Human (I) as Mean(S) and its problem with being Self-Conscious  But where it really goes wrong with Human (I) as Mean(S), is that it has somehow gotten a very small bit more consciousness, beyond that of  reflexes and instincts. This very tad more of added or extended consciousness, they call self-awareness and Self-Consciousness. Humans (I)  as Mean(S) are very proud of it, but most of the time call it by the wrong name: Intelligence, another word for thinking. Intelligence, thinking  is just a part of the Self-Consciousness of Human (I) as Mean(S). It has at least two other main parts, just as important, called feelings and  handling. All three together also known as head, heart and hand.  But thanks to its little bit more consciousness, its consciousness of self and with that at the same time its consciousness of All-else, Human (I)  as Mean(S) has a very spiritual and material problem (in fact, an Energy problem), it is not able to resolve. It talks about freedom, because   with its Self-Consciousness, its thinking, feeling and handling, it experiences, that it seems not to be a part of the Environment, of Everything,  but apart from it. Able and capable to do with the Environment and All-else of Total Reality what it wants and likes and wishes. But it is not  apart from the Environment and All-else. It is still a part of it and it always will be a part of it. Still, in the head, the heart and the hands of  Human (I) as Mean(S) it thinks, feels and acts as if it is not a part, but apart. It causes Human (I) as Mean(S) to feel unsure, unsafe, alone,  lost, disconnected of All-else, and with that of Total Reality. As if it is surrounded by an Environment that is not its home. And therefore it  creates with its self-consciousness all kinds and sorts of stories, cosmogonies, theories, beliefs, its own larger and smaller, less, more or  totally human-made Environments, and its "proofs", to make this both spiritual and material problem of being alone (and because of that  being afraid) go away.  What Human (I) as Mean(S), in fact, tries to do, is to try and bond, bind, connect itself again with all kinds of smaller and larger parts and  pieces of that which surrounds it. It tries to re-connect, to re-bind itself with All-else out of a feeling of wanting to belong, to not be alone, to  have a home. With another word, Human (I) as Mean(S) becomes religious. It creates religions. And no, religion is not only about gods. For  this try words like godbelief and worship. Religion is every and each way, idea, theory, belief, fantasy and "proof" that Human (I) as Mean(S)  can think of, feel through and act upon, that makes it think and feel that it is connected again with All-else. Even if it means to make All-else  a very small box, in which it has to live and survive in, surrounded by thick borders of spiritual as well as material laws, rules, commandments  and so on. So, even every so-called atheist, every so-called heathen, every so-called reductionist scientist is simply religious. Put more  clearly, there doesn't exist one individual Human (I) as Mean(S), that is not religious. There never even existed one and there never will be  born one. It is inescapable, because all Humans (I) as Mean(S) have the same predicament. To feel and think itselves apart of its  Environment, All-else, and to somehow find a solution to be connected again to the Environment, All-else. Because that is the ultimate safe  place, that is home, where the wish to live as long and as pleasurable as possible exists.  So, Humans (I) as Mean(S) have a little bit more consciousness called Self-Consciousness, which gives them the thought and feeling that they  stand apart of Total Reality, even while they still are totally a part of it, are completely immerged in it, even though they experience being the  middle, the midpoint of it. But they don't know how to deal with this Self-Conscious thinking and feeling of seemingly being apart of All-else.  It frightens them. Most of them rather revert to only conscious behaviour in the form of instincts and reflexes, or use their Self-Consciousness  to create their own safe version of a home, an Environment they feel safe in, that is pleasurable and that gives them the chances to live as  long as possible. And they force other Humans (I) as Mean(S) to live in it too.  Human (I) as Mean(S) has upto now not been able to use this tad more, this small extended consciousness in a justified and respectful and  balanced manner towards all other forms of life on planet Earth, including its own kind, and towards the Environment(s) of planet Earth.  