TOWARD A PLANETARY CIVILISATION (Energy, Environment, Human (I) as Mean(S), B.E.'S and a U.B.I.) Everything is Energy. Every human needs energy to live long and pleasurable from birth till death. This means B.E.'s (Breakthrough Energies or new sources of Energy) and a U.B.I. (an Unconditional Basic Income to divide existing and new Energy sources among humans equally) are the two ways to make real and righteous progress and to create a worldwide civilisation. Kees Deckers March 2014 In an earlier article: "Increasing Human Energy - Tesla's Philosophy of Energy and Humanity", published in the second edition of the new  quarterly magazine Pulse (Spring 2014) (internet reference: and on my website, I wrote about Nikola  Tesla's philosophy. According to me it shows us the three necessary ways along which to become a Planetary Civilisation, which may be called  the first civilisation on the Scale of Nikolai Kardashev, the Type I Civilisation. The Scale of Kardashev is a scale of successive civilisations based  on harnessing and usage of Energy. In this article I write about my own philosophy, which also has as its basis Energy and Humanity. But I add  a third building block too, the Environment. First I wil talk in short about these three building blocks. I will "freewheel" a bit with regard to them,  to show that they are the simple basic building blocks for each and every individual human, and therefore can be used to base a Planetary  Civilisation on. From there I will show how and why a Planetary Civilisation needs Breakthrough Energies (B.E.'s) and an Unconditional Basis  Income (U.B.I.), which are part of Tesla's philosophy too. Finally I will use Tesla’s article: "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy - With  Special References to the Harnessing of the Sun's Energy", which appeared in the Century Illustrated Magazine of June 1900 to support my own  ideas and philosophy. In short, the three basic building blocks necessary to keep ourselves and our most direct Environment, planet Earth, in balance are Energy,  Environment and Humanity. And this subsequently and logically demands for B.E.'s and a U.B.I. The three basic building blocks for a Planetary Civilisation  A basis to think, feel and act from for all of humanity and for each and every individual human can be very simple. It needs only three building  blocks. Building blocks every human knows and understands wherever and under whatever circumstances she lives. They are Energy,  Environment and for humans the most important one, themselves. The first two I will write with a capital letter in this article, the last I will call  Human (I) as Mean(S).  To start thinking, feeling and acting from each of these building blocks let I ask a simple question about the first two: Energy and Environment,  and give a definition of the third: Human (I) as Mean(S).  About Energy: Is there anything, anything at all that does not consist of Energy? About Environment: Can any human live in any way whatsoever without an Environment?  About my term Human (I) as Mean(S). It stands for: 1. Human experiences herself as a part of and as apart of the seeming infinity of the  universe, of the Total Reality, of her Environment; 2. Human feels herself the midpoint or mean of Everything; 3. Human is her own means, her  own instrument from which to research and measure literally Everything.  It can be stated further, that the building blocks Environment and Human (I) as Mean(S) not only consist entirely of the building block Energy,  but that both also are completely and inextricably intertwined with each other through this building block, from which literally Everything comes  forth. Schematically it can be put like this:  Figure 1. - The three building blocks for a Planetary Civilisation: Energy, Environment and Human (I) as Mean(S) From these three building blocks all of the complexity of our everyday human life and existence comes. They also are really all we need as basis  to philosophise, think, fantasise, feel, act, create and build from to achieve a Planetary Civilisation. To achieve anything at all, truth be told.  A bit more about Human (I) as Mean(S)  My term Human (I) as Mean(S) explains how each and every individual human experiences throughout his life that Everything exists of himself  plus All-else, that which surrounds him. First of all human discovers that he is a part as well as apart of Everything. He discovers too that All-  else is so large that he can not find the boundaries of it. He finds out that he is no more than an extremely small point in the vastness of All-  else, which he calls the universe. Even compared to our Earth he is very small. But at the same time he finds out that many other phenomena  are extremely small in comparison to him. These experiences plus the experience of self, of I (that which is him), being all of the time literally  surrounded by All-else (that which is not him), leads him to thinking and feeling he is the MidPoint of Everything, the Mean. It leads to it that he  measures All-else from himself and uses himself as the Means to try to understand All-else and himself. Thus, it leads logically and naturally to  an anthropomorphic view of reality. A reality viewed from Human (I) as Mean(S).  Figure 2. - Human (I) as Mean(S) surrounded by All-else The main problem of Human (I) as Mean(S) in life is how to live as long and as pleasurable as possible. For this it is necessary to understand  himself and everything that surrounds him. What is safe to eat, to drink, to be and to live in? What not? How can it be made more safe, more  pleasurable, more durable? And so on. The answers to everything Human (I) as Mean(S) thinks and feels about and acts on with regard to  himself and All-else lie in the basic building blocks: Energy, Environment and how Human (I) as Mean(S) uses these.  A bit more about Environment  The English Wikipedia states about Environment: Environment is the sum total of all surroundings of a living organism, including natural forces and other living things, which provide conditions for development and  growth as well as of danger and damage. Living things do not simply exist in their environment. They constantly interact with it. Organisms change in response to  conditions in their environment. The environment consists of the interactions among plants, animals, soil, water, temperature, light, and other living and non-living things.  