OLDER THOUGHTS 2011 - 2012 02-10-12 Why a basic income for every Earthling is possible - an example Between 21 and 32 trillion dollar is being kept hidden by capital extremists to avoid paying taxes. That is to say between 21,000,000,000,000 and  32,000,000,000,000 dollar. And that is what is being kept hidden! How much more money, which the 1% possesses and squanders, is directly visible? Let’s start from the 32 with 12 zeroes and do a small calculation. Let's share that amount for instance for 50 years, in the form of a basic income of 10,000 dollar per year per person. In that case one human would get for 50 years 50 x 10,000 = 500,000 dollar of basic income. Of this 32 trillion 32,000,000,000,000 : 500,000 =  64,000,000 humans would have a basic income for 50 year. 64 million humans! And, as stated, we only talk here about the hidden money. Suppose that the visible  money is 3 x as much, then 3 x 64,000,000 = 192,000,000, is 192 million, more humans can receive a basic income of 10,000 dollar per year. So that makes in total  256 million humans, who might lead a reasonable life almost lifelong. And no, capital extremists do not work more than other humans! That is the grossest lie, being  used to justify their addiction to capital! A different calculation: From this 32 trillion dollars 3,200,000,000 humans would have a basic income of 10,000 dollar for one year. That is 3,2 billion humans.  Almost half the humans now living on Earth!  See: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/jul/21/offshore-wealth-global-economy-tax-havens 28-08-12 The uselessness of the presidential elections of North-America In 2010 a 12 year old, North-American girl discovered that all presidents of North-America except one are direct descendants of a certain king John of England.  Something so-called historians and other experts in that field apparently could not. So why are the North-Americans again wasting millions of dollars with probably  electing yet another descendant of the so-called royal family of Great Britain? Would it not be wise to first of all check the genealogy of all those so-called fair to  elect presidential candidates and for once to refuse the descendants of certain bloodlines? Would it not be extraordinary if for once not one millionaire with a certain bloodline as background would be eligible? But perhaps a dishwasher, who for the first time ever can actually make the so-called American Dream come true? As  long as this does not happen, the presidential elections of North-America are completely futile and is the phrase “Land of the Free” ridiculous. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGrbJ4_jcc8  06-08-12 What is the essence of a human? What makes a human a human? What is the essence of a human? If everything of a human is replaceable, from his legs, his arms, his heart, his skin, his nose, his  eyes, his blood to his entire body. If everything is replaceable and exchangeable for “enhancement”. What then is the essence of a human? His self-consciousness? But according to the spiritualists we have to dissolve the ego as much as possible, throw it away. Because it's only in the way. And according to the materialists  consciousness and therefore self-consciousness is just a random by-product of the brain. What then is the essence of a human? Only this calculative and  manipulative 1 to 1.5 kilogram of brain mush? And even in this mush humans are already able to put microchips and since a long time already they have been  doctoring this mush chemically, electronically and otherwise. What remains that can be called the essence of a human? See amongst others: http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=21039  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2175374/Russian-research-project-offers-immortality-billionaires--transplanting-brains-robot-bodies.html?ito=feeds-  newsxml  http://whatwouldskepticsdo.blogspot.nl/2009/05/consciousness-is-byproduct.html http://vivi-mari.blogspot.nl/2009/07/dissolving-ego.html 07-07-12 WHICH COUNTRY AGAIN IS THE “AXIS OF EVIL”? The United States of North-America in 2011: 52% for Military Spending alone. And all those North-American middle classers just keep complaining and whining about Obamacare. Every human being is entitled to Health Care. Image as found on the website of Jeff Rense:  http://www.rense.com/  05-07-12 Higgs Boson It has been found. The Higgs Boson particle. The sub-atomic particle, which was missing in the so-called “Standard Model”, the model of the building blocks of  matter and particles, that convey the fundamental forces. The particle, that according to hard scientists gives mass to particles. And the particle, that should prove  the “Standard Model”. From he Canadian National Post website:  “Over the years, tens of thousands of physicists and billions of dollars have been thrown into the search, gradually narrowing down the mass range where it might exist. Two  CERN laboratories, working independently of each other to avoid bias, found the new particle in the mass region of around 125-126 Gigaelectronvolts (GeV), according to data  they presented on Wednesday. (...) What is the Higgs boson?  