OLDER NEWS - JUNE - NOVEMBER 2014 18-11-14 THE THIRD EDITION OF PULSE MAGAZINE IS OUT! PULSE Magazine is the printed magazine of the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement For more information, click on the picture. 23-10-14 HOT NUCLEAR FUSION IN THE DUTCH VILLAGE PETTEN HAS BEEN MESSED ALSO WITH SECURITY FOR WEEKS RADIOACTIVITY ESCAPED AND AT LEAST ONE  NEAR DISASTER HAS BEEN HUSHED UP! While cold nuclear fusion (L.E.N.R.) is proven to be a fact more and more and a very safe alternative, so-called governments, companies and others which make  lots of money with the use of hot fusion and fission reactors keep messing tirelessly. Also in the Dutch village Petten, where as of yet no nuclear explosion and/or a  nuclear meltdown has occurred, but in fact could have taken place already, little to no attention is paid to security. When it is about the safety of so-called dignitaries, from the family clique of the Oranges to so-called politicians, the surroundings are immediately thick with security  measures, with costs in the millions of euros for visits of sometimes an hour or less. When it is about the security of the Nation, ditto. Raising money for this security  is also easy. Pasports, for instance, which continuously must be “enhanced” and purchased anew, and which cost humans 50 and more euros are being produced.  And there is for instance the more and more obligatory purchase of a so-called form Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag (Certificate of Good Conduct) (soon the “only proof  you are not a criminal”?) for dozens of additional euros. Because only dearly paid pieces of paper or later on dearly paid and mandatory implanted nanochips prove that the individual citizen is safe for the Nation and not this individual citizen herself/himself. And then a next new just-carry-on-plundering tax there can always be  contrived. All under the guise of National Security. But if it is about the security of the individual citizen herself/himself, then also in the so-called Netherlands this  human is completely outlawed. Only a small society, the 1%, really gets protected and safeguarded. Years of tampering with the security up to near-disasters in Petten. But even so there still must come a loan of 82 million euro: According to Kamp (Minister of Economic Affairs, red.) the loan is justified, because the research reactor in Petten must continue to run, in  anticipation of the construction of a new one, says MainStream Medium “De Volkskrant” on Saturday October 18.  It put the story on its front page thus and dedicated a 2.5 page article to the pathetic and shameless behaviour of so-called experts and dignitaries: And what about that nuclear reactor in Borselle? Any idea? The one from Dodewaard (this Dutch word literally translated is: It’s worth a dead) has been closed since 1997, according to the Dutch Wikipedia, because: In 1981 more than once protests were held at the reactor against nuclear energy. On March 26 1997 the reactor was decommisioned, seven years earlier than originally  planned. In the meantime the ownership of the reactor was transferred to the Samenwerkende Energie Producenten (Sep) (Cooperating Energy Producers). The owners of  the reactor had concluded that there existed an unfavourable political climate towards nuclear energy in The Netherlands, and on top of that thought the reactor was no  longer profitable because of its low output. Also the reactor, which was common property, no longer could be fitted in the liberalised energy market.  Of course, since 2011 it has been tried to open the reactor yet again, possibly for this reason: In 2010 doubt arose whether the amount reserved for demolition would be sufficient.  It is high time that below passport can be obtained free of charge for each human worldwide. It should be the only valid passport worldwide:  But then of course, rags of paper are worth nothing. The safety of all humans on our planet is in fact constantly at stake, wherever on our planet a hot nuclear fusion or a nuclear fission reactor stands. The consequences of Three Mile Island, of Chernobyl and of Fukushima and other (almost) disasters still spread themselves  worldwide. And at any moment such disasters can also take place at every other reactor, thanks to the messing around with security, and add to the radioactive  poisoning of the entire biosphere. See amongst others: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kernreactoren_Petten  http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerncentrale_Borssele  http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerncentrale_Dodewaard  http://www.geenstijl.nl/mt/archieven/2014/10/kernreactor_petten_stilgelegd.html 13-10-14 “MARS MAY HAVE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL LIFE NOW” STATES N.A.S.A. CHIEF CHARLES BOLDEN A small