Human (I) as Mean(S) uses its small extension of consciousness, that makes it aware of itself or self-aware and with that at the same time  aware of All-else, to ensure only its own wish and aim of living as long and as pleasurable as possible. It does that simply by taking, taking,  taking... and keep taking from All-else around itself, just for its own sake (sake meaning: Matter, cause, affair, business). And by endlessly  taking for its own oh so self importance Human (I) as Mean(S) simply even takes entire pieces of Environment and states: This is "my"  Environment, (I) own it. It becomes their capital. And they try keeping to capitalise on it. And Human (I) as Mean(S) simply has changed and  keeps changing entire pieces of Environment for only its own oh so incredibly great self importance to live as long and as pleasurable as  possible. No matter the consequences, No matter the costs (this term especially for those, that only wish to or can understand capitalistic  economy language).  What most Humans (I) as Mean(S) do not feel and do not understand, is that they always are a part of their Environment, of All-else, and are  never apart from it. They simply are always connected. And the connection is… Energy.  This not feeling and understanding, be it unselfconscious or deliberately Self-Concious, is what makes many Humans (I) as Mean(S) keep  taking too much. Human (I) as Mean(S) simply tries to hoard as much Energy in every kind and of every sort for itself only. And to be able to  do this with impunity, it has created so-called hierarchies. Hierarchies that enslave most them to so-called laws and rules and regulations and  commandments, that only benefit small cliques of Humans (I) as Mean(S), to wit: Oligarchs. These oligarchs, that think and feel and act as if  they have the right to rule large groupings of Humans (I) as Mean(S), in the form of for instance so-called nations (the better word is nazions,  because nazionalism is used as "zoethoudertje" and "lekkermakertje" by these oligarchs to keep the large groupings of Humans (I) as  Mean(S) in hand (Je Maintiendrai)), use many kinds and sorts of hierarchies to maintain their beyond-measure-importance. And if one really  looks at it, it is all about possession. Not “to be or not to be”, but to have or not to have. To possess or try to get into possession land (the  element earth), clean water (the element water) (look at the oligarchs of multinational colonising industry Nestlé), and even the climate or  atmosphere (the element air), next to all other Energy sources like coal, oil, gas and the most dangerous of these nuclear Energy (the  element fire). And... the labour of the groupings of many Humans (I) as Mean(S), that are so very much less important than they, the  oligarchs, are, if at all. This Energy is part of what is called Human Energy.  The 5 main hierarchies that stand in the way of The Turning Point of Human Behaviour and their devastating consequences  The difference between maybe most lifeforms and Human (I) as Mean(S) is only a small one. It is a small difference in consciousness. Human  (I) as Mean(S) has a more or less extended consciousness, which makes it more aware of itself. Put differently, Human (I) as Mean(S) has  Self-Consciousness. And there the basic problem lies for all of today's problems Human (I) as Mean(S) has caused on this planet, planet  Earth. Human (I) as Mean(S) seems not to be able to use this Self-Consciousness to live together, to work together and especially seems not  to be able to share together. This seemingly inability has caused hierarchies on all so-called levels, in all so-called branches of life, and in all  smaller or larger groupings Humans (I) as Mean(S) tend to live in. It are these hierarchies, that stand in the way of true progress as one  humanity. With the help of hierarchies Human (I) as Mean(S) literally abuses everything for it's own importance, which is based on its own  wish to live as long and as pleasurable as possible. There are 5 main hierarchies, that block and even try to eradicate every possibility to grow  out of and overcome this inability. And with that the possibility to finally grow towards the first real human civilisation. No such "civil"isation  has existed yet anywhere at any time between Humans (I) as Mean(S).  The 5 main hierarchies oligarchs, or so-called more important or so-called more equal Humans (I) as Mean(S), (ab)use are:  1. The male dominance hierarchy;  2. The spiritual and/or godbelief dominance hierarchy;  3. The material and/or sciencebelief dominance hierarchy;  4. The capitalistic economy dominance hierarchy;  5. The racist and nazion dominance hierarchy.  