NEWS - JANUARY - MAY 2015 27-05-15 HURRAY! A MARCH AGAINST CAPITALISTIC EXTREMISM AND CAPITALISTIC TERRORISM! NO T.T.I.P.! NO MULTINATIONAL COLONISING MONSANTO! Last Saturday, May 23, in 38 countries, in over 400 cities, from Asia, Africa, Europe and North-America to South-America, the 3rd yearly march against Monsanto.  And this time too against all other capitalistic extremist and capitalistic terrorist, multinational colonising companies, that, by way of the T.T.I.P., the Transatlantic  Trade and Investment Partnership, a trade agreement the United States wants to close with the European Union, want to get it even easier to enlarge their profits at  the expense of humans, animals and plants. 23-05-15 A MESSAGE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY BY CHARLIE CHAPLIN - RIGHTLY REVISITED On May 20 I found the following news on the website “Earth Matters”: The most positive - and censored - speech in Hollywood history. Taken from the website “Next  World TV - Common Sense Solutions - Starting Now”, it stated:  This clip was the final speech In Charlie Chaplin's film The Great Dictator.  There are two ways to censor something. The old fashioned way was to destroy it, like the burning of books.  Now, with the super abundance of media, all that media censors need to do is ignore something.  One of the greatest, most beloved film makers of all time, made a crystal clear statement about the nature of humanity - and its enemies - that everyone regardless of  background can understand. And yet very, very few people have ever heard it. Let's change that. Let’s indeed change that and keep changing it! For an adapted videoclip by Tragedy and Hope of 2011 and the original transcript of this speech, see: A message for all of humanity by Charlie Chaplin on my page: The  necessity of a Planetary Ethics. And for those humans who really want to learn to understand how for instnace the so-called authorities of the United States of North-America stand in the way of the  progress of humanity, just read how Chaplin was treated in that so-called “Land of the Free”, in the English language Wikipedia article: Charlie Chaplin  (  See:  17-04-15 THE FOURTH EDITION OF PULSE MAGAZINE IS OUT! PULSE Magazine is the printed magazine of the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement For more information, click on the picture. 09-04-15 AE911TRUTH - WORLD TRADE CENTRE  EVIDENCE - EUROPEAN TOUR BY RICHARD GAGE From the website Architects and Engineers for 9/11  Truth: In a few days, Architects & Engineers for 9/11  Truth founder and 28-year professional architect  Richard Gage, AIA, embarks on an intensive  month-long speaking tour that is designed to  illuminate Europeans on the facts of the destruction  of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on  September 11, 2001.   Armed with unbiased expert analysis and eye-  witness testimony, Gage exposes major flaws in the  official 9/11 narrative, upon which a dubious  perpetual war on terror and erosion of civil liberties  across the globe has been predicated. Mounting  death tolls, stratospheric military spending, and  widespread government insolvency are prompting  citizens of all countries to call for a closer  examination of the evidence of the catastrophic  events of 9/11 - events that have been the impetus  for these planet-wide ills.    Gage is answering the call for a multi-nation tour  that starts on an island in the North Atlantic Ocean,  winds its way south to the Mediterranean Sea, heads back to another island in the Atlantic, and ends in a landlocked Eastern European country. He’ll make his  presentation in unique venues that provide the opportunity for frank discussions about one of the most pivotal, controversial events in modern history.  For more information, see: 06-04-15 "CLEAN ENERGY RESEARCH LAB" LAUNCHED IN JAPAN TO DEVELOP CLEAN ENERGY APPLICATIONS USING L.E.N.R. On April 1st Clean Planet Inc. and Tohoku University launched the "Clean Energy Research Lab" at Tohoku   University in Japan. Its mission is to develop a clean, safe and abundant form of energy for our global  community. The new research division will be devoted to developing practical applications for clean energy  using L.E.N.R., Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, (a.k.a. Cold Fusion). This is the first official research division  created for condensed matter nuclear science and its application in Japan. The lab is determined to bring application models from their division to the market before the Tokyo Olympics  in 2020.   