article on “ITV Report” dated October 8 and male chauvinistically and british nationalistically headlined “Nasa chief says man must reach Mars - and expects  to see a Brit on the Red Planet” shows a video in which N.A.S.A. Chief Charles Bolden states the following about Mars, Earth’s sister planet:  It is the most likely planet in our Solar System that had life at one time, may have live now (why does he wink with his right eye at the exact moment he says this?) and, we feel, definitely can sustain life. This is a next small example of the continous dribble from N.A.S.A. this year with regard to the existence of Extra Terrestrial life. It comes right after their two day  conference “Preparing For Discovery” on September 18 and 19. A conference held at “the Library of Congress (that) brought together historians, philosophers and  theologians from around the world in an attempt to close the gap between life on Earth and the possibility of life outside it” as stated in an article “NASA Brings  Scientists, Theologians Together to Discuss ET Visit” on the website “International Business Times”. So, this year it is western science by way of N.A.S.A. that embraces the “inevitable discovery” of Extra Terrestrial life. In 2009 it was The Vatican, part of the one  male god belief system of all christian subcults, of which many do not agree one single iota with their so-called christian brethren from The Vatican. And in 2011 it  was at the fifth Global Competitiveness Forum, part of the of the economy of the capitalistic extremists, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that a presentation called “Contact:  Learning From Outer Space” was held. So, there you have it: Religion (well, a part of the christian one male god belief system), (western capitalistic) economy and now (western materialistic) science, all  have sneakily and surreptitiously disclosed, what especially the government of North-America still refuses to acknowledge as the truth. When western politics and  their minions the western MainStreamMedia will follow remains to be seen. But expect more surreptitious and devious revelations at any moment!  See amongst others: http://www.itv.com/news/2014-10-08/nasa-chief-expects-to-see-a-brit-on-mars/ http://www.ibtimes.co.in/nasa-brings-scientists-theologians-together-discuss-et-visit-photosvideo-609844 http://news.exopoliticsinstitute.org/?p=900  http://www.universetoday.com/44713/vatican-holds-conference-on-extraterrestrial-life/ 25-09-14 GAY SAPIENS For an example of why using only Google Translate is not only funny, but also very unwise, see my page: Wordplay. 06-09-14 7TH INTERNATIONAL BASIC INCOME WEEK From September 15 to 21 the 7th International Basic Income Week will take place. In many countries of Europe events will take place. Programmes for  Germany, Britain, Italy, Czech and The Netherlands can be found on the website of the Basic Income Week. From this website:  ”Europe is facing increasingly violent conflicts, both within E.U. countries and on the E.U. periphery. After six years of recession and four years of  austerity imposed by the “troika” bringing record levels of poverty and unemployment, there were street battles involving militants of the far-right  Golden Dawn party in Greece last year. In Spain, police clashed with ‘the Marches for Dignity’ protesters in Madrid who yearn for a secure future instead of  corruption, government cuts, unemployment and evictions. In several towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina, government and party buildings were burned while a  popular revolt against the ruling political caste raised questions of social justice. Opposition conflicts also erupted in Bulgaria. Considering this explosive context, we want to highlight the current social and democratic significance of the Unconditional Basic Income: it can become the basis  for “Building Social Cohesion in Europe”. This is the motto of this year’s International Basic Income Week, which is scheduled to run from September 15–21, 2014. From E.C.I. U.B.I. to U.B.I.E.  In January 2013, activists and initiatives in 14 countries started the European Citizens’ Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income (E.C.I. U.B.I.). In the end, people  in 25 E.U. member states were involved and managed to collect more than 300,000 signatures in the European Union. At the same time, in Switzerland a citizens’  initiative collected more than 120,000 signatures to get a national referendum on Unconditional Basic Income, which will occur in about 18 months time.  