NEWS - MARCH 2020 - FEBRUARY 2021 28-02-21 EARTH(DE)FORMING AND HUMAN(DE)FORMING A short feeling through and thinking through of how the entire planet Earth and human itself is being reconstructed by so-called, wee little scientists and so-called,  wee little leaders into a so-called new “normal”. See my page: What is Reality?  09-02-21 A VIDEO WHICH SAYS ALL For more information on the crown-virus-and-its-so-called-cure-lies by Dr. Vernon Coleman (74), see his website: 22-12-20 HAIL THE CORONA-LIE-FASCISTS AND THE NEW HUMANOID SUB SPECIES THIS IS THE HUMAN SPECIES HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS THIS IS THE NEW SUB SPECIES HOMO COWARDIUS AND COWARDIA The sub species homo cowardius and cowardia is known to let itself be conditioned (=influencing behaviour) like Pavlov-dogs by their LORDs  and masters (know this, female terminology is not used by them, this is not allowed by these LORDs and masters; so a senatorin is a senator, a  presidentin is a president and a queen is a king). Like Pavlov-dogs, males (and females) of this new sub species not only let themselves be  muzzled, but they also accept loyally and unconditionally every other perverted and sick rule forced upon them by their LORDs and masters. And  they remain faithful to their so-called FATHERland unto their death. Hail. Hallelujah. AMEN (=so be it).  P.S.: That took quite some time, on that great “free” internet. To find a picture, on which the little wee male human and the female human, can be  seen with their genitals bare. So, simply, as they are born. Although, do you really see female genitals on this picture? Don’t try it by the way by  searching for pictures of a certain Adam and his slave (slavin) Eve, because they don’t have genitals at all. They have some sort of plant leaf  growing there. Weird really, don’t you think so, that humans on Earth aren’t allowed to see pictures of their own genitals? Especially those, who  are brought up and educated to mandatory believe in that one wee little male god. Meanwhile all ExtraTerrestrials are allowed to see those  genitals. This picture, namely, is the one, that those “voyagers”, more than 40 years ago already, carried with them from Earth into space.  Has the time now come, to send a few little space ships after them, to introduce the new sub species? A sub species, that must be born  preferably with muzzle and all.  14-05-20 STOP THE LOCKDOWN BY CAPITALISTIC-TERRORISTS 26-03-20 HOW SO-CALLED LEADERS (READ: CAPITALISTIC-EXTREMISTS AND -TERRORISTS AND ALSO THOSE WHO WANT TO BECOME THIS) WANT THAT MORE THAN (BILLION) HUMANS BEHAVE TOWARDS EACH OTHER (Invasion of the body snatchers new coronavirus) DIVIDE AND RULE(S) Previous page Up                  Next page

Keuringsdienst van Waarheid from Bandi Vaczi on Vimeo.