NEWS - MARCH - NOVEMBER 2019 26-11-19 HIDDEN ENERGY No longer interested in nor believing in the KING C.O.N.G.-energies, meaning Coal, Oil, Nuclear   and Gas? And not wanting to look at fields upon fields of windmills and solar panels  ( on the land and in the sea? In the book to the right you can find many hidden forms of energy, that may hold the solution to the so-called  scarcity of for humans usable energy. Not for today only, not for a hundred years nor a thousand,  but forever. Amongst which the most important is in fact Human Energy. That is why the book, in which the writresses look at both spirit-energy and matter-energy, starts  with a student from The Netherlands, Karsten van Asdonk, who had the courage to hold a ten-  minute taboo talk at the university of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Taboo amongst the  professor(esse)s, because he spoke of Tesla and asked: “Why are we not driving water-fueled  cars? Why are we not receiving electricity from the vacuum of space?” He also gave the answers  to these questions. And that is also why the book ends with a studentess at the university of Rochester in North  America: "We conclude with the words of Isabella Dos Santos, who is scheduled to graduate this  year with a degree in environmental health from the University…  …After reading a draft of the Hidden Energy manuscript, she shared her thoughts, starting with  the observation that fear has dominated our world and hierarchical class structure created a  society of disconnected individuals. "To execute a transformative collective shift in consciousness  requires courage, social intelligence and the overcoming of fear. The collective shift will stem from  the courage to commit to something greater than ourselves; only then will we be able to overcome  greed. The courage to challenge the limitations we have been taught will open the doors to allow  imagination and truth-seeking to flourish. Courage is one of the driving forces that will counteract  the forces mentioned by professor Lindemann." She noted that ecological constraints affect human choices regarding whether to be selfish or  altruistic, and "when the abundance of free energy becomes obvious, society will need more  thinkers, more creators and collaborators. Fear will not be our principle driving force; connection  and ingenuity will be. A fairer economic system will arise because of the decentralized nature of  new energy. The power that has traditionally been concentrated in the hands of a few people will  be redistributed to disfranchised and powerless communities resulting in their empowerment and  freedom," she wrote. Her dream is a sustainable human society with justice, peace and healing at its core. If we and  others energize that vision by infusing it with positive emotion, and take mindful steps toward it, a  path will open up. Your personal "hidden energy" can be as transformative to your world as any technology powered by the universal energy. In what small alcoves of your life can you replace anger with love? Our  call to action is to be the consciousness shift as well as to support the clean energy transition in  whatever way you can. As a first step, just imagine - in detail and with heartfelt gratitude - living in  a harmonious civilization on a regenerated Earth." In between the thoughts of these two young humans, many forms of energy are mentioned in the book, as well as many humans, who put their energy daily into  creating possibilities to make these energies usable for humanity or to transform them into other forms of usable energy. Much more information about hidden or breakthrough usable energy sources can be found at: 01-11-19 THE TURNING POINT OF HUMAN BEHAVIOUR WITH REGARD TO ENERGY On Saturday November 9 and Sunday November 10, the fourth GlobalBEM (Global Breaktrough Energy Movement) conference will take place. Energy is one of  the three phenomena, which it really is all about for humans, in the endless amount of phenomena of Total Reality. In fact, it is the most important one. The other  two phenomena are Environment and for humans they themselves, or Human (I) as Mean(S). Humans have caused a “state of profound, world-wide crisis”, with  their Self-Conscious behaviour, a situation so dire, that they “have to face the very real threat of extinction of the human race and of all life on this planet”. The  answer to overcome this dire situation lies in changing life styles, based on 5 main hierarchies. And it lies in how humans think about, feel about and handle the  three phenomena Energy, Environment and they themselves, Humans (I) as Mean(S). For more, see my article: The Turning Point of Human Behaviour with  regard to Energy (The incredible importance of conferences à la GlobalBEM). 