A NEW GLOBAL BREAKTHROUGH ENERGY MOVEMENT CONFERENCE ON 28 AND 29 MAY 2016 April 2016 After two years without a conference GlobalBEM is back with an informative program that should interest all. Connecting the dots between  technology, consciousness, health, the economy, the environment, grassroots activism and crowdfunding! GlobalBEM, Breakthrough Energy Movement hosted their first conference in Holland 2012, where the organization featured world-renowned  speakers and scientists presenting on topics like zero-point energy, low-energy nuclear reactions, magnetics, and quantum disentanglement.  The second addition was in Boulder Colorado 2013 and they are now ramping up for the third event this Spring.  GlobalBEM hopes to ignite discussion and activism around breakthrough energy-which the group defines as an abundant energy source that  produces zero emissions and is clean, safe, reliable, and affordable.   The conference will feature over 10 notable scientists, industry insiders, and creative thinkers focused on the science and future direction of  breakthrough energy solutions. Presentations and discussion panels will cover emerging energy technologies like zero-point, magnetic, hydro,  plasma, and cold fusion low-energy nuclear reactions. Prominent speakers, such as Patrick Wood, Reuben Langdon, Ken Rohla and others are  scheduled to present. GlobalBEM aims to provide a place for conference attendees to formulate strategies for research sharing, prototype development, and funding  of large-scale breakthrough energy projects. Speakers will share resources for do-it-yourself breakthrough energy projects in an open-source  format. The conference will be held at the Bastrop Convention Center in Bastrop/Austin Texas on May 28 & 29. Single, multi-day, and student passes  are available. Registration and more information can be found at globalbem.com  GlobalBEM, Breakthrough Energy Movement is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization based in the Netherlands. What began as a small  group quickly evolved into a worldwide international network of scientists, researchers, academics, artists, business owners, and the general  public. It is dedicated to supporting the development of breakthrough energy through hosting conferences, producing media, and act as a  facilitator for a global community, a reunion of humanity calling for the new energy paradigm.  globalbem.com    globalbem.com/program  info@globalbem.com THE PROGRAMME PULSE MAGAZINE Having organized two conferences, one in Hilversum, The Netherlands, in 2012 and one in Boulder, Colorado, in the U.S. in 2013, the non-  profit organization GlobalBEM, Breakthrough Energy Movement, keeps working on its primary goal: Building a platform to facilitate the  widespread awareness and use of Breakthrough Energies and Breakthrough Energy Technologies.  Inform and stay informed with PULSE Magazine At the end of 2013 PULSE Magazine was started as a printed magazine to achieve this goal. Now, you can not only buy printed editions of our  magazine, but you can also get the magazine in P.D.F. form online.  PULSE Magazine is a frontier science publication. It is a medium for scientists, researchers, academics, activists and anyone interested in  Breakthrough Energy. The magazine informs its readers about the latest news, ideas, and any important developments concerning the  development of B.E. devices. Other topics discussed in the magazine are the social, political, economical, educational and spiritual impact of  these new technologies. The magazine offers a free space to bring inventions, theories and ideas on the subject of Breakthrough Energies. It  gives the public the opportunity to get informed about new energy possibilities and their implications for our future, as well as the opportunity  to discuss and comment on them. Focus areas are:  1. Unlocking non-destructive forms of Breakthrough Energy with a broad range of technologies, including magnetism, L.E.N.R.,  sound frequencies, zero point, plasma, vortex and cavitation energies;  2. Humanity and his energetic field (medical, health, communications);  3. Social changes that will (or should) result from adapting these new B.E. Technologies;  4. The history of Breakthrough Energy, highlighting old - and maybe partly or completely - lost technologies and promoting  rediscovery;  5. Exposing fraud, bogus claims and disinformation related to Breakthrough Energy;  6. News and topics (what's hot);  7. Artwork in the field of B.E.  Help us to expand PULSE Magazine So, are you an inventor of or do you have ideas about Breakthrough Energy solutions? Don't hesitate to contact us at GlobalBEM: info@globalbem.com Or PULSE Magazine: info@globalbemmagazine.com Your contribution could help to educate people and bring Breakthrough Energy to the world For more information visit GlobalBEM, Breakthrough Energy Movement: http://globalbem.com/ Or PULSE Magazine: http://www.globalbemmagazine.com/webshop/ FOR A PREVIEW OF PULSE MAGAZINE CLICK ON EDITIONS BELOW Up