The Higgs boson cannot be seen but scientists believe it exists. Why? Because scientists also believe that something called the Higgs field exists and the Higgs boson is part of that  field.  Hmmm, so what’s the Higgs field?  The Higgs field is everywhere in space, or so scientists believe. Think of the Higgs field as oil and everything that passes through it is slowed down. Higgs bosons “stick” to  particles of matter, dragging on them — they give them mass.  If the Higgs boson can’t be seen, how do you detect it? You spend $4.4-billion building a 27-kilometre underground tunnel that provides work for about 10,000 scientists and engineers.”  Well, even the most hard scientists dare not state this as a 100% proven fact. And rightly so. Only two experiments with a possible result. And this after years of  research, billions of dollars of money and the time and energy of tens of thousands of humans. But this also means, of course, that again such an amount of money  and time and energy of tens of thousands of humans have to be spent to confirm again and again these two experiments. Because that is how the scientific method  works.  Strange that this Higgs field seems so similar to what in the past was known as the "ether". And that this “ether”, according to the hard scientists does not exist,  nonsense is, and that space is a vacuum. And strange, that although there exist literally hundreds of thousands of examples of Near Death Experiences, experienced by humans, and abductions by unknown beings, mostly by so-called Greys, experienced by humans, on these topics almost no time, energy and certainly not these amounts of money are spent, to as  seriously investigate this. And, of course, the same thing may happen to these two experiments, that happened to the experiments in 2011 of neutrinos that go faster than light. See: http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/07/04/higgs-boson-hunt-over-cern-scientists-at-large-hadron-collider-find-god-particle/ 29-05-12 There is more water on Europa than on Earth and SpaceX docks at the International Space Station Two internet news items of a few days ago: “There’s more water on Jupiter’s moon Europa than there is on Earth”. And: “SpaceX capsule docks at space station,  opens new era”. Now I am a strong proponent of space exploration by humans. It is the only way to go for us, to resolve many of our current problems. It turns out, for example,  more and more, that the universe that surrounds us harbours gigantic quantities of water. Such as the moon Europa of Jupiter. In the image below this is depicted  by the two blue-coloured spheres. Although the Earth is much larger than Europa, Europa contains probably 2 to 3 times more water in total volume than the Earth.  If it harbours life? That is the question. A question that is important for more than one reason. But it gives me great concern, when I read that a commercial industry: Space Exploration Technologies, also known as SpaceX, has docked its first unmanned  capsule on Friday 25 May at the International Space Station. I am a strong opponent of commerce in space exploration. Because what is a clique of capitalistic companies for instance going to do with that water on Europa? Or  who is it, who may visit the International Space Station and who may not? Which research will be done there, and which not? The relinquishing of space exploration  by all of humanity in the hands of a clique of extreme capitalists is very unwise. And we permit this already.  See: http://io9.com/5913104/theres-more-water-on-jupiters-moon-europa-than-there-is-on-earth http://ca.reuters.com/article/topNews/idCABRE84O0Q620120526?sp=true  11-04-12 EVERYTHING IS CALCULATION 10-04-12 The suggestive non-sense of triangular formations Again and again I am amazed by people, who with regard to three U.F.O.’s, so three unknown lights or objects in the sky, arouse the suggestion that it is  extraordinary that they form a triangle. That is pure non-sense. Three points can be seen by us in only two ways, as a line segment (all three points stand on one  straight line with regard to each other) or as a triangle (one of the points deviates from the straight line). So, suggesting the idea and the impression that a triangular formation is special, is ill-considered and misleading. It proves nothing about the nature of the lights or objects, in any way whatsoever. Indeed, three point on one  line, so forming a line segment, is even more special, because this will be seen by us less often. The chance of observing triangular formations is many times  greater. 