From the website "Clean Planet - Evolutionary Energy Solutions" of Clean Planet Incorporated:    Our History On March 11, 2011, Japan was struck by a tsunami which devastated and created havoc throughout this island nation. The Fukushima meltdown triggered by the tsunami  highlighted our vulnerability even when we have the best back up systems in place. The failure of backup systems has left this country and parts of the world dealing  with the threats of radioactive fallout. It became apparent that nuclear fission simply isn't a safe and clean form of energy. This event was the catalyst for Clean Planet.  Our promise ...We currently live in a global society that is primarily dependent on fossil fuels and nuclear fission. It drives our economy, our geopolitics and our distribution of  wealth. With the depletion of our fossil fuels and the degradation of our environment, add to that; the risks associated with nuclear fission, it is now necessary for us to  seek cleaner, safer, and more abundant forms of energy. With the recent advances made in material science and technology, we are no longer dependant only on these forms of energy. There are exciting new energy  technologies on the cusp of transforming our belief in how energy can be generated. Now we can utilize cleaner, safer, and more abundant resources such as solar,  geothermal, LENR (also known as cold fusion), and wind to supply our energy needs.  Clean Planet is determined to provide assistance in making these technologies the major providers for our energy needs to our global community.  The website of Clean Planet Inc. can be found at:  For more information see also the website of Tohoku University:  And the press release:   03-04-15 IT’S TIME FOR A W.U.B.I. (FREE MONEY FOR EVERYONE) From Youtube: Published October 21 2014 The presentation below by Rutger Bregman was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Bregman (1988) studied at Utrecht  University and the University of California in Los Angeles, majoring in History. In September 2013 Bregman joined the online journalism platform De Correspondent.  His article on basic income was nominated for the European Press Prize and was published by The Washington Post.  In September 2014 his newest book ‘Gratis geld voor iedereen - En nog vijf grote ideeën die de wereld kunnen veranderen’ came out. Internet reference (03-04-15):  29-03-15 100% RESPECT RESPECT FOR THESE TWO CHINESE HUMANS! 100% respect for these two Chinese humans! In ten years time Haixia and  Wenqui have planted about ten thousand trees in their by floods threatened  village Yeli, in the northeast of China. Jia Wenqui was three when he lost both arms in an accident. Jia Haixia has been  blind since his birth in one eye caused by cataract and he lost his other eye in a  work accident.  Both get up each day at seven in the morning to start their working day. They  don’t have money to buy saplings, so they make their own cuttings. Haixia is the one, who climbs into the trees to find the best cuttings. He also digs  the pits to plant the saplings. Wenqui is the one, who takes care of the young  trees. Internet reference:  web/article/detail/2256438/2015/03/18/Blinde-man-en-zijn-vriend-zonder-armen-  planten-samen-10-000-bomen.dhtml Copyright foto: © Kos 25-03-15 FULL DISCLOSURE 25-03-15 US GOOD, THEM BAD Principles Please? US Lauds NATO Drills But Calls Russian Ones Provocative, is the title of a short article on the website "Sputnik", dated March 21 and updated  March 22. It can be seen as a reaction on the cocky posturing by North-America and its allied N.A.T.O. bootlickers, which has been reported in another article on the same website: US Armored Columns March Through Six Eastern European Countries, dated March 20, which states amongst others:  The United States Army will send a convoy of American soldiers and military vehicles through Eastern European countries near Russia's western border, despite  Moscow's repeated expression of concern over NATO's expansion of forces in the region. ...The US Army flaunted its personnel and equipment last month, too, when it paraded armored personnel carriers and other vehicles through the streets of Narva,  Estonia, a border city separated by a narrow frontier from Russia. … NATO defense ministers agreed in February to the creation of six new command posts in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania, along with an  expansion of NATO's Response Force, a move Russia's envoy to the alliance said "creates a great risk for Russia," particularly in the Baltic States, which could become  the site of "military confrontation."  