It are the fanatics and followers of these 5 main hierarchies, that have devastated all other Humans (I) as Mean(S) and the entire planet  Earth almost since time immemorial. And it is they, that have created the “profound, world-wide crisis” (see below), humanity and planet  Earth faces today. With these 5 hierarchies oligarchs of nazions, godbelief systems, sciencebelief systems, capitalistic economy belief systems  and male dominance belief systems have created and still are creating and recreating so-called civil-isations, which are complex mixes and  intertwinements of these 5 main hierarchies. In this manner these oligarchs can maintain their place at the top of them, because of their so-  called incredible importance. As an example the “wapenspreuk” (probably the best translation for this Netherlands is “battle cry”) of the so-  called royal family of Orange of the nazion The Netherlands. This clique owns, amongst others, all so-called Netherlanders and the entire  Environment (earth, water, air, fire and all other Energy) of the so-called Netherlands with the battle cry: “Je Maintiendrai”. Or in its entirety:  “I shall maintain the virtue and nobility. I shall maintain the highness of my name. I shall maintain the honour, the belief and the law of God,  of the King, of my friends and me.” Here we have a complex intertwinement of godbelief, male dominance belief, nazional belief and  capitalistic economy belief all in one ”battle cry”, used by an (I) and his clique of “friends”, a small clique of oligarchs and theirmercenaries  and hirelings.  As long as Humans (I) as Mean(S) do not want to rid themselves of the belief in each and everyone of these 5 hierarchies, the only change  that will take place forever, is what George Orwell so perfectly described in his fairy story "Animal Farm" published in 1945, where  one so-  called civil-isation is overthrown and then simply replaced by the next so-called civil-isation, or put differently a "new" hierarchical mix with  maybe some "new" oligarchs at the top, though many may be the same. Or as Orwell stated it differently in his book "1984" published in  1949: "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever". And remember, this is all only about the  possession of every kind and sort of Energy. If we now dive into the Environments brought forth and literally developed by the thoughts, feelings and acts of small cliques of the so-called  homo sapiens sapiens, meaning the male human, that is so very intelligent and even oh so wise, what then do we see, have they realised  towards real human progress? Except for so-called advanced technology, nothing! And most of the so-called advanced technology is weaponry  to enslave, maim, kill and destroy. These small cliques of oligarchs dare to call themselves civil and civilised and they dare to call their mainly  by aggression forced upon homo-sapiens-made Environments civil-isation. Civil-isation comes from the word civil. This means, except for a  nonsensical, but typical hierarchical, division in citizens, farmers, military, non-religious and lay Humans (I) as Mean(S), polite, courteous,  well mannered, well bred, gentlemanly, chivalrous, gallant, ladylike, gracious, respectful, refined, urbane, polished, cultured, cultivated,  civilized, cordial, genial, pleasant, affable, obliging, decent and mannerly. But all so-called civil-isation exists of endless (”very intelligent”)  aggression, endless capitalistic greed up to the point, that today 26 Humans (I) as Mean(S) possess literally as much of the Environment(s)  on planet Earth and with that as much of its usable sources of Energy as half of the rest of the species. Or put more clearly, 26 Humans (I) as  Mean(S) possess as much as 3,800,000,000 other Humans (I) as Mean(S). These 26, and the small cliques, that try to emulate and to  become like them, allow out of the enormous goodness of their hearts, out of their incredible and divine greatness and especially out of their  fantastic fantasy of believing they are incredible philanthropists, that these 3,800,000,000, and most of the other 3,800,000,000 too, may  exist and live on planet Earth. At least... Well, as long as they kowtow, kneel and prostrate themselves to their will, their rules, their laws,  their godlike commandments and their demands. And what is it all really about? To have and to own more Environment than other Humans (I)  as Mean(S) and with that to have and own more of the usable Energy. The main sources of Energy, because of this, at this moment, alas, are  still almost only the group of so-called King C.O.N.G. (Coal, Oil, Nuclear and Gas) Energy. O yes, these days there are some other so-called  promising sources of Energy. Two are very prominent in the picture, to wit: Windmills and Solar Panels. The biggest problem is, they are  extremely prominent in the picture.  