HAPPY ENERGY - WUBBO OCKELS On May 18 Wubbo Ockels died. Wubbo Ockels was amongst others physicist, pilot and cosmonaut (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wubbo_Ockels). One of his last messages to all of us, to all of Humanity, dates from January 31 2014. It is a message about Energy. About our Environments  Earth and the Universe. And about us, all of Humanity. It is a message about Global Ethics, about Sustainability, about Life and about  Consciousness. It is a message about changing our consciousness so we will start seeing and understanding that we can only keep existing, if  we not only live together and work together as one Humanity, but also share together as one Humanity. Energy, Environment and Humanity are the three basic elements, which should be part of our growing and evolving Consciousness and which  should be part of a Global Ethics for us, Humans (I) as Mean(S) and for our place in All-else.  This is his message: HAPPY ENERGY - THE MOVEMENT FOR A SUSTAINABLE EARTH AND US: HUMANITY Wubbo Ockels 31 January 2014 It is enough, we have gone too far !!! The Industrial Revolution has brought us in an unwanted state, we bulldozed through nature, we ruin our  life support. We need to stop, we need to change, we need to choose another path, we need to update our lives and our ways of doing business. Let us welcome The Human Age. Let us stop the destruction of the Earth; the destruction of the humankind; in fact of us. Let it be clear to all  Humanity; to every individual. We need to find a new attitude, a new culture, anew mindset, a new unification of Humanity, for our survival.   The problem is that Humanity needs to find a sustainable balance with its environment, with our home the planet Earth and its Nature. The  answer is a new global awareness of Humanity, Nature and Earth as an inseparable entity. Humanity is the people, Humanity is carried by the  people. Only if we believe in our individual role to make Humanity sustainable we will survive and we can survive.  We are not bees who unconsciously build a bee colony. Individual bees that are not aware of their holistic community and its behavior. We are  not neurons that are not aware of that they altogether think. No, we are intelligent beings that indeed can see and observe the behavior of our  community. We are well aware of where our Humanity is heading. We can lead Humanity into a better direction if we act together. With a new  believe in Humanity we can create a new religion that brings us all together.  There are many Religions who get people together, but never all people. The different gods in whom people believe do separate Humanity into  groups of people. This separation has led to many conflicts and even wars. These religions do not unify humanity with the earth. They were not  sustainable. But if we believe in the holistic Humanity we will have no conflicts because we will be inseparable. We all belong to this one  Humanity, we can all believe in Humanity, in this same "higher power". The big difference with existing religions is that we can believe in the All  of our selves. The God of humanity is in each of us. This God is not outside of us. We cannot hide behind this God because it is us. We cannot  exclude ourselves from our responsibility for all of us. Believing in Humanity itself is a different mindset. A mindset that has evolved from the enlarged perspective that we have reached in the last  decades. An awareness of where we are and what the Earth means to us and what our beings bring to our environment. The close connection of humankind and Earth. Our dependence of nature, of the earth has become more and more clear. The necessity to preserve that earth and its  nature has become more and more an urgency. Space flight has held a mirror in front of us of Humanity. We really see now where we are: On a  beautiful planet, with unequaled life support. An Earth of which we cannot live without. An Earth which has no spare. We are all Astronauts of  Space Ship Earth. Partitioning Humanity in different groups with different and often conflicting interests has undermined sustainability. Small groups have taken  the profits while large groups have suffered. The partitioning has led to unfairness, to unjustified selfishness. Our economic rules are in that  perspective wrong. Enterprises can and have initiate activities with large scale implications in the future while not taking the corresponding  responsibility. Like the oil industry and the development of nuclear power. The cost of climatic change and weather related disasters and nuclear waste and  nuclear disasters are carried by the society, by its tax payers… International companies have reaches such an enormous size that their power  surpasses all national boundaries and thus also national governments. Our so treasured democratic systems have no role to play in their game.  We, humanity are victim to the few who have the power, while they do not take the responsibility of the consequences of their actions. We lack  global ethics.  Our financial system has developed into an uncontrolled power that supports only a few rich people. Decisions in trading are taking place on an  unhuman scale of milliseconds. Moneys provided to enterprises via stock market have no face. Often it is intraceable where the funds come from  and where the profits go to. No responsibility or ethics can be expected in such a system in contrast to old family business. The general person  cannot trust anymore banking. One scandal after the other surfaces. It seems that we, the people, have no power and no authority to change  the financial system. The solution is unification into the one entity that we are: Humanity of Earth.  Apart from the necessity to start acting as one Humanity with one goal to survive, we as individuals, will reach a better life in doing so. When  acting in support of Humanity life itself, life of every one of us, becomes more meaningful. We will feel the comfort of this meaning, we have a  better answer to the why we live.  The purpose of life is to sustain life. That is why we make offspring. We need to help Humanity in reaching the necessary balance with its  environment. The production of offspring is led by our sex drive, a very powerful drive that is not only expressed by lust and pleasure but also  by hope and future. Our believe in and support of Humanity gives the pleasure of existential meaning, a feeling of satisfaction that could be  even more powerful than sex. This feeling is expressed in Happy Energy. Happy Energy is the human energy perceived when making the right  choice.  The new Happy Energy religion and its believe in Humanity starts now. It is the answer to the unsustainable Industrial revolution. It is our  individual responsibility to expedite the transition. We need to adapt the right mindset. It is urgent. Enough technology is already there allowing  for a sustainable Humanity, Nature and Earth. Our will is the key. The believe in Humanity will give this will. Our Happy Energy religion will make us express our will. This religion needs to get  its form. We need to make and establish our symbols, rituals, art, gatherings to express our believe in Humanity. All our media and  communication-tools need to be used. In particular the youth need to be addressed. They are the future; they want to enjoy Nature and Earth  too. Their idols play an example role. Festivals can radiate the new massage. Songwriters can make the right words and sentences that touch  their hearts. Let each of us help to shape our religion. Let each of us express their believe in a sustainable Humanity. The commandments of the Happy Energy believe in Humanity:   1. Humanity is inseparable   2. Humanity's goal is to survive 3. Humanity needs the Earth and Nature 4. Our goal is to support Humanity and thus the Earth and Nature 5. We need to respect anyone who exercises that goal 6. Everybody is connected with anybody via Humanity   7. Everyone is connected with Nature and the Earth 8. We are all Astronauts of Space Ship Earth 9. Those who disrespect others, will disrespect Humanity 10. Humanity, Nature and the Earth are inseparable   Up