ASGARDIA - YET ANOTHER DIVIDE-AND-RULE-THE-99%-NATION (about symbolism, "lekkermakertjes" and "zoethoudertjes") Kees Deckers January 8 2017 On November 3 last year, an article appeared on the website "MailOnline", entitled: "Is 'Asgardia' a plot by the ILLUMINATI? Conspiracy  theorists claim the space nation will be used 'for mind control and evil purposes'" (  Asgardia-plot-ILLUMINATI-Conspiracy-theorists-claim-space-nation-used-mind-control-evil-purposes.html). It was the first I heard and read  about "Asgardia". So, I decided to delve a bit deeper into what it is, why it is being called a "space nation" and why some humans think it is not  to be trusted. It led to the following thoughts, based on the "MailOnline" article, of which I will use only the title, the summary points and a  point-by-point text block, to which I added numbers as points of reference (see below). And based on information which can be found on the  website "Asgardia - The Space Nation" ( and the press release on the website "Science World Report". In this article I will not state that the "conspiracy theorists" are right. Neither will I state that they are wrong. This article is about symbolism,  the unwise idea to create yet another divide-and-rule-the-99%-nation and about "lekkermakertjes" and "zoethoudertjes" and some of the other  strategies used to finance the project and to make many humans believe in yet another "promised land".  I use the Netherlands words "lekkermakertje" and "zoethoudertje" in this article, because to me personally they state more clearly the real  meaning than the English translations. The first is sometimes translated as teaser or enticement. The latter as a sop. The meaning behind both  words or symbols has to do with keeping humans acquiescent, gullible and trusting the words and deeds of others, and thinking and believing  that the story will end well, as long as they obey others and take what little they are offered by others. Is 'Asgardia' a plot by the ILLUMINATI? Conspiracy theorists claim the space nation will be used 'for mind control and evil purposes' A. The Asgardia project plans to create a protective shield for humankind B. The project will kick off with the launch of a satellite in August next year C. But conspiracy theorists claim it is a plot by the Illuminati to take over D. They say the Eye of Horus used by Asgardia is an Illuminati symbolism By Shivali Best - Published: 3 November 2016  About symbolism (01, 02 and 10)  In the "MailOnline" article so-called "conspiracy theorists" are mentioned. They claim that the Eye of Horus, used in an artist's fantasy of some  kind of space device in a Low Earth Orbit on the front page of the website of Asgardia, which seems to be ticking away time, proves that the  group of humans behind this idea and project are illuminati.  For clearity I have coloured the Eye of Horus purple. On the website it is almost of the same grey as the circles it revolves around. The Eye of Horus (a hieroglyph created by humans of Egypt) has, like the Swastika, the Ankh and many other symbols, been taken over and  used and abused time and again by different small or large groups of humans throughout history. The symbol is no less and no more than that  humans wave with little nationalistic flags at their so-called leaders of their so-called nations, than that humans sing nationalistic anthems, than  that humans want to see (a corpse nailed to) a cross hanging in christian churches and households and than that they call themselves very  proudly patriots. Each of these symbols can be stated to be used for "the good of all" of the group, but as easily can and will be abused for the  "good" or is it "evil of the few" of the group. For most humans symbols have no more meaning than to use them to belong to and be part of some group and/or to rebel against another  group. The most famous "rebellion" is the ever returning one between so-called adult humans and adolescent humans. Wearing gothic apparel,  tattoos, leather jackets, punk hairdo's or psychedelic clothing are some examples. Other symbols are favourite soccer club shawls and shirts,  three-piece suits, yarmulkes and colourful school ties, but also having long hair, long beards, being clean shaven, bald and/or any other form of  hair style. Wearing brand name clothing, because they are expensive, is yet another. These symbols have for one human a very important  meaning, while for another it is just a way to get close to one or some humans they like or even idolise and/or because they want to have the  feeling to be somehow more connected to (a group of) humans, they think and feel are important. Still others just like the form and colour of  the symbol itself, while still others yet simply profit from making symbols like logos, lifestyle and fashion trend symbols, and so on. And then  there are, of course, also symbols, which some humans force other humans to wear, to set them apart obligatory and according to so-called  laws, so they can be abused on the basis of these symbols. Humans themselves can be turned into symbols too, even to the degree that they become idolised and/or declared holy. An idol is an image or other material object representing a deity to which religious worship is addressed or any person or thing regarded with admiration, adoration, or  devotion.  