between our new US Partner and the Trust that owns Leonardo  Corp. We think any interview in this period is simply useless, because we have nothing to add to what we have already said, while we have an enormous work to do.  I will continue to answer to the questions put on this blog from the readers of the Journal Of Nuclear Physics, though, because this blog is useful to us: here we learn, many  times.  Warm Regards, A.R.  Internet reference (09-08-13):  If we in this way give our new sources of energy again to the few, then maybe we may later on have cleaner and safer energy and sources of  energy, but certainly no cheaper or even gratis energy. Still, we can take Technology out of the formula, which leads to Centralisation of  Power. Namely by not putting our own Money and our own Force in Technology en Technological developments, which are not in our own  hands. Next page Up