Up TWO HIGHWAYS TOWARDS FREE ENERGY PRODUCTION Kees Deckers February 2011 Energy is the only thing that always was, always is and always will be. Sounds ridiculous? Even the first law of thermodynamics, better known as the “Law of conservation of energy”, states that energy can not be  destroyed and... can not be created. It is a law that is maintained relentlessly and dogmatically by narrowed scientists. Only transformation of  energy can take place.  If the above is true, it is impossible to have a shortage of energy ever for us Earthlings. On account of two reasons:  1. If we can discover the right kind of cyclic system of energy transformations, then the energy “used up” by us, could be constantly  transformed again into for us usable energy. This is what is called a perpetuum mobile. According to the narrowed sciences though, such  a system is impossible. Amongst other things based on the other laws of thermodynamics. Is this truly so? My answer is no. In fact  there already is a system that works like this or at least comes close to it. The cycle of nature.  A cyclical subsystem on Earth, the carbon cycle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_cycle) 2. At the same time we find ourselves in an unbelievably large universe. This universe itself may possibly be part of a bizarre larger  multiverse. The existence of the latter is increasingly accepted as a fact by narrowed scientists. How much energy is crammed in just  one atom? How many atoms are there in the universe? And how much energy exists outside our universe, in the multiverse?  A small example of the size of the universe around us (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEheh1BH34Q) If we, as Earthlings, want to reach the level of a Type I Civilisation, it is important above all else to discover how we can transform and use  energy regardless of the laws of thermodynamics. And in what way we can start using the energy that lies for the taking just outside our  planet. We should have the guts to think outside-of-the-box of the narrowed sciences. These are the two highways for literal free energy production. Not only the narrowed sciences, but also the institutes like state, religion and  industry should start working together to find answers along these highways on an Earthly scale.  Finally, it is essential that ideas and developments on these highways take place on the basis of a planetary ethics. That means, we as  Earthlings should not only understand, but also operate from the fact that everyone and everything depends on each other. The destruction of  a sub-environment and of the nature in that sub-environment, on Earth as well as beyond, in the end only leads to the destruction of our  entire living space and environment, at this moment the Earth.