Internet reference (22-12-16):  So, if you talk about symbols being used as false flags, there are incredibly many. We all use them ourselves at one time or another. Fact is that, the use of symbols, on the basis of which humans draw boundaries between themselves and other humans, does never contribute to the  progress of humanity, but will always lead to divide and rule.  As an aside. What to think about two of the most used and abused symbols of all? Father and Man. Patriotism, patriot, paternalism, "holy  father" the pope, priest and so on, mankind, "founding father". All symbols for male human chauvinism, which have been used and abused so  long already and are so deeply ingrained into the brains of humans, that they indeed can be called mind control. The same, by the way, also  goes for Son. All abused to make believe that male humans are better than female humans and therefore need to be exalted above the latter. Take for instance the "fact" that the god of the moslims, jews and christians is a male. It pushes beyond any doubt that every female is less  important. Even to the degree that the female human is only made as a help for that very important male human. That is stated in the fairy  story of Adam and Eve, where it is told that Eve was only made, after Adam was not interested in all other animals that his god paraded  before him to take up that job. And the story is even worse. Eve, the first female is made out of part of the body of the male Adam. This is to ensure that the male human is also more important than the female human with regard to the propagation of humanity. Although female  humans are the ones who give birth to all other humans, the first female human, and with that all of humanity, must be "born" from the very  important male human. Ever heard of "founding mothers"? Ever used the term matriot and matriotism? The words do exist. Like motherland.  But how often are they really used? And why not use "humankind", instead of "mankind"? Fan(atic)s of the Star Trek Saga should know that  at the end of the movie "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" and in the series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" the phrase "to boldly go where no man has gone before" was changed into "to boldly go where no one has gone before", which for once really was a step forward for  humankind (and, of course, a step backward for mankind). But how many really use "no one" instead of "no man"?  Now, why is it that the so-called "conspiracy theorists" mentioned in the "MailOnline" article only talk about the Eye of Horus as a symbol of the  illuminati? How come they do not look at and explain the symbolism of the word and name of this so-called new nation: "Asgardia"? Could it  simply be that today's fashion trend is simply to only look for "illuminati", "freemasonry" and "satanic" symbolism, which according to so-called  "conspiracy theorists" very often is "hidden in plain sight"? And could it be that the non-"conspiracy theorists", like so-called national and  international leaders in science, godbeliefs and politics and the so-called MainStreamMedia, with even the help of some of the so-called  Alternative Media, simply use and abuse the beliefs of the "conspiracy theorists" to further their own agendas? How many humans know, that  both so-called illuminati and freemasons have simply been vilified by so-called christians, for hundreds of years already? And that it is really  only all about "us or them", whoever the "us" and whoever the "them" are: Montagues or Capulets, christians or moslims, jews or moslims, the  Jets or the Sharks, adults or children, US (U.S.) of North-America or them (aliens), and so on? So, it is not really about the used symbols, whatever they may look like. To put it differently by a simple paraphrase: What's in a symbol? It is,  though, about what is meant with and what lies behind the symbols and/or what some humans think and believe and/or want others to think  and believe is behind the symbols. Behind every symbol of every group of humans can in fact be found the exact same reason for them. The  reason, being used by mainly "men", is to keep some humans more important than others. Symbols are part of creating and maintaining  boundaries. Boundaries to keep most humans outside of the group and boundaries to keep the humans within the group in their place, based on hierarchy. That hierarchy is symbolised by the pyramid.  I will mention here only two examples of the hierarchy of the pyramid. One is the so-called capitalistic castes-pyramid. The other is called the  pyramid of "the nuclear family":  The so-called "nuclear family" is propagated as much as possible as the only kind of family humanity should live in. Why? Because it can be  abused so nicely as the so-called "cornerstone" of the capitalistic castes-pyramid-system and the so-called nations, in which everyone is taught  from the day they are born, how they will later on will have to bow to "founding" and other "fathers" and other males.  