Internet reference (01-03-14):  Closely related words are for instance: Circumstance (that which stands or moves around you) and surroundings (that which is over, above or in addition to yourself there). A simple example of how humans perceive their Environment at different points in their life is how a lot of children think and feel about it at one  time. They state that they live in their Parents House, in Just-A-Street, in SomeTown, in the Province of Somewhere, in the Country of Folk, on  Earth, in the Solar System, in the Universe, in… Well, today they will probably add the Multiverse. Most children, probably all, at some point in  time have this view about what they live in, about all that is around them. It is only later on, that they will start to define, determine and limit  their Environment. Mostly because of what is taught them by their upbringing, their education and their work, which all put boundaries, borders,  rules and regulations on what is "normal" with regard to what to believe their Environment is and how far it extends outwards from them. Which  is for instance the smallness of a so-called nation or very often an even smaller Environment, like a city or a village. You are expected to be a  Netherlander. Or a Chinese. A roman catholic. Or a protestant. An atheist. Or a new-ager. And so on. This defines what your Environment is, and what not. We are simply "put in our place". And most of us stick to it. But still, each and every human being on Earth, wherever he lives and however he limits and determines himself and his "chosen" Environment,  has these three basic building blocks in common: Himself, his Environment and Energy. In fact, every existing life form has these basic building  blocks in common, from a salp to a dog to an umbellula to an ebola virus to an extremophile to a lifeform elsewhere in the universe.  An Environment exists of Energy. Depending upon the kind of Environment from just a few to very many sorts and kinds of Energy. One  Environment may need more continuous Energy exchanges to take place to be able to exist than another. As it is stated in the English Wikipedia article about Environment: "The environment consists of the interactions among plants, animals, soil, water, temperature, light, and other  living and non-living things". Or better put, all things in an Environment are Energy in certain forms, which need other Energy forms to exist  and which therefore exchange Energy to exist. And depending on the way they do this, there is a balance in an Environment, so it keeps existing longer. Many Environments seem in the eyes of humans very transient, others seem to exist forever, like our universe. Humans themselves are an Environment too. They are for instance an Environment for about 10 trillion (10,000,000,000,000) human body  cells, and for about 100 trillion, 10 times more, bacteria. Their skin is more or less the boundary of the Environment they are themselves. But  Human (I) as Mean(S) has understood a long time ago that her body Environment is fragile and that she can make it more safe by putting on  and creating extra boundaries or layers of "skin". Or put differently, by surrounding herself with other safer Environments. As a second boundary and Environment for her body Environment she has started to wear and make clothing. The house Human (I) as Mean(S) lives in is in a way a  third boundary and skin to protect her body Environment. It has become an Environment which she augments by gathering all kinds of creature  comforts in it, so she can live more safely and more pleasurable, and therefore longer. It could be stated that Human (I) as Mean(S) is in fact  enlarging her own Environment, her own body. She is in a way creating extensions of her own body. Or she at least is trying to re-create her  direct surroundings and Environment into one which is as safe and as pleasurable as possible for herself. But at the same time with that she is  disbalancing the existing Environment and surroundings by replacing it more and more with her own one, from clothing, to a house, to a city, to  an industrial nation and so on. And from a non-human-made Environment (called biological and nature) to a human-made Environment (called  technological and culture).  A bit more about Energy What Energy is no human knows exactly. Richard Feynman, a theoretical physicist, stated it thus: "It is important to realize that in physics  today, we have no knowledge what energy is. We do not have a picture that energy comes in little blobs of a definite amount." (internet  reference (03-08-13): A part of science called ThermoDynamics states about energy that it can  neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. And if we look at all the kinds and forms of Energy humans discriminate, the number  seems endless. To name a few: Kinetic energy, thermal energy, radiation, chemical energy, spirit, prana, ki, oil, gas, nuclear energy, zero point  energy, matter, antimatter, electromagnetic energy, gravity, sound, low energy nuclear reactions and so on. And this is what all non-living and  all living nature in our universe comes from and thrives on.   In other words Human (I) as Mean(S) and his entire Environment consist of the ceaseless and endless changing of a phenomenon called Energy.  But not only by the constant changing of form, also by a constant exchanging of Energy and Energy forms. With it entire Environments and all  life forms (Environments too) are built. Energy creates endless amounts and sorts of Environments, which exist solely of the endless forms it  can assume and maintain. As some physicists state, the multiverse could be a cauldron of endless into existence popping and bursting  universes. Thinking a bit further we could even state that every Environment from virtual particles, to atoms, to the E-Coli bacterium, to Human  (I) as Mean(S), to the Solar System, to a galaxy, to the universe pops up for a fraction of time, like flowers blossoming out of their buds and  dying out again. In a figure it looks like this:  Figure 3. - A few Environments built out of Energy (not to scale) The question for Human (I) as Mean(S) is: Is there a way to exist as long and as pleasurable as possible? Even maybe seemingly forever? I  think there is. To achieve an as long and as pleasurable life for each and every individual human means to become as a humanity one Planetary  Civilisation. A Planetary Civilisation, which learns to understand Energy and the balancing of many Energy forms, so Human (I) as Mean(S) can  create an Environment which resembles as close as possible a perpetuum mobile, made up of non-human-made Energy forms and of human-  made Energy forms. Such a Planetary Civilisation, being able to harness and balance the direct Environment of Energies of Earth, may be called  a Type I Civilisation. It is what Nikola Tesla was thinking about too in his philosophy. And he came with three ways to reach that goal, and so to  Increase Human Energy.  Up Next page