Quite rightly R.T. journalist Gayane Chichakyan asked Jeff Rathke, state department spokesman, during a state department's press briefing on Friday, March 20,  about the double standards the U.S. practices. It condemns Russian exercises inside Russia for escalating tensions. But at the same time conducts its own  exercises with N.A.T.O. member countries close to the Russian border. Rathke, as a slithery politician, kept dodging to answer the question asked by Gayane Chichakyan: Associated Press journalist Matt Lee jumped in to back up his colleague. He noted: "(T)he problem is that you were [earlier] critical of Russian exercises that were  'in the general vicinity of the Ukrainian border' inside Russia. You said it contributed to unease and instability during the crisis in Ukraine." But Rathke kept avoiding  to answer straight forward and honest. So finally: Tired of flogging a dead horse, Lee asked the spokesman whether he "would disagree with the question I think you are being posed, [which is whether] US or NATO  exercises in a NATO member country along the Russian border raises tensions given the current situation with Ukraine…Yes or no?"  "We would disagree with that," Rathke stated.  Here we have the way of thinking, feeling and acting of the nationalistic North-American. It is the US good, THEM bad mentality and behaviour. A mentality, which  has been indoctrinated and ingrained into U.S. of A. born humans since its conception, and especially very easily since the introduction of the lazy acronym use of  US for this Union of States. A nation, that since its conception has had an attitude of pathetically haughty and inflated braggery. Many think that only US, meaning  the U.S. of A. is good, and THEM, meaning all others are bad. And that is the way North Americans rampage around all over the Earth. While, of course, making  very sure every conflict and every war is perpetrated as far as possible from their own holy borders. Internet reference (25-03-15): 19-03-15 ABOUT SOCIALISM AND THRIVE-ISM Do you really think humans are more awake now than ever before? And do you really think this means a better world is just around the corner and looming finally at the horizon? Then let me give you in this article some quotations from the Canton, Ohio, Anti-War Speech of Eugene V. Debs, delivered in 1918.  Almost one hundred years ago. Again, almost 100 years ago. Maybe it will make you think again. But, oh my god, it is about socialism and communism. Despicable ideals and principles. The arch enemies of every human all over the world. Why read it?  This is dangerous nonsense! It should not be allowed to even exist! Really? But how much difference is there between the ideas stated in that speech and what is stated today by so-called thrivers? If you want the answer, you can find it in the first part of my article: About Socialism and Thrive-ism - PART I - (The problem of the Serious Name Sticker Game)  on my page: The necessity of a Planetary Ethics. 16-03-15 WHILE SO-CALLED WORLD AND NATIONAL AND INDUSTRIAL LEADERS KEEP LYING ABOUT FUKUSHIMA, IT ARE HUMANS WHO REALLY TRY TO DO SOMETHING Below some news about the still dire situation at the extremely dangerous nuclear reactor rubbish at Fukushima, Japan: Four years out, Fukushima reactors still spewing By: William Pesek  Posted: 03/11/2015  Fishermen trawling the waters off Japan’s eastern coast have been alleging for a while that radioactive water was again spilling into the Pacific from the Fukushima  power plant that melted down after a massive earthquake in 2011. On Feb. 24, Tokyo Electric Power Co., which is responsible for the site, admitted those suspicions  were justified. And it turns out that Tepco knew about this latest radioactive leak since last May - and the giant utility said nothing for almost a year.  In the 15 days since Tepco finally confessed, have investigators raided its Tokyo headquarters? Have regulators demanded that heads roll? Has Prime Minister Shinzo  Abe used his bully pulpit to demand accountability from the company that gave the world its worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl? In any other major democracy, those  steps would have been obvious. But none have occurred in Japan. And that raises troubling questions not just about Tepco’s corporate governance, but the rampant  cronyism enabling it.  