CAPITALISTIC EXTREMISM How often do you hear or read the term capital extremism? Each human being is capable to become a capital extremist. Which makes sense. It  is a follow-up of the natural behaviour of all living beings. Life in whatever form strives towards an endless existence, towards a form of  immortality. Whether by way of producing as much as possible generations of offspring or through itself trying to stay alive as long as possible.  In nature for life in whatever form safety and a long life are paramount.  On the basis of our human nature the emphasis has been put on competition to achieve this. And competition has been translated by our self-  awareness and cultures into capitalism. The aim of humans is to gather as much capital as possible by way of competition. The idea is that the  more capital a person possesses, the greater her chance of safety is and the greater her chances of longevity.  It is clear that humans have not transcended nature, but that they are still strongly rooted to it. It is no problem to stay rooted to nature. It is  even very important. Human beings cannot exist without an environment.  The problem is that humanity sees capital and capitalism as the only way forward. But capitalism, especially if it tips towards capital extremism,  actually leads to making our lives less safe and leads to a greater chance of a shorter life, because of the necessity to compete permanently  with our only natural enemy, our human neighbour and by the complete destruction of our own immediate and safe environment.  If human beings really and seriously want to go forward, they need to have the guts to take other steps, to have the courage to dare to walk a  broader way. That broader way lies at a global level, at the level of the entire human family. Steps have to be taken to work together, to live  together and to share together at a planetary level. This is not possible on the basis of capitalism, born from the natural behaviour of  competition. These ways of interacting with each other are almost totally mutually exclusive. The broader way also has to be based on other  natural behaviour, like curiosity and competence. Without curiosity, for instance, we would still be sitting in trees, eating fruit and killing the  neighbouring monkey to feel more safe and to live longer ