THE TURNING POINT OF HUMAN BEHAVIOUR WITH REGARD TO ENERGY (THE INCREDIBLE IMPORTANCE OF CONFERENCES À LA GLOBALBEM) November 1 2019 Although there are countless different phenomena in the Totality of Reality, each and every individual human (and in fact, each and every  individual form of life from whatever species) throughout her/his entire life really has to do with only three of them. For humans these are  first and foremost her- and himself, secondly her or his Environment, and thirdly Energy. Each and every individual human experiences these  same three phenomena, wherever they live and whenever they live, not one excluded.  Each and every human (and in fact, each and every individual form of life from whatever species) also has one wish and one aim: To live as  long and as pleasurable as possible.  To fulfill this wish and aim, all humans (and all other forms of life) need the other two phenomena, Energy, and an Environment. They need an  Environment in which to find the necessary kinds and amounts of Energy to be able to live and survive. And with regard to their pleasure, also  preferably abundant amounts of Energy and in forms nice and cosy to the eye, the ear, the nose, the taste buds, the skin and the position of  the body. Yes, humans have at least 6, and not 5 sense organs, to experience, that which is as matterEnergy around them. The 6th sense  organ is used to experience equilibrium and the position of the body with regard to the Environment.  These three phenomena lead to three questions:  1. Can a Human exist without an Environment?  2. Can an Environment exist without being embedded into a more extensive Environment?  3. Does there exist any “thing”, any phenomenon, that is not caused by and is not built up out of Energy? They also lead to the incredible importance of Environment and Energy for the third phenomenon, which I have given the name: Human (I) as  Mean(S).  Human (I) as Mean(S)  In trying to live as long and as pleasurable as possible, humans, also known as the species homo sapiens sapiens, are their own Mean (also  known as middle point, state, or course between limits or extremes, the norm(al distribution), the middle, the midpoint from which all and  everything is measured and judged), and they are their own Means (also known as tool, instrument, means to work with). To keep this in  mind, I will use from hereon the term Human (I) as Mean(S). And also I declare this term all-sexual, meaning that it includes each and every  sexual orientation of human. The problem with the words human, homo, mens, man and so on is that they all are only about the males of the  species. So, I will write from hereon words like "itself", and not "him" and "himself", "her" and "herself".  A short further explanation for this term: The “(I)” in Human (I) as Mean(S) simply means I, me, the one, whom it is all about. Opposite of (I) is All-else. Or put differently everything,  that is not (I). All-else, that is not (I), literally surrounds every and each Human (I) as Mean(S) all the time, throughout their lifetime. Making  (I) the MidPoint of Everything. And the (I), has but one main wish: To live as long and as pleasurable as possible. “Mean(S)” stands for two  things. Firstly, (I) is the “Mean”, that measures literally everything else from its own standpoint and viewpoint, which is being seemingly the  MidPoint of literally all and everything. This standpoint and viewpoint is inescapable for every individual human (indeed for every individual of  every form of life). Every (I) experiences an inside, that which is oneself, and an outside being literally All-else, that which is not (I), and that,  which surrounds (I) completely. This inside, this (I), literally measures everything from itself and to itself, so as to be able to live as long and  as pleasurable as possible. With that, the (I) is the “Mean” of all measurements. Finally the “Mean(S)” or means, is about each and every  invention, method, theory, belief and so on ever made by Human (I) as Mean(S). These  start with both the material and spiritual possibilities  of humans themselves. In first instance all material inventions were mostly no more than extensions of their own body parts, also known as  “organ projections”. So, a hammer is the organ projection of a fist. The saw is an organ projection of teeth. The shovel or a cup both have the  form of a hand with fingers touching each other and the palm made hollowlike to shovel and scoop. The rake and the comb both have the  form of a hand with fingers spread. Most robot arms are still lookalikes of human arms. Glasses, microscopes, night vision goggles, telescopes  are still based on the human eye. And a smoke alarm is still based on the human nose. And so on.  So, Human (I) as Mean(S), as stated is the “Mean” from which all else is measured and it is the Mean(S) with which to measure itself and All-  else. From the Netherlands Wikipedia (and yes, the language is Netherlands, not Dutch):  Human  Human (scientific name: Homo sapiens) is a bipedal primate species of the family Hominidae.  Etymology The word "human" (German Mensch, Swedish människa, Danish menneske) is a variant of "man" (German Mann, English man), that would ultimately go back to an  Indo-European word stem *man-: "thinking" or *ma-: "measuring". One finds this word stem in Latin mens, mentis: "spirit/psyche, mind" (…), memoria: "memory,  remembrance", Greek menos: "spirit/psyche", mnèmè: "memory", Sanskrit man-: "thinking, spirit/psyche", Russian mnit' "meaning/believing, thinking". The Iranian  word for "I" (pronoun) is man. In Old Indian exists also Manu: "(primal) human/prehistoric man", modern Hindi manusha: "human, man". This very old meaning got  the scientific name Homo sapiens (Latin: "intelligent" or "wise" mens).  