27-02-12 From “The Quest for a Quantum Leap in Human Affairs” By Ervin Laszlo Ask yourself: do you believe that — - Everyone is separate and rightfully pursues just his or her own interest. - Life is a struggle for existence; only the fittest (meaning the wealthiest or most powerful) survives. - In the ruthless competition for fitness the ends justify the means. - The more money you have, the better you are (and very likely also the happier). - People owe allegiance only to one nation and one company—the rest are strangers and competitors. - If we want peace, we must prepare for war.  - Technology and efficiency are the answer, no matter what the question.  - For all intents and purposes the Earth is an inexhaustible source of resources and an infinite sink of wastes. - The environment can be engineered like a settlement or a highway to fit our needs and demands. See: http://www.worldshiftnetwork.org/action/background/article/8.html  23-02-12 DOES ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS EXIST? ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS exists there, where our human senses and the sensory extensions, which we as humans have been able to create, can no longer  perceive anything. This does not mean that there is nothing there. The question is even whether such a thing as the ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS exists. I do not  think so. In fact, humans nibble constantly away parts of that apparent ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS, as their knowledge and abilities to perceive reach further and  further. Maybe there will even come a moment when of the apparent ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS nothing will be left. Remember that it is humans, who invented  and introduced the zero. 16-02-12 CAPITAL EXTREMISTS AND THE TRICK OF GOOD CAUSES Millionaires and billionaires give generously to good causes. A brilliant way to improve their image. But understand, that with that, they are also the ones who  determine what is a good cause and what is not. And also, in this way, they manipulate world events in favour of their ideas, their opinions and their plans. They are  only capable to do this, because we, Earthlings, think that the capitalistic economy is the only way to go forwards. That leads to it that capitalists and capitalist  extremists exist. And that they as a minority can take away so much capital from the majority of humanity, that they cause the necessity of good causes in the first  instance. Then they give in second instance as kind-hearted, friendly and loving people magnanimous and generous, but also planned only to those good causes,  which they determine. In both instances it is them who limit the possibilities of most other Earthlings and determine the fate of humanity and the Earth. While in  another kind of world society these so-called necessary good causes would never have been necessary. 15-02-12 THE PETTINESS AND DISRESPECT OF CAPITAL EXTREMISTS IS LIMITLESS Is it not bizarre and petty that in all countries of the world it is possible to cut the wages of the least paid over and over again, but that nowhere in the world it is  possible to set a law prohibiting the possession of more than half a million? How pathetic and disrespectful are you if you are not willing to change this? 24-01-12 Life on Venus? Why not learn from each other via a worldwide website? Leonid Ksanfomaliti of the Space Research Institute of Russia’s Academy of Sciences published research that analyzed the photos from the Venus mission made by a Soviet landing probe, Venus-13, in 1982”, according to a small article titled: “Life Spotted on Venus - Russian Scientist”. On the basis of objects (a “disk”, “a black flap” and “a scorpion”), which appear and disappear, on certain photos, he has stated: “What if we forget about the current theories about the nonexistence of life on Venus, let’s boldly suggest that the objects’ morphological features would allow us to say that they are living”. The article ends with the sentence: “No data proving the existence of life on Venus, where the ground temperature is 464 degrees Celsius (867 degrees  Fahrenheit), has ever been found.” This last sentence gives alas, intended or unintended, as usual, information to discredit the idea of this scientist immediately. But first of all, what has not been found yet, can always be discovered still. Certainly at places like Venus, which barely have been investigated by humans. And secondly, that temperature? Not a problem at all! At least, according to another article on the website of The Daily Mail: “So how on Earth do you cook THIS?  