So, yes!, now we have the solution! We dump the planet Earth full of fields of these devices, these fields called Solar Farms and WindMill  Farms to harvest usable Energy. Great new human-made Environments. This next to the already enormous and continuously growing amount  of grey serpents of asphalt starting and ending at grey fields of asphalt, called parking places, for the benefit of every and each individual  Human (I) as Mean(S), who can afford it, of course. So these Humans (I) as Mean(S) are able to drive their "own" motorised vehicle, from  home to work and back again, living 10, 15 hours a week in traffic jams, because there are never enough of the grey asphalt serpents,  draining enormous amounts of usable Energy each year to be able to do this, and in the meantime enriching the 26 and their followers ever  more.  And if that is not enough, some very intelligent Humans (I) as Mean(S) think of ways to counter the problems of parking and traffic jams, like  this one: Yes, Humans (I) as Mean(S) can be very intelligent, if they smell incredible amounts of profit, no matter the consequences.  So, these are just some of the small bits of the Environments Humans (I) as Mean(S) want to live in. These are small bits of the Environments  they wish for themselves to live as long and as pleasurable as possible in. Does it look pleasurable? Do you want to live in such an  Environment? No? So, how and why did these human-made Environments happen? And how and why are they still getting even more  "pleasurable", like certain entire underground Environments? Very simply through these 5 main hierarchies and the small cliques of Humans  (I) as Mean(S) at the top of them, called oligarchs. Oligarchs, that enforce and maintain these hierarchies mainly, purely and only for their  own benefit.  To The Turning Point of Human Behaviour with regard to Energy or to The Point of No Return? There always have been Humans (I) as Mean(S), that have felt through, thought through and acted upon these real-human-progress  hampering, blocking and even reversing hierarchies by trying to undo them. Orwell is just one, but there have been and are many, many  other Humans (I) as Mean(S), most of them never heard of. Most remain and have remained unknown, through the pathetic pettiness of the  oligarchs of the 5 main hierarchies, that threaten(ed), buy (bought), or even kill (killed) them to maintain the hegemony and status quo. Only  a few have become very well-known. There is for instance Karl Marx (1818-1883), Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)  and Fritjof Capra (1939-…). What these four, Marx, Tesla, De Chardin and Capra, have in common, is the fact, that they understand, that it is  all about Energy and how Humans (I) as Mean(S) (ab)use it. They all four, wrote in their own way about Energy and Human Energy, how it is  used and abused and how humanity can try to overcome this. I will not go into the ideas, thoughts and feelings of the first three here, but I  will only give 4 quotes out of Capra’s book "The Turning Point - Science, Society and the Rising Culture":  In 1982, Fritjof Capra's book "The Turning Point - Science, Society and the Rising Culture" was published.2 It starts thus: "At the beginning of the last two decades of our century, we find ourselves in a state of profound, world-wide crisis. It is a complex, multi-dimensional crisis whose  facets touch every aspect of our lives - our health and livelihood, the quality of our environment and our social relationships, our economy, technology and politics. It is  a crisis of intellectual, moral, and spiritual dimensions; a crisis of a scale and urgency unprecedented in recorded human history. For the first time we have to face the  very real threat of extinction of the human race and of all life on this planet."  Today, 40 years have past, 10 times 4 years, and all we, so-called homo sapiens sapiens, have achieved, is creeping ever closer to The Point  of No Return. But we are still at a point, where a turning of the tide of all problems Capra mentions, still is possible, though barely. Although  today many Humans (I) as Mean(S) around the planet are aware of the dire situation and try individuallly or in groupings to passively and  actively bring The Turning Point about, most of them are ignored, ridiculed and/or banned by large groupings of Humans (I) as Mean(S), that  let themselves be led by small cliques of oligarchs, as always has happened throughout the history of the great homo sapiens sapiens.    “We have stockpiled tens of thousands of nuclear weapons, enough to destroy the entire world several times over, and the arms race continues at undiminished speed.  In November 1978, while the United States and the Soviet Union were completing their second round of talks on the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties, the Pentagon  launched its most ambitious nuclear weapons production program in two decades; two years later this culminated in the biggest military boom in history: a five-year  defense budget of 1,000 billion dollars. Since then, American bomb factories have been running at full capacity. At Pantex, the Texas factory where every nuclear  weapon owned by the United States is assembled, additional workers were hired and second and third shifts were added to increase the production of weapons of  unprecedented destructive power.”3 Well, that was then, 1980 through 1985. Only 1,000 billion dollars over 5 years. In fact, 1,000 billion dollars for the possibility of killing other  Humans (I) as Mean(S) with impunity. Because that is what wars are like, murder parties which are condoned, because aliens are dangerous.  