Every human has by birth an equal right to all natural resources of the Earth Every human has an equal right to an as long and as pleasurable as possible life According to me, the two above mentioned human rights ought to form the basis for a worldwide, human civilisation. Because literally  everything is energy, the energy distribution of all natural resources of the Earth and also the energy distribution within human herself are of  primary importance to live up to the fulfillment of these rights. For an as long and as pleasurable as possible life, amongst others, elements  such as good nutrition, safety, a place to live, health care and the possibility for physical and spiritual development are necessities. All these  elements are about energy and energy distribution. From an as long and as pleasurable as possible life each human can again redistribute and  give the energy which is rightfully hers by contributing to and cooperating with the worldwide, human civilisation. In order to achieve an as  honest and as equal possible, lifelong energy distribution the introduction of a worldwide Lifelong Unconditional Basic Income is a good way.  On the basis of articles by myself and articles of others, I will try to elaborate the idea of a Worldwide Unconditional Basic Income further. And I  will search for steps to reach this level of civilisation.  http://www.earth-matters.nl/97/5628/lezersbrieven/stel-je-voor-een-wereld-zonder-geld.html WORLDWIDE UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME 2014 May 'Het Goeie Leven' (The Good Life) - A Dutch song about the U.B.I. April In terms of income The Netherlands is egalitarian. Really? Up