Internet reference (16-03-15): To be clear, I don’t believe the remark by Pesek about: In any other major democracy, those steps would have been obvious. Do you? Japan’s nuclear-related deaths rise by 18% 2015-03-10 Tokyo - A total of 1,232 deaths in Japan's Fukushima prefecture over the past year were linked to the nuclear accident four years ago, up 18% from a year earlier, a news  report said on Tuesday. A death is considered nuclear-related if is not directly resulting from a nuclear accident but is due from an illness caused by prolonged exposure.  ...About 120,000 people are still unable to return home due to radioactive contamination following the disaster at the Fukushima plant in March 2011.  Internet reference (16-03-15): Abe mum on Fukushima at U.N. disaster risk confab March 15 2015 Kyodo, JIJI, Staff Report SENDAI – Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had little to say on the tsunami-triggered core meltdowns in Fukushima as representatives from across the globe met at a U.N.  conference on disaster risk reduction Sunday to underscore the urgent need to address climate change and reduce disaster impacts. ...Meanwhile, in a speech Saturday at the conference, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had few words on the triple core meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant.  ...Abe’s speech was strongly criticized by Tamotsu Baba, mayor of the town of Namie. “(Abe’s speech) was no good at all. He may not have wanted to give negative impressions (of Japan) because world leaders have gathered here,” Baba told reporters  Saturday. Namie is close to the plant, and about 21,000 of its residents were still living outside the town as of the end of February after losing their homes to radioactive  fallout. Speculation has been rife that Abe was attempting to avoid discussion about the Fukushima disaster because the No. 1 plant is plagued with radioactive water  woes, including operator Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s failure to disclose the extent of the tainted water flowing into the Pacific.  Internet reference (16-03-15): Meanwhile we have, next to our so-called leaders, also humans. Humans who do their best to change the situation for the better, like 55 year old Naoto Matsumura,  who refused to evacuate and stayed on to care for the animals left behind. He now ensures that the abandoned cats, dogs, ducks, pigs, cows, ponies and seven  storks are fed in the Japanese coastal town of Tomioka. Internet reference (16-03-15):  16-02-15 100% RESPECT FOR THIS UKRANIAN WOMAN! 100% respect for this Ukranian woman! 0% respect for all so-called politicians and world leaders, who keep pushing for yet another senseless war: read genocide. 08-02-15 GLOBAL DIVESTMENT DAY - STOP USING FOSSIL FUELS! On Friday Februari 13 and Saturday Februari 14 Global Divestment Day takes place. A worldwide meeting of humans, with more than 300 events happening on 6  continents. From South Africa to Mexico, and from Bangladesh to Bulgaria and The Netherlands, people are showing their commitment and readiness to take on the  fossil fuel and hot nuclear energy industries. Divestment stands for the reduction of some kind of asset for financial, ethical, or political objectives or sale of an existing business by a firm. It is the opposite of an  investment. In this case it is about stopping to invest money in fossil energy. Money which can be used better elsewhere. Like for instance in renewable and  breakthrough energies. For much more information or if you want to join, see:  01-02-15 HOW DISTURBED IS THE CAPITALISTIC ECONOMY? Today I have shopped at one of the supermarket chains. A packet of cookies caught my eye, they were put on display directly at the cash register to tempt humans  to buy even more, before leaving. And to my surprise I read on it: Easter assortment. Just to be sure I looked at the best-before-date; maybe by accident cookies  from last year? But no, best-before-date: July 2015. There are still 9 weeks before Easter. And apparently now already actions are taken to maximize profits with a  feast for christians. Almost 2.5 months in advance. The question which may be asked deservedly, is: How disturbed is the capitalistic economy? 07-01-15 THE CONSEQUENCES OF CAPITALISM AND WORSHIP (FALSELY KNOWN AS RELIGION) Previous page  Up                   Next page