And everyone and everything not “US” of America is simply... alien, so, of course, dangerous. The last 2 years, 2018 and 2019, it was just a  mere 15,000 billion dollars for “defense” purposes. Just 15 times more over a period of 3 years less. Now that is, what is called progess of a  real civil-isation! And even with this very large amount of dollars, this can not pay for a pathetic “wall” on the border of this so-called “US” of  America with Mexico. And how much Energy in the forms and sorts of usable sources, which includes Human Energy, has this cost? A fact,  Nikola Tesla already pointed out 120 years ago, in his 1900 article “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy - With Special Reference to the  Harnessing of the Sun’s Energy”.  The third quote from Capra’s book: “Rampant inflation, massive unemployment, and a gross maldistribution of income and wealth have become structural features of most national economies. The  resulting dismay among the general public and its appointed leaders is aggravated by the perception that energy and natural resources - the basic ingredients of all  industrial activity - are rapidly being depleted.  Faced with the triple threat of energy depletion, inflation, and unemployment, our politicians no longer know where to turn first to minimize the damage. They, and the  media, argue about priorities - should we deal with the energy crisis first or should we first fight inflation? - without realizing that both these problems, as well as all  the others mentioned here, are but different facets of a single crisis. Whether we talk about cancer, crime, pollution, nuclear power, inflation, or energy shortage, the  dynamics underlying these problems are the same.”4 This was written around 1980. Is there anything here, that is not still a problem, even worse, this day, 40 years later? And what are really  the dynamics underlying these problems”? Again, very simple:  1. The male dominance hierarchy;  2. The spiritual and/or godbelief dominance hierarchy;  3. The material and/or sciencebelief dominance hierarchy;  4. The capitalistic economy dominance hierarchy;  5. The racist and nazion dominance hierarchy.  These 5 main hierarchies cause Energy and its many usable sources to be squandered uselessly in enormous amounts. Except of course in the  eyes of the oligarchs, that rule at the top of these hierarchies, the want-to-be-an-oligarch-too’s climbing these pyramids, and their  mercenaries and freelancers or soldiers for hire.   Below the fourth and final quote from Capra’s book “The Turning Point - Science, Society and the Rising Culture”:  “...the deepest roots of our current energy crisis lie in the patterns of wasteful production and consumption that have become characteristic of our society. To solve the  crisis we do not need more energy, which would only aggravate our problems, but profound changes in our values, attitudes, and life styles. However, while we pursue  this long-term goal we also need to shift our energy production from nonrenewable to renewable resources, and from hard to soft technologies, to achieve ecological  balance. The energy policies of most industrialized countries reflect what Amery Lovins, physicist and energy consultant to numerous organizations, has called the  ‘hard energy path’, in which energy is produced from nonrenewable resources - oil, natural gas, coal and uranium - by means of highly centralized technologies that are  rigidly programmed, and are uneconomical and unhealthy. Nuclear power is by far the most dangerous component of the hard energy path. At the same time it is  rapidly becoming the most inefficient and uneconomical source of energy...  ...The only way out of the energy crisis is to follow a ‘soft energy path’, which, in Lovins’ thinking, has three main components: conservation of energy by more  efficient use, intelligent use of present nonrenewable energy sources as ‘bridging fuels’ during the transition period, and rapid development of soft technologies for  energy production from renewable sources. Such a threefold approach would not only be environmentally benign and ecologically balanced; it would also be the most  efficient and cheapest energy policy.... ...In the long run the greatest conservation of energy will be achieved by abandoning our present unhealthy and wasteful pattern of production and consumption in  favor of an ecologically harmonious way of life.”5  The same four, not three main components, because the most important one really is a change of life styles by Humans (I) as Mean(S),  as  mentioned above, can be found already in the same 1900 article by Tesla. He divided his article with that regard into three parts, or the three  ways of increasing Human Energy. Changing the life styles of Humans (I) as Mean(S) has all and everything to do with changing the  patheticness of keep using a hierarchical life style as part of the Human Condition. It has everything to do with starting using Self-  Consciousness, instead of rather hanging on to the reflexes and instincts of only consciousness. And with that, it has everything to do with  becoming aware that self can only live as long as possible and as pleasurable as possible if and when All-else, the Environment too, can live  as long and as pleasurable as possible. Meaning if and when the Environment stays balanced as long as possible through an economy based  on the ecology of the Environment and not an economy benefiting only Human (I) as Mean(S) by ruthlessly and aggressively only taking from  the Environment. It has all to do with balanced Energy exchanges between Humans (I) as Mean(S) and their Environment. It should therefore  not be, as Capra states, a long-term goal. It should be started today. And for this too Human, (I), is its own Mean(S).  To really get out of the “state of profound, world-wide crisis” that Capra already mentioned around 1980, Humans (I) as Mean(S) indeed  should change their life styles. And not on the long term, not as a long-term goal. But they should start this this second. Especially if you  realise, that Capra’s warning dates from 40 years ago, and that in the meantime nothing really has changed, except for the worse. The root of  all these problems lies with the life styles of Humans (I) as Mean(S), which are based on the 5 main hierarchies. It are these 5 main  hierarchies which Humans (I) as Mean(S) need to Break Through. They should no longer be accepted by any individual Human (I) as  Mean(S). We are all equal and no-one is more equal than others. So, NO, these hierarchies are NOT necessary. And yes, it will cost time,  especially with a species, that not only has lived by the idea of the necessity of hierarchies since almost the dawn of their Self-Consciousness,  but also because of their extreme pride in themselves. So, yes, it needs a transition period in which new usable Energy sources should not  only be found, but also accepted, even if they are so abundant, that they do not enrich a small clique of capitalistic extremists and capitalistic  terrorists or even need the capitalistic economy. A transition period in which the King C.O.N.G. (Coal-Oil-Nuclear-Gas) Energy sources are  brought down to zero use as soon as possible and abandoned. Also, it should be very well thought and felt through if large “fields” of  windmills and solar panels really are the solution of our Energy predicament and if driving motorised vehicles individually is conducive to an  intelligent life style.  The entire cosmos, the largest Environment around Human (I) as Mean(S), and in which Human (I) as Mean(S) lives as a part, and doe not  live apart from, is full of endless amounts of Energy. And we need only relative small amounts of it, to ensure usable Energy for the entirety of  humanity to live together, work together and finally really share together as long and as pleasurable as possible, without destroying all and  everything on planet Earth. To find these usable sources of Energy, we need a Turning Point in the behaviour of Humans (I) as Mean(S) with  regard to Energy. We need to not think and feel and handle in the terms of the 5 main hierarchies anylonger. We need the “tinkerers” in their  basements, their garages and their attics, wherever on Earth, who try to find these new usable sources of Energy and create ways to tap  them. And we need “thinkers” and “feelers” too, from all over the planet, to divert us from the path of the 5 main hierarchies. For all this, we  need worldwide conferences and a global movement like the one the organisers of GlobalBEM (Global Breakthrough Energy Movement) offer,  to bring together from all over the Earth Humans (I) as Mean(S), that understand that “(i)f you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think  in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration”. In fact, we need each and every Human (I) as Mean(S) with regard to the necessary Break Throughs in thinking, feeling and especially  handling differently with regard to the three phenomena, that we all experience individually and together throughout our lifetimes: Human (I)  as Mean(S), Environment and Energy.  Notes:  1. 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