Internet reference (27-09-2019) (my own translation):  So, reading this, not only it seems it is all only about male humans, but also it seems it is all about measuring. And with that measuring  getting a handle on nature, so as to be able to predict and with experimentation even take all natural non-human happenings in one's own  hand and one step further manipulating them to one's own comfort, pleasure and enrichment. Simply, so as to live longer and more  pleasurable than (ever) before. How intriguing, is it not, that it are the male Humans (I) as Mean(S), that are stated here to be more  intelligent, i.e. better able to calculate and in fact to be more calculating, than the female ones. Which is why the male Humans (I) as  Mean(S) probably think and feel, that they should rule above the female Humans (I) as Mean(S). But should they really? And are they really  more intelligent, beter able and capable of measuring?  As a final point, Human (I) as Mean(S) is itself an Environment. An Environment, in which many phenomena exist, that more or less keep this  Environment in balance over a certain period of time, a so-called lifetime.  Environment  Two definitons for the word Environment are:  1. The word Environment is derived from the French word "Environ" which means "surrounding". Our surrounding includes biotic factors like human beings, plants,  animals, microbes, etc and abiotic factors such as light, air, water, soil, etc. 2. The complex of physical, chemical, and biotic factors (such as climate, soil, and living things) that act upon an organism or an ecological community and ultimately  determine its form and survival.  Change the word "factor" in "phenomenon", and read these definitions again. Next to Humans (I) as Mean(S) themselves, a phenomenon is  literally every "thing" Humans (I) as Mean(S) can sense with their 6 on matter only focused senses (ears, eyes, nose, tastebuds, skin and its  sense of balance or equilibrium), and with its fantasy, imagination and intuition, that is not (I), but that surrounds them spiritually or  materially as All-else. The phenomena, that are sensed with the 6-on-matter-only-focused senses simply exist independently from Humans (I)  as Mean(S). That is to say, they exist even if there never was one single Human (I) as Mean(S) ever. Yes, when a tree falls in a forest and  there is no Human (I) as Mean(S) to hear it fall, it does make a sound. And, yes, every Human (I) as Mean(S) can make the sound of one  hand clapping, if it tries and practices a bit. Humans (I) as Mean(S) are not that important. But they think they are. Why? Because they feel  themselves the MidPoint, and with that the Mean of Everything. All-else, that which surrounds them, is around them, is their Environment.  "Milieu" is more or less used as another word, as a synonym, for Environment. According to the website “Merriam-Webster” it stands for:  The etymology of milieu comes down to "mi" and "lieu." English speakers learned the word (and borrowed both its spelling and meaning) from French. The modern  French term comes from two much older French forms, mi, meaning "middle," and lieu, meaning "place." Like so many terms in the Romance languages, those Old  French forms can ultimately be traced to Latin; "mi" is an offspring of the Latin medius (meaning "middle") and "lieu" is a derivative of "locus" (meaning "place").  English speakers have used "milieu" for the environment or setting of something since at least the mid-1800s, but other "lieu" descendants are much older. We've used  both "lieu" itself (meaning "place" or "stead," as in "in lieu of") and "lieutenant" since the 14th century.  Internet reference (11-10-2019):  But Environment is the accurate word, simply because it is Human (I) as Mean(S), that experiences itself as the middle, and is itself the  "middle place", the “mi-lieu”, or midpoint. And it is All-else, literally everything, that is not part of itself, that surrounds it, that is not “mi-lieu”,  but Environment.   Each and every Environment exists at least of one, but almost surely of many different kinds of phenomena, that act and react on each other  in such a way, that a kind of balance is maintained. And each and every phenomenon literally exists of Energy. So an Environment is simply a  complicated working together of different Energy phenomena and it exists as long as these phenomena work more or less together. This also  goes for Environments within Environments, like Human (I) as Mean(S) as an Environment in itself in its surrounding Environment. If Human  (I) as Mean(S) asks too much from its Environment, it unbalances it, possibly even to the point of totally destroying it. If Human (I) as  Mean(S) asks too much from itself as an Environment, it unbalances itself, possibly even to the point of totally destroying it.  All phenomena, every Environment of phenomena, Human (I) as Mean(S) included, exist entirely of Energy. Energy in all kinds of forms and  all kinds of different sorts.  Energy is the Odo For those Humans (I) as Mean(S), that don't know what "Odo" is. Odo is a  fictional figure, appearing in the Star Trek series: Star Trek - Deep Space 9. He  (or is it she or it?) is a so-called changeling, also known as a shapeshifter, a  creature that can take on any form it likes. The name Odo itself means  "nothing" or "unknown specimen":  Odo's name stemmed from the Cardassian language word "Odo'ital", meaning "nothing",  which was the loose translation of the "unknown sample" label in Bajoran on his  laboratory flask.  Internet reference (09-10-2019):  He is "one" "individual" of, according to the English Wikipedia article "Dominion  (Star Trek)":  "a race of liquid lifeforms capable of shapeshifting, as a means of defending themselves  against the widespread persecution they faced from humanoid races (whom they called  "solids")."  Internet reference (09-10-2019):  Dominion_(Star_Trek)#Member_races  But that is typically not thought through, and it is straight to the aggressive  aim of the entire military-infested Star Trek series of to live as long and as  pleasurable as possible, also known as “live long and prosper” (a very  capitalist economy stand- an viewpoint of life). Below my view on Odo:   Odo is a so-called "shapeshifter", a form changer. In his natural state Odo is without form.  More accurately, Odo is in his natural state to Humans (I) as Mean(S) not graspable and with that not understandable. He is formless, or disorderly, chaotic.