Consequently, representatives from all these European countries came together twice in 2014 to create a new European alliance called U.B.I.E. (Unconditional  Basic Income Europe). In this new network we are pursuing our goal to get unconditional basic income implemented everywhere in Europe, and its recognition  globally as a human right. On this basis, the 7th International Basic Income Week is likely to become a big success with more than 25 countries participating, more  than ever before.” For more information, see: http://basicincomeweek.org/homepage/7th-international-basic-income-week/ 20-08-14 END THE ENDLESS KILLING OF HUMANITY - START IN ISRAEL AND PALESTINE About a month ago AVAAZ started a petition campaign to end the suffering and killing of children and adults in Gaza, with the title: Israel-Palestine: This is how it  ends. At this moment more than already 1.7 million humans have signed the petition. We are tired of the endless war and killing that is taking place in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. We are also tired of the “continued investment in  companies and projects that finance illegal settlements and the oppressive occupation of the Palestinian people”. In The Netherlands it is especially “pension fund  ABP (which) still invests in three large Israeli banks that help fund and enable the colonisation of Palestine -- from financing construction projects on lands taken  illegally from Palestinians, to providing mortgages to the settlers who move in.” A.B.P. has agreed to meet AVAAZ, but they simply hide behind international law to go on financing the endlessness of this war. Their statement about their position can be found here: https://www.abp.nl/images/statement-abp_tcm160-166445.pdf   “That’s also the position of the Dutch government.” But meanwhile the campaign keeps growing and another AVAAZ campaign has started in the United Kingdom, which has been signed by more than 72,000 humans  already : Also “Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, in an exclusive article for Haaretz, calls for a global boycott of Israel and urges Israelis and Palestinians to look beyond  their leaders for a sustainable solution to the crisis in the Holy Land.” You can find his “My plea to the people of Israel: Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine” on the following websites of “Haaretz” (http://www.haaretz.com/opinion/1.610687) and  (http://www.haaretz.com/mobile/1.610687?v=66691173328C172D77ED27A198582751). Finally, North-America is changing its attitude a bit also, as can be read in  the article “Gaza Strip Crisis: US Suspends Hellfire Missile Shipment to Israel in Revised Arms Policy” by Jack Moore on the website “Yahoo! News UK &  Ireland”(https://uk.news.yahoo.com/gaza-strip-crisis-us-suspends-hellfire-missile-shipment-114211696.html#Pgl9R4X). And for those screaming immediately this is about anti-semitism. IT IS NOT! It is about the fact that all humans on Earth, not one excluded, are equally important  and there do not exist some humans who are more important than others. It is about the fact that all humans on Earth, not one excluded, have the right to live a long and pleasurable life. Let’s stop this pathetic killing of each other finally, just so some humans have more money than others and just so some humans have more  land and other possessions than others. And not only in Israel and Palestine, but worldwide. 19-08-14 A BILLBOARD WHICH MAY NOT BE IGNORED!   This billboard, featuring the explosive destruction of the North Tower, will stand directly outside The New York Times Building  throughout the month of September, including on the 13th Anniversary of 9/11. David Sanger, New York Times Chief Washington Correspondent stated on C-SPAN on December 22 2013: "We've not found any evidence so far to suggest that the building collapses were caused by anything other than the two airplanes." This led led to more  than 1,000 AE911Truth supporters contacting the Times and Sanger himself to say, "Clearly, you haven't been looking." And it led to a fundraising campaign of 30,000 dollars for the creation of this billboard and its placement from September 2 to  September 30 “just across the street from the Times Building and the Port Authority Bus Terminal” in New York. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) state: “We at AE911Truth are delighted to announce that we reached our $30,000 fundraising goal for the September 2014 New York  Times Billboard. We would like to thank the hundreds of people who contributed their hard-earned dollars toward this powerful and provocative  statement on the 13th Anniversary of 9/11. Together we are making it impossible for the public and the powers that be to ignore  the irrefutable evidence of controlled demolition at the World Trade Center on 9/11.” See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3WR6Bld0kc  http://us1.campaign-archive2.com/?u=d03bf3ffcac549c7dc7888ef5&id =2ef737874b&e=[UNIQID]  http://www.ae911truth.org/en/news-section/41-articles/908-coming-september-rethink911-billboard-to-rock-ny-times.html http://rethink911.org/news/coming-this-september-new-billboard-to-rock-the-new-york-times/ 08-08-14 U.B.I. (Universal Basic Income) discussed in column on "Volkskrant.nl" On Sunday, 03-08-14, Peter de Waard, editor at the Dutch MainStream newspaper "De Volkskrant", wrote a column at the opinion page of the website  "Volkskrant.nl". The title: "'Robots maken een einde aan de moderne slavernij'" (Robots end modern slavery). He stated amongst others: ...In order to avoid an international race to the bottom the basic income will have to take effect worldwide: universal basic income (ubi), in which the rich nations should  take the lead, as soon as they are done quarreling about geopolitical issues....  ...If every Netherlander would be guaranteed a basic income of on average 10 thousand euro - adults a bit more and children a bit less - it would cost the Treasury 170  billion euro. That is not even half of the national budget, which exists mainly of income transfers. The basic income would render child allowances, old age pensions,  unemployment benefits, welfare benefits, healthcare allowances, study alowances, allowances for artists (every artist also has a basic income), housing benefits and the  health insurance act obsolete. Also many tax deductions could be ended, because working humans too get a basic income...  De Waard mentions further philosopher Klaas Mulder, who advocates to reduce the working week to 15 hours a week. And he remarks that in the U.S. of North  America it has been proposed already "to ban wage labour as contrary to human rights". It is indeed time that we no longer work for third parties, who enrich themselves endlessly on us. But that we work for he first party, meaning ourselves, and with and  for the second parties, our fellow humans, our fellow Earthlings. To create together on a worldwide level a living together, a working together and a sharing together, without needsless violence and warfare. Look for instance at the step by step forcing towards war with Russia, by our so-called leaders, particularly those of the U.S. of North America, the nation who fights  each war as far away as possible from its own land and territory. And why? Because it has been financially bankrupt for decades already, and with all this warfare it  tries to push the rest of the world also further and further into bankruptcy. Today already many newspaper reports can be read about the fact that the sanctions  imposed on Russia will be at the expense of the European humans. The website "Nu.nl" states amongst other things the following:  Consequences sanctions imposed on Rusland as of yet incalculable The setting of severe economic sanctions against Russia by the European Union is tantamount to "jump in the deep end."  According to Louise van Schaik, researcher at the Clingendael Institute, Brussels he takes with that a big risk, because it is not easy to estimate what kind of damage  exactly will be caused by the measures for the own economy. Dutch companies too may expect hindrances of European sanctions on account of the Russian actions in the Ukraine.  ''The European Commission expects for this year 40 billion of damages for the European economy and 50 billion of damages for next year. But these are just rough  estimations. It is very difficult to predict what the psychological effects are among investors and with what kind of counter measures Russia will come'', Van Schaik says.  40 billion of damages this year and 50 billion of damages next year for the European economy. And who will again be the ones who will be paying the most, in the  forms of tax increases and abolition of deductions and all other money jugglery? The 99%. The 99%, who will blame the 99% of the Russians and the 99% of the  Ukrainians, this will be taken care of by the lying and deceiving of the by the 1% bought and monopolised MainStreamMedia, while it are the own so-called leaders,  who like sheep copy the politics of the 1% and of the U.S. of North-America, who are the cause. Will they too be worse off finacially? Or will they because of their  indeed really very great and heavy responsibility quietly be given extra salary raises and bonuses, next to the amongst others 300,- euro attendance money, they  receive each day, just to stimulate them to be actually present at their workplace? And for clarity, the same happens in the Ukraine and in Russia, after all, the sanctions are intended for them. So, the victims will be the 99% in Europe and in the  Ukraine and in Russia. Because as long as we let oligarchists and monopolists perpetrate land grabbing and theft of energy and raw materials, it will always be the  99% everywhere on Earth, who will pay for this. Pay in the form of lifelong slave labour or being murdered in the so-called necessary and therefore tolerated wars or other forms of violence. A Universal Basic Income can stop this lifelong giving away the bulk of one's own life energy and this useless destroying of each other for the enrichment of just a  few. Or as Peter de Waard states: Instead of for wages doing what a boss determines, humans should achieve their true life goals in co-operation.   