THE SENSE AND NONSENSE OF “INDIGO CHILDREN” (Or: An example of the waking up out of the narrowed ideas of capitalistic industrial civilisation) Kees Deckers March 2013 So-called new-age and spiritualistic believers think that new generations of children are more intelligent than past generations of children.  Although it is important to finally start recognising again that children are humans and no less stupid than their so-called elders, I doubt  very much that this is the case. But again and again articles pop up about so-called special children, most of the time called “indigo  children”, “star seeds” or “crystal children”. As for instance the article: “Leading scientists shocked by the achievements of Russian indigo-  children” that appeared on the website of “The Voice of Russia” on January 17 (internet reference (27-02-13):  _01_17/Leading-scientists-shocked-by-the-achievements-of-Russian-indigo-children/).  The three invented life-boxes of a human life  The fact is that child humans like most adult humans have been forcibly squeezed into narrowed life-boxes, designed and defined by  science, economics and politics since the start of the “Scientific Revolution” and the subsequent “Industrial Revolution”. As a consequence  of especially the “Industrial Revolution” work or labour became only labour if it was done for third parties and was paid for by these third  parties. The payment, working hours and labour circumstances usually based on their whim and will. Slavery and child slavery, for  instance, abounded in the first period of the “Industrial Revolution”. And still does. Read for instance Charles Dickens, who lived during the  start of it. And just look how these days so-called menial jobs, like for instance the job of supplementing products on the shelves of  supermarkets, are taken over more and more by younger and younger humans or “cheap” labourers. But not because of social and  humanitarian reasons, but because of narrowed capitalistic economy reasons.  The latest whim by Australian capitalist Gina Rinehart for instance can be read on the website of the “Daily Mail” in the article: “World's  richest woman calls for Australians to take a pay cut - 'because African workers are willing to earn just $2 a day'” (internet reference (27-  02-13):  Last year already she made the news. On the website “Digital Journal” the following article appeared: “World’s richest woman says  ‘jealous’ poor should work harder” in which can be read:  The Australian reported the mining magnate heiress, who has a fortune of $30.1 billion, wrote: "If you're jealous of those with more money, don't just sit there and  complain. Do something to make more money yourself - spend less time drinking or smoking and socialising, and more time working."  Her advice to those who aspire to great fortunes is to work hard and invest, while she goes on to suggest the Australian government should reduce the minimum wage  and give tax breaks to the rich.  ... While her remarks have attracted global attention, her severest critics are home grown. Australian MP Bob Katter said she "left out the bit about daddy being a  major cattle station owner and the biggest mining magnate in Australia. That helps as well. She says here that the minimum average wage of $600 a week should be  cut. This is coming from the world's richest woman." Internet reference (07-10-12):  On the basis of capitalistic industrial economy three life-boxes were invented in which humans are put according to their age. The first life-  box was created for child humans from birth to around 13 years of age. Only from that age onwards child humans are allowed to start  labouring for third parties. The second life-box lifebox extends from 13 years of age up to 65 years of age and is the life-box of so-called  labour for society, but more specifically for the power and the glory of the few. And the third life-box is the life-box for the elderly and old  humans. In a way these three life-boxes in first instance followed the natural lifespan of most humans, simply put: young, adult, old. But in many  ways they increasingly started to restrict the right of many humans to live their own individual human lifespans. Each life-box has become  increasingly narrowed and specialised by way of more and more cultural and especially capitalistic economical rules, regulations and laws,  thought of by scientists, social workers, economists and politicians. Each life-box got and has its own set of rules and regulations of how to  live and how to behave. Step by step a plan for the entire lifespan of a human has been laid down. And every human being has to fit in  that plan and to follow it. So, today the three invented life-boxes do not follow the natural flow of the lifespan of individual humans  anylonger. No, the natural lifespan of each individual human being has to follow the rules, regulations and laws of the invented life-boxes,  or else...  Normal and deviant  The entire life-box plan is called “the normal life span” of human beings. On this plan of by rules, regulations and laws restricted life-boxes  industrialised capitalistic economy forces humans to live together, work together and share together as so-called societies. And anyone  who disturbs the execution of this plan is called a deviant and should be treated as such. Thinking, feeling and acting out of the box you  should be in, is seen as deviant. Now, what does this sound like? It sounds very much like the so-called communist and socialist ideas,  does it not? Don’t be fooled by capitalistic thinkers and believers, who are shouting about the dangers of communist and socialist thinkers  and believers. The first are worse. And both have proven to be only interested in the few. There really exists only one form of government.  The oligarchy. That is the government based on the nature of the less conscious herd animal. And the oligarchists play all kinds of games  to get what they want, to stay the leader of the herd.  