* But by  way of, let me call it self-consciousness and free will, he can, in principle, take on any form, and she can change the state, sort and the phenomenon of his energies to  her will and liking. From a rock to a Human (I) as Mean(S) to a liquid and even a cloud. So, he can become all elements or aggregation states, separately from the  others. It may be stated, that Odo possesses the knowledge and skill of the most ultimate execution of transmogrification (which stands for shape shifting,  metamorphosis and transformation). For a long time her origins are a mystery. No different then the mystery of our human existence and the existence of our universe.  Eventually his people and kind is found. Although not the answer about the origin of her nature. It is a people, that on the one side can exist as one sea of formlessness  and on the other side can exist as thousands, billions and maybe even uncountable small parts of this sea, each with a specific and own materialistic form. Small pieces,  which can manifest themselves as seperate individuals, with their own consciousness and identity. Small pieces, that can take on every form, they can imagine. In this  way, one part of this people can, for instance, take on the characteristics of an entire livingEnvironment, while another part can take on the characteristics of the  individual lifeforms, that can live and flourish in this livingEnvironment. This people, which at the same time is one complete oneness and exists of billions of different  individual forms and lifeforms, is the best example of what Energy is and how it can behave and manifest itself. Energy is the only form changer and shapeshifter  without restrictions and conditions. With that Energy is the Ultimate Metamorph, the Endless Shapeshifter.1  (* Chaos by the way is Greek and means "emptiness". It in fact has nothing to do with disorder. On the contrary. The only reason, why many Humans (I) as Mean(S)  state that it means disorder, is because they are not able to grasp anything in emptiness or nothingness. So they cannot measure anything in it. And because of that they  are not able to understand it and then use it to their own advantage, gain and for their own Mean(S). The true disorder is, in fact, the countless different phenomena our  cosmos and the Total Reality beyond that exists of.)  So, Energy is the Odo. The "nothing", the "unknown sample". It is Energy, that creates "endless forms most beautiful". A statement by  Charles Darwin in his book "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection", published in 1859 and commemorated by Nightwish in  2015 on their album "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" in their song of the same name.  Thanks to the pathetic capitalistic-extremist and -terrorist behaviour of monopolising, multinational colonising industry "YouTube" (and, of  course, every single individual Human (I) as Mean(S), that thinks its work is so important, that it must be safeguarded by pathetic laws like  copyright for the enrichment of itself only), I don't have the right to share this song in the form of a video here. It is just one small example  of how Humans (I) as Mean(S) simply don't want to live together, don't want to work together and especially don't want to share equally   together. All so-called living together, working together and sharing together is only based on the “law” that (I) am more equal. So (I) have  the right to and must become filthy rich before and above everyone else, while working less for it (read: using less Energy for it) and having,  of course, more, no even much more of the possibilities to live as long and as pleasurable as possible. And that is achieved first and foremost  by trying to own all "endless forms most beautiful" or destroying them, when these forms are in their way. So, instead of sharing, below one  of the many black holes caused by Energy-sucking capitalistic-extremism-and-terrorism, which all starts by continuing to believe in the  capitalistic economy:  As can be read on the website "A Medium Corporation" about above statement by Charles Darwin:  At the end of the the (sic) book he wrote: "There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone  cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved."  Internet reference (11-10-2019):  Energy has caused and causes literally every phenomenon of the Total Reality, from the cosmos and beyond to the nanoparticles and beyond.  From the spiritual to the material. Every Environment is made up out of Energy. And so is every Human (I) as Mean(S). Or as Nikola Tesla  stated: “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration”.  And to live as long as possible and as pleasurable as possible every form of life and every individual of every form of life, including Humans (I)  as Mean(S), need an Environment, to find there the necessary forms of Energy to be able to achieve this. And it is at this point, that all goes  wrong. The problem of living as long and as pleasurable as possible for each and every living form of Energy lies in finding the right kinds and  forms of Energy in its Environment, its surroundings. For Human (I) as Mean(S) the main ones are:  Between Humans (I) as Mean(S) and its Environment it is all about exchange of Energy. Humans (I) as Mean(S) being entirely dependent on  their larger Environment and its sorts and forms of Energy. The main ones being (clean) water, air, food, and temperature. Which are also  called the elements water, air, earth, and fire. Which are also called the states liquid, gas, solid and plasma. See, the next two pictures below.  And, of course, input of these four leads to throughput by way of transformation and leaves leftovers that must be put out as output. Both  input and output exist of Energy in some kind of form or sort. This input, throughput and output of certain kinds and sorts of Energy in Human (I) as Mean(S), with a few others, resembles, in fact, the  activities and movements of Energy of most if not all different kinds and forms of phenomena that exist.                                  Up                         Next page