See: http://www.volkskrant.nl/vk/nl/3184/opinie/article/detail/3710257/2014/08/03/Robots-maken-een-einde-aan-de-moderne-slavernij.dhtml http://www.nu.nl/vliegramp-oekraine/3840259/gevolgen-sancties-rusland-nog-niet-overzien.html http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20130625_053 http://www.politalk.nl/nieuws/europarlementariers-krijgen-e1392-pensioen-per-termijn-pensioenfonds-heeft-een-tekort/ 19-07-14 298 humans died in plane crash in the Ukraine - but is that all? While the facts of the plane crash on Thursday 17-07-14 are still unclear, the speculation about the disaster, in which 298 humans met their death, is already at full  speed. From a disaster to conspiracy and war rethoric. All standpoints have already been taken to be used as opposition against others. The government of the  United States of North-America for instance states already:  The American vicepresident Joe Biden says that the plane of Malaysia Airlines has been shot down. 'This was no accident, the plane was shot down.' The airplane with  298 passengers crashed Thursday afternoon in the Ukraine, close to the border with Russia. The Russian president Putin points to the government in Kiev. 'Without a  doubt the state on whose territory this happened is responsible'.  Internetreferentie (18-07-14) (my own translation):  http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20140717_01182835 “The Telegraph” reports amongst others: David Gleave, a former air accident investigator says that the downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17 over the Ukraine-Russia border, means the wreckage is in an  "insecure region".  ...this disaster comes just over four months since the disappearance of MH370 on March 8 2014. He called into question the future of Malaysian Airlines, suggesting that the drop in bookings following the loss of MH370 earlier in the year would be compounded by  the downing of MH17.   Internet reference (18-07-14):  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/10975008/Malaysia-Airlines-crash-Former-air-accident-investigator-says-Ukraine-Russia-tensions-could-  hamper-investigations.html  A report which comes down to “business as usual” by a Western MainStream-Medium.  And on the Dutch website “Niburu.co” everything already has been related to predictions, the devil and the imminent Third World War: In a matter of ten minutes America (NAVO) can completely destroy Moscow from a nuclear base in the Ukraine. In order to be able to prepare this in all peace so many  bombs must be thrown on the “terrorists” in the east, that they finally will get the message that they are not wanted by the by America installed government in Kiev and  will leave.  Internet reference (18-07-14) (my own translation):  http://niburu.co/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8151:2014-07-18-00-35-14&catid=20:het-complot&Itemid=33  Understandably all printed MainStream-papers in The Netherlands yesterday had as front-page news the disaster, in which also 154 Dutch humans died. But how  many Ukrainian people have been killed already or have been mutilated mentally and/or bodily for the rest of their lives, because of a situation in their country, co-  caused by the U.S. of North-America and co-caused by The Netherlands...? Ah well, that is, of course, only Them. And now it is Us. And nationalism and religious  zeal, of course, have precedence. And, of course, we may be anti-Ukrainian, anti-Russian, anti-islam, but, of course, we are not allowed to be anti-semitic, or for  that matter anti-American and anti-Dutch. We, of course, may not rejoice in the suffering caused to the relatives of the 298 killed passengers of flight MH17. The  Russians and the Ukrainians especially are, of course, not allowed to do this either. Some Israelis, of course, are allowed to do this, rejoice in the suffering caused  to others, as evidenced by a report of “The Independent” of Sunday 13 July: Israel-Gaza conflict: ‘Sderot cinema’ image shows Israelis with popcorn and chairs 'cheering as missiles strike Palestinian targets' An image that appears to show a group of Israelis on a hilltop cheering and applauding as they watch the deadly aerial bombardment of Gaza has caused international  outrage after it was shared by thousands on Twitter. Internet reference (18-07-14) (my own translation):  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/israelgaza-conflict-sderot-cinema-image-shows-israelis-with-popcorn-and-chairs-cheering-as-missiles-strike-  palestinian-targets-9602704.html  Whatever is the truth with regard to this last news item, the actual facts of July 15 for children in Gaza are according to “War Child” the following: Children are the victims As often is the case in war situations, children are the victims. As a result of 6 days of aerial bombardment and artillery fire:  - 36 Palestinian children are dead;  - 296 children are wounded;  - 940 families are homeless after their houses were destroyed;  - 66 schools have been damaged after the heavy attacks started. These are the official numbers of July 15 2014. Children are also at risk by unexploded mines and explosive remnants, especially when they search for well-beloved  things in the rubble of their destroyed home.  