Of course, in every so-called scientific normal distribution there are a few exceptions from  the norm in both ways. On the one side of the normal distribution of a life-box you have  humans who do not want to or can not follow the restricted life-box plan. They are called  deviants, mentally or physically sick humans. And on the other side of the normal  distribution of a life-box you also have just a few deviants, they are, for instance, called  child geniuses. You are normal when you follow the life-box plan: the child box - reduced to  and specialised into schooling humans how to labour for third parties, the adult box -  reduced to and specialised in labour for third parties, the elderly box - the “Hurry up and  Die” box. This four word command is from Taro Aso, Japan's 72 year-old deputy prime  minister, who said that: “the elderly should be allowed to "hurry up and die" to reduce the  burden on a country tasked to pay for their medical expenses.” “He later said these  comments were misinterpreted, saying he was speaking of his own personal wishes for a  timely death not those of all Japanese elderly people.” But: “Five years ago, he said the  elderly were a “feeble” group and, “Why should I have to pay taxes for people who just sit  around and do nothing but eat and drink?”” (internet reference (28-02-13): and: Now, what  was the intended reason for the invented third life-box of pensions and stopping work at  65? So that humans at least have the idea there is an escape possible from only dull  labouring all of their lives and at least enjoying part of their lives by doing what they want  to do themselves. Even if it is only eat and drink. But clearly some capitalist industrialist  economists and politicians want to reduce the three life-boxes of a human lifespan to two. It  makes life so much easier for the Aso’s of the world. Is this idea going to become the norm,  therefore normal, or will it stay deviant?  “Indigo children” exist unacknowledged through the ages  The common idea that grew from this dividing a human life into square timezone boxes by so-called intelligent scientists, politicians,  industrialists and economists is, that child humans were not allowed to learn to think, feel and act as they wanted. They had to act, feel  and think like children, or more specifically what so-called scientists and others think how and what children should be like. Reductionist  science has done a lot to accomplish this, with the help of so-called social workers. Of course, third parties do need knowledgeable  labourers, so being educated at a school became mandatory in the first life-box. That is not a bad thing on its own. But the education has  become narrowed to that, which benefits mostly the third parties. Schooling is oriented on the second life-box of the human lifespan, but  really as much as possible oriented on labouring for third parties in that second life-box. Look at how today the main schooling of child  humans is pushed for instance towards the hard sciences and technology. Almost literally denying the importance of all other sorts of  work, like health care, social care, farming, distribution of products, household labour and so on. So, schooling in the first life-box is  primarily oriented on learning: Do not think to the left, do not think to the right, and especially do not think of your own free will, but think  what I tell you to think, because you will be working for me later on.   But every now and again some so-called prodigious child humans are acknowledged. Why? Partly because they can not always be covered  up. And mostly because it has other practical reasons, like for instance pushing the rule that there are always only a few exceptions to the  rule. That is why many humans get turned on by child humans like Mozart. Because they are so, ohh so very special. Not!!! Look at the  “List of child prodigies” on the English Wikipedia (internet reference (17-02-13): and  you see that so-called prodigious children or “indigo children” exist through the centuries. They are not limited to the last ten to twenty  years, as so-called new-agers and spiritualistic believers want to believe themselves and want to make other humans believe too. The only  difference between so-called prodigious children and other children is the fact, that the first get the possibility to do things other children  do not nor are allowed. How many children get the chance to build a “nuclear reactor in dad's shed” (internet reference (04-03-13):  29c4843104ed.html)? In that sense, every child human starving of hunger may be the child human that can create the device to safely  travel through space at half or more of the light speed. And every child human forced to become a child soldier may be the child human  that finds a cure for a cancer. Not acknowledging 90% of child humans as thinking, feeling and acting humans pushes the idea to the front  that only some children are special.  So, no, there is not necessarily a human evolution going on in which child humans of new generations are more intelligent than earlier  generations. What the contribution of new-age and spiritualistic believers is, is that they have as parents and other adults started to listen  to their children, their fellow humans, again. And that is extremely important. They have broken through and expanded again the  narrowed down ideas we are forced to live in thanks to so-called intelligent scientists, politicians and others for the convenience of a happy  few. For the convenience of the elite, who think they are the most important humans on the Earth, although in reality, even in their own  created narrow version of reality, life, society and civilisation, they are themselves part of the deviants.  It may seem that more prodigious children are being born nowadays. But no, this most likely is not true, or only partly so. It mostly has to  do with humans waking up and understanding that they have been forced into these three life-boxes and that they have been doing this  too, to their own children. They start seeing their own children as human beings again, free from the restrictions, rules and laws of the  life-boxes of the capitalistic industrial economy.  But although the so-called new-age and spiritualistic believers may have broken open the first and other invented life-boxes of the by  believers in the capitalistic industrial economy ruled and regulated lifespan of a human, they have not yet realised that they again are  making the same mistake as the believers in this economy. At the end of the Russian article “Leading scientists shocked by the  achievements of Russian indigo-children” it is said for instance that: “...the boy hopes that he will get a governmental grant. These grants  – often called the ‘indigo-grants’ – are due to be realized in two years...” Indigo-grants! That is not out of the box thinking by so-called  new-age and spiritualistic believers, thhat is really just a changing of the labels. Or better, that is again making some children, especially  their own, more equal than other children.  Up