Because, as may be clear from the above, literally all symbols are suspect, it is more important to look at what humans, who use them, really  want to achieve with them. So, what does the small group of scientists and experts and their "founding father" want to achieve with their idea  and for whom? About the symbolism of the name Asgardia (C., D., 01, 02 and 10)  In his "Concept "Asgardia - the Space Nation"" "father" Igor Ashurbeyli starts thus: "The project's philosophy starts at selecting the name for  this new country - Asgardia. In ancient Norse mythology, Asgard was a city in the skies, the country of the Gods". So, the name "Asgardia" has been derived from the name "Asgard". Asgard is one of the 9 worlds, which are mentioned in the Norse cosmogony and mythology. In one  picture these 9 worlds (to wit: Asgard, Alfheimr, Midgard, Svartalfheimr, Helheimr, Niflheimr, Múspellsheimr, Vanaheimr and Jötunheimr) are  depicted thus: Internet reference (05-11-16): By the way, for those humans, who like to live in a cosmogony and cosmos with a flat Earth, there is another depiction of these worlds, which  can be found on the same Wikipedia page. The middlemost world is called Midgard. It is the place where humans live and many humans will know it also as Middle Earth, as used by  Tolkien in his "Lord of the Rings". Asgard is the world that stands in the zenith (the point of the heavens directly overhead of any human at any  place on Earth) and it is the place where the goddesses and gods live. Helheim is the world that stands in the nadir (the point of the heavens  directly underneath of any human at any place on Earth, so it is the opposite of the zenith). Looking at the word Midgard, we could state that it  stands for the mid(dle) gard(en). And that the English, German and Netherlands words "Earth", "Erde" and "Aarde" could have been derived  from it:  Internet reference (28-12-16): Literally speaking, though, while "Asgardia" will be in the zenith of many humans on Earth, it will at the same time also be in the nadir of many  other humans. At least, if you do not believe and live in a cosmos with a flat Earth. And symbolically speaking, we could state that the "founding  father" and his team of scientists, want to create the world of the gods (and also the goddesses?) to protect the humans below them, on Earth. But a justified question is then: Will they also declare themselves to be literally those gods? And if we would look and think a bit further, we could also believe that part of the name "Asgardia" could have to do with "to guard". We can, of  course, conclude that this is simply a coincidence. And we can, of course, also conclude that this too is a symbol "hidden in plain sight". How  easily can the so-called protective shield, which "Asgardian" experts say they are going to create (09) for the "good of all" of humanity be used  and abused only for the protection and defense of the so-called "first space nation" itself against some or all other so-called nations on Earth.  On the website of "Asgardia - The Space Nation" "founding father" Igor Ashurbeyli already stated in his "Igor Ashurbeyli's Address to  Asgardians" of November 12 2016: 11. During its very short history, Asgardia has already suffered from several attacks - cyber ones as well as attacks on its reputation. There have also been cases of  pressure, threats and blackmail attempts on our phone lines and social media. I am declaring that Asgardia is a peaceful nation - but a strong one. We will protect planet  Earth from space threats, but we will also not compromise in protecting Asgardia and our citizens to the fullest (underlining by me, K.D.). Internet reference (28-12-16): Some questions and remarks: Has "Asgardia" already a reputation? "Father" Ashurbeyli tries to make the readers believe this, also he tries to  make his readers believe that it is a positive one. How can he, "Asgardia" does not even exist yet? And can he, as only one human, "declar(e)  that Asgardia is a peaceful nation - but a strong one"? And why does he already need to use a euphemistic war cry threat to make clear that  "we will also not compromise in protecting Asgardia and our citizens to the fullest"? Does this sound trustworthy and positive? Finally, why have the so-called "conspiracy theorists" not objected about (points 04 through 07, which point strongly to) the possibility that this  could be a revival of the "technocracy movement" trying to create a technocracy?  The technocracy movement is a social movement which arose in the early 20th century. Technocracy was popular in the United States and Canada for a brief period in the early 1930s, before it was overshadowed by other proposals for dealing with the crisis of the Great Depression. The technocrats proposed replacing politicians and  businesspeople with scientists and engineers who had the technical expertise to manage the economy. (underlining by me, K.D.). Internet reference (22-12-16): A movement, which by the way, (ab)used this symbol as their logo: But, I guess, it is easier to look for symbols "hidden in plain sight", than to read information and think further than that. So, again, what is really behind the symbolism of the name "Asgardia" and the use of the Eye of Horus? Up Next page