Psychosocial aid needed  It is estimated that approximately 25,300 children need psychosocial support now their houses have been destroyed, family members have been wounded or even have  been killed. But it is impossible to offer this aid because the aid workers can not move due to the continuing air strikes.  Internet reference (18-07-14) (my own translation):  http://www.warchild.nl/nieuws/gaza-onder-vuur?utm_source=popost&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=popost201407  Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese, Jews, Dutch, North-Americans, Romanians, Afghans... 99% of the humans on Earth have no need for war and for its horrible  consequences. It is time that the 1%, who uses them as labour slaves and cannon fodder, stops with the manipulation of nationalism and religious zeal to increase  their power and Earthly possessions, and that it starts showing the respect that rightly belongs to each and every individual human as an inhabitant of our planet.  01-07-14 SCIENTISTS DARING TO FANTASISE: PRINTING HUMANS ONTO OTHER PLANETS On May 29 the article: "Our Best Bet for Colonizing Space May Be Printing Humans on Other Planets" appeared on the website "Motherboard". It shows a few of the  ideas some scientists not only fantasise about, but also are already working on. Ideas like putting humans onto other planets by way of bacteria, by way of 3D-  printing devices and even by way of sending the human genome with radio waves into the vastness of space. Reading this as a layman, I fantasised and thought a  bit further about what this all entails for humanity. My first exploratory remarks can be read in the article: “Scientists daring to fantasise: Printing humans onto other  planets (With some exploratory questions, remarks and fantasies of a layman)”. See my page: Extra-Terrestrial. 10-06-14 BILLIONS OF NATO-DOLLARS UNACCOUNTED FOR Today on the website of the Dutch MainStreamMedium “Volkskrant.nl” the following article was placed: Billions of NATO-dollars unaccounted for  By: Robert Giebels, Nathalie Righton Billions of dollars are unaccounted for in the books of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Parliamentarians of 28 NATO countries have no idea how much  taxpayers money flows through the military alliance and whether it is spent legitimately, says the Dutch National Court of Auditors. This is due to an administrative  backlog of decades and abundantly marking expenditures as 'undisclosed'. Following is an English translation of a story in the Volkskrant. If you want to read the rest of the article: http://www.volkskrant.nl/vk/nl/2664/Nieuws/article/detail/3669607/2014/06/10/Billions-of-NATO-dollars-unaccounted-for.dhtml If you want an answer, maybe you will find it during the conference: “Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization - Connecting the Dots” which will be held on  June 28 and June 29 in Mateo, California. During this conference one of the topics will be: Where did the money go? Our program will include financial, historical and cultural analysis of the "Breakaway Civilization." That's the 1% of the 1% - the group  whose wealth is exploding.  We will discuss the system of hidden finance that put the American intelligence community in the role of  international bankers. Multi trillion dollar financial fraud and  market manipulations are actually mechanisms for financing the black budget programs and the privatized, centralized governance necessitated by high-tech  secrecy. To what extent are historical amounts of debt and  bailouts in the developed world, simply a financial mechanism to transfer wealth to a new "Breakaway  Civilization"?  For the programme see: http://www.secretspaceprogram.org/intro/ 05-06-14 WOODY HARRELSON'S POEM ON TODAY'S HUMANITY Woody Harrelson, amongst others known as bartender Woody Boyd in the North-American television series Cheers, is also an avid activist for a shift towards a  humanity, which lives on the principles of equality and proportionality. Woody Harrelson's vision on Today's Humanity can be read in his poem at my page: The  necessity of a Planetary Ethics.  Previous page  Up                   Next page Up