The shrimp that lives in water four times hotter than boiling point.” “A new species of shrimp has been discovered living deeper than any seen before in the world's  most extreme deep sea volcanic vents. British scientists made the discovery while on an expedition to explore boiling undersea springs - which may be hotter than  450C - on the Caribbean seafloor. Would it not be an idea to make all the photos of all the Russian Venus probes available on the WorldWideWeb also, like Paul Davies and Robert Wagner of the  Arizona State University proposed last month with regard to the Moon pictures. Their idea is to search hundreds of thousands of photos for signs of visits by  extraterrestrials to the Moon by way of a “citizen science”-project. But amateur-eyes could not only look for this online, but also for other possible signs of life. And  not only on Moon photos. But also on all these other pictures, that have been taken already for more than 50 years of planets in our solar system. This takes place  already, though very random and arbitrary. For instance by many, who research the pictures taken by the Mars probes Spirit and Opportunity on the website of  N.A.S.A. But what is necessary for a thorough research, is a website, on which first of all all these pictures can be found in the highest possible quality, and  secondly on which they can be viewed by serious amateur-eyes and be annotated with question marks and “discoveries”, after which further investigation can take  place. Not only can this lead to new discoveries for scientists, but it is also a convenient way to learn worldwide from each other.  See among others: http://en.ria.ru/science/20120120/170865269.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2084764/Shrimp-lives-water-times-hotter-boiling-point.html  http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/dec/25/scour-moon-ancient-traces-aliens?CMP=twt_fd 16-01-12 In the beginning was not only the Word, there was also Wordplay. 13-01-12 Scientists believe nothing, until by pure chance they literally stumble across it. Then they call it a fact. And that may take a long time. 14-12-11 A simple question: Can human exist without an environment? 06-11-11 One advertising slogan, the capitalistic system likes to hide itself behind is the terminology “peaceful competition”. “Peaceful competition” does not exist, it is an oxymoron. 06-11-11 The Mainstream Multimedia: Advertising agency for the capitalistic oligarchies Especially the last two weeks particularly in Europe it has been proven again that there does not exist something as a democracy. All forms of government humanity  has known uptil now are oligarchies. Governments ruled by the few, by capitalistic elites, that think they know better. The majority of the population likes to believe  that too, because hey, maybe they will be millionaire someday too, or they are not curious enough to put energy and time to think about this, let alone to act on this.  In this way it is extremely easy for the advertisers of these elites, also known as the mainstream multimedia, to shout any advertising slogan all over the world, they  want to, which then are swallowed like hot cakes. An example is the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf”, which on november 2nd on its front page has the headline:  “Grieks bedrog tergt Europa” (“Greek deception taunting Europe”) and the sub headline: “Kabinet en Kamer onthutst door onverwacht referendum” (“Cabinet and  Parliament dismayed by unexpected referendum”). Let’s look at the advertising slogan: “Greek deception taunting Europe”. Who is “Europe”? If this is all citizens of  this so-called Union, so including the Greeks, than the very big question is how much of Europe really feels “taunted”, because in most so-called nations the  majority of the citizens want to get rid of Europe. Especially the citizens of Greece itself. Is there “deception”, if a government of a so-called democratic nation in  certain situations submits to the people the question of which path to follow by way of a referendum? No, there is deception to the Greek population and each  population within the so-called European Union when this democratic right may not be used. So “Europe” is an oligarchy and elite of capitalists, that think they know  better and on the basis of this may enrich themselves to unprecedented proportions, by imposing their will on country after country. Lastly, the biggest problem of the so-called European Union is, that within it not only the growing capitalism of the elitist rulers roams around, but also the capitalism  of one so-called country against the other so-called country. The citizens of the capitalistic countries, among them The Netherlands, under no circumstances want to decline in capital, rather they want an increase in their own capital. Understandable, as long as everything keeps being based on this form of sickening competition.  The citizens of the not (yet) capitalistic countries, as soon as possible want to make up the lag in capital. Understandable, as long as everything keeps being based  on this form of sickening competition. The citizens of both sort of countries in the so-called European Union therefore are a very easy target for the propaganda of  the elitist European oligarchy, cleverly orchestrated by their advertising agency: Mainstream Multimedia. I myself am a strong proponent of a European Union, as a next step towards an Earthly Union of People. But this may not be based on an oligarchic capitalism. It  has to be based on principles of proportionality and equality. Let Brussels start to work on this, in stead of on the perpetual enrichment of just a small elite. And let  all of these “objective”, “free” mainstream multimedia start to write thorough and independent journalistic articles about this, in stead of copying each others’ gossip  and in stead of continuing to play the advertising agency of the so-called democratic rulers (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GME5nq_oSR4&feature=player _embedded). But then, copying is of course much cheaper, and with that people like Rebekah Brooks can get paid around 2,000,000.- English Pounds as a  severance package, the equivalent of 100 people getting paid a year salary of 20,000.- English Pounds, and of 10 people getting paid 10 years a salary of 20,000.- English Pounds (see: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/nov/05/murdoch-phone-hacking-rebekah-brooks). 24-10-11 Being human I am a human. I know nothing of the Earth, on which and the Universe, in which I am born. I am dependent on others to explain this to me and to show me how to  make use of it, to be able to survive. The place on Earth I am born determines and limits, what is explained to me and what not, what is taught me and what not. And this makes me seem different than  any other human. But I am still a human, in fact no different than any other human. 14-10-11 Let me “debunk” something. The biggest ”hoax” is based on the fantasy that “some people have more responsibility than others”. 14-06-11 CO2 = P x S x E x C = INCORRECT, CO2 = S x E x C = CORRECT and mister Gates, your wish for a cheap, almost CO2-free source of energy is possibly fulfilled already, the E-Cat of Andrea Rossi CO2 = P x S x E x C or Carbon dioxide = people x services per person x energy per service x carbon dioxide per unit energy. A few remarks about above formula. It is currently apparently mostly Bill Gates, who promotes this formula to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide caused by  human beings, even to zero. First of all, according to me, the formula is incorrect. It should be shorter. Namely CO2 = S x E x C, in which the S stands for the total of services for all human  beings on Earth put together. Or Carbon dioxide = total of services for all human beings on Earth x energy per service x carbon dioxide per unit energy. The P  indicates correctly the idea that a reduction to almost zero can also be achieved by drastically reducing the world population. The situation before the Industrial  Revolution was in essence: Plants use CO2 and produce oxygen and sugar. And animals, amongst which humans, use oxygen and sugar and produce CO2. This is a more or less dynamic, natural balance, that has been undermined by nations that followed the way of the Industrial Revolution. Therefore in the formula humans  themselves, as natural beings, should not be counted. However, the services, that are offered to them or that they purchase during their entire life, should, as far as they have to do with carbon dioxide emissions.  It is with the Industrial Revolution that an enormous amount of energy became necessary for machines, from cars and refrigerators to each and every machine  needed by a factory. And this energy was and still is largely derived from fossil fuels only. And it is exactly with the combustion thereof, that an excess of CO2 is  released. So, the problem of an excess of CO2 has to do mainly with the behaviour and technologal advancement of the industrialised nations. Secondly, the above shows, that the problem lies with the use of fossil fuels as energy. If the C from the formula should not have to stand for CO2 per unit of energy, the problem should be solved too. Seeking opportunities of energy, not bound to the use of fossil fuels is a prerequisite and particularly a purely necessary task for  all people to accomplish. But that is precisely, what the large oil and natural gas multinationals are totally opposed to. At this moment wind farms and solar panels  are seen as the solution by Greenpeace and others. Also, because it may now finally have become clear that nuclear energy is too dangerous. But this kind of wind  and solar energy is nowhere near enough and does definitely not beautify our Earth. At the moment, though, a new form of energy is upcoming, which, if not  stopped, can be a major step forward in the solution to changing C into the by Gates wished for 0. Namely the E-Cat system by Andrea Rossi. Mister Gates, use  your energy and money on this, instead of all these unclear vaccines, of which you speak. 07-06-11 Why I call myself an Earthling and not Dutch? Amongst other things, because I don’t appreciate it, nor accept it, that people like Geert Wilders (a so-called Dutch politician) speak on my behalf. 