07-10-19 ONLY 5 MORE WEEKS TO GO UNTIL THE GLOBALBEM ENERGY BREAKTHROUGH-CONFERENCE 2019 5 weeks from now, on Saturday November 9 and Sunday November 10, the people of GlobalBEM organise their fourth conference on the most rich of importance  subject for all of humanity and for every other form of life: Energy. GlobalBEM is specifically concerned with the so-called Breakthrough Energies. Energies, that  can make the current, extremely polluting and extremely expensive King C.O.N.G.-energies (Coal, Oil, Nuclear and Gas) obsolete. One of the spekers will be Dr.  Paul LaViolette. He will talk about: “Through the Looking Glass: Our Open-System Universe and Overunity Galaxy”. Paul LaViolette has been president of the  Starburst Foundation since 1984, where he has conducted interdisciplinary research in physics, astronomy, geology, climatology, prebiotic evolution, S.E.T.I.,  psychology, and anthropology. Below a short introduction about his lecture: Another speaker will be Toby Grotz. His talk will be about: “Breakthrough Energy Generators, How Bruce dePalma’s Discovery led to the Design and  Implementation of Over Unity Systems”. Toby Grotz is an electrical engineer with a background in power systems design. He has designed electrical systems for  coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants. Toby Grotz has been effectively managing projects in the energy and utility industry and researching alternative energy systems for 40 years. His work experience includes design and support for capital improvements for power plants rated up to 1800 MegaWatt. For the complete programme and more, see the website of GlobalBEM at: See also the news item of 05-09-19 - Energy  Breakthrough-conference 2019 on this page.  22-09-19 WORLDWIDE MARCHES FOR THE UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME - SATURDAY OCTOBER 26 Upcoming Saturday October 26 at many places on Earth marches will be held for the introduction of a Worldwide Unconditional Basic Income. For more  information, see amongst others: BASIC INCOME WEEK: MASSA DEMONSTRATIE VOOR HET BASISINKOMEN (AMSTERDAM): BASIC INCOME MARCH BERLIN [BGE-INITIATIVEN]: BASIC INCOME MARCH (NEW YORK): 12-09-19 12TH WEEK FOR THE WORLDWIDE UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME - 16 through 22 SEPTEMBER From September 16 through September 22 the 12th International Basic Income Week will take place to support and establish an Unconditional Basic Income in  Europe and worldwide. European activities can be found on the website pictured below, where you can add your own events, and on Facebook. Ways to  participate include talks, ‘Basic Income Beer’, on Wednesday 18 September the #countonbasicincome online photo event and much more, so that everyone has a  chance to debate and support a Worldwide Unconditional Basic Income for everyone! 05-09-19 ENERGY BREAKTHROUGH-CONFERENCE 2019 On Saturday November 9 and Sunday November 10 the people of GlobalBEM organise for the fourth time a conference on the for each and every human most  rich of importance subject during his and her entire life: Energy. GlobalBEM is specifically concerned with the so-called Breakthrough Energies. These are forms  and sources of Energy, which can completely replace the current, extremely polluting and extremely expensive King C.O.N.G.-energies (Coal, Oil, Nuclear and  Gas) and which can usher in an era of clean, very cheap and even free energies for each and every individual human on Earth. In this they follow humans like  Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), Fritjof Capra (1939-...) and many, many others, who have understood, that the narrow-minded reality  of a small clique of humans, the entirety of humanity is forced to follow, leads only to eternal poverty, endlessly consecutive wars and total destruction of literally  everything on planet Earth. GlobalBEM, which stands for Global Breakthrough Energy Movement, held its first conference in 2012 in Hilversum, The Netherlands. In 2013 a second  conference followed in Boulder, Colorado, North-America. Followed in 2016 with a conference in Bastrop/Austin, Texas, North-America. And this year a new  conference will take place in Breukelen, The Netherlands. Next to these conferences the people of GlobalBem have gathered an enormous treasure of possible energy breakthrough-developments on their website, which  can be found at this web address: 04-03-19 ROBBERY There are two main kinds of robbery: 1. Illegal robbery; 2. Legal robbery (mostly taxes and creating profits). There are two main differences between these two main kinds of robbery: 1. Against illegal robbery you can ensure yourself; Against legal robbery you can’t ensure yourself; 2. Illegal robbery takes place between never or just a few times throughout your lifetime; Legal robbery takes place throughout your entire lifetime, it is in fact never-ending; Previous page  Up                  Next page