14-04-11 I need to prove the believe, because I can not believe it. I need to believe the prove, because I can not prove it. 12-04-11 All seems to be about perpetual creation in our universe. In the case of Human (I) as Mean(S) this manifests itself as a constant re - creation of himself and his most closeby, own environment. But... why? And where is this re - creation going to? 11-04-11 When humans did not exist, did reality also not exist? When humans no longer exist, will reality also no longer exist? How self-centered can Human (I) as Mean(S) be? 27-03-11 CAN FANTASY TRANSCEND REALITY? 25-03-11 A homeless child, aged 10, dies in Romania. If she could have lived with her parents and could have attended school, at age 25, she would have become a female  Einstein. A child in an African country ruled by a dictator and his minions, dies at age 5 from hunger. Had he not been born in this region of the Earth, he would not have  starved to death. And he would have given us, fellow Earthlings, a new source of energy. A source of free energy, almost inexhaustible and completely safe. A girl, in a country ruled by a religion, focused entirely on the dominance of the males of us Earthlings, has no right to study. She is the one, who, with this  education, would have thought of a new and much faster way to travel through outer space. A 30-year old man in the United States of America loses his house and with that his job. He starts drinking. All this, because some Wall Street bankers need to have  a bonus of 1,5 million dollars a year, or else they simply quit their job for a better paying one. Because, hey, the entire economy thrives on them and them alone.  The man, was the one, who would have prevented a nuclear disaster at one of the more than a hundred nuclear reactors of these so-called United States. How much human life and talent do we keep wasting and destroying, because a few Earthlings see themselves as more important than billions of their fellow  Earthlings? 23-03-11 The main problem for Human (I) as Mean(S) (and maybe even for all beings) is his idea, that he is literally the centre of Everything. He can hardly escape this idea. It is both his blessing and his bane. 18-03-11 Human (I) as Mean(S) cannot exist without an environment. Can this environment exist without a larger environment? If so, narrowed scientists will call this a closed  system. A closed system or environment can only exist, when it is self-sufficient and sustainable. In other words, only when it is a perpetual motion machine like-  environment. This means also, that such an environment can only exist perpetually, if there is not one part in it, that disrupts the self-sufficiency, and with that the  sustainability. Like, for instance, Human (I) as Mean(S). In the other case a larger environment is available. Narrowed scientists will call this an open system. Possible disruptions from within the environment may be  alleviated, and in some cases even be solved by the larger surrounding environment. Human (I) as Mean(S) is fortunate that he lives in such a large universe. But what with his much smaller, necessary, close by environment, the biosphere of Earth? 12-03-11 HUMAN (I) AS MEAN(S) IS INEXTRICABLY BOUND TO HIS ENVIRONMENT 12-03-11 Narrowed scientists are people, who focus almost only on what they can experience with the senses of their body. And they don’t trust even most of these  experiences, until they are able to manipulate and repeat these experiences themselves, at will. They are the proverbial “doubting Thomas” of humanity. Their contribution to humanity is, that they try to gain power and control over the nearby environment of Human (I) as Mean(S) and the possibilities of Human (I) as  Mean(S) himself. So that the last can surround himself with a nearby environment that is as safe and enjoyable as possible. And so that the last can strengthen  himself in whatever ways possible, by whatever means possible.  Whether this is always the best way to follow and the best way to act? History shows us a lot of the pros and cons.  What becomes clear from history, is that the findings of the narrowed sciences need to be assessed by an ethics on a planetary scale. Why? Because humanity’s  influence on his environment has reached the scale of the entire Earth’s biosphere. Installing and using new findings of the narrowed sciences should no longer be  allowed, for instance, if they are only meant for the betterment of only one or a few countries, without regard of the consequences for the rest of humanity and the  biosphere. 09-03-11 Are thoughts subject to inertia? How else can it be explained, that it regularly takes time, before I can start to focus my thoughts on a specific topic? And that I often notice, that my thoughts  continue on a topic for some time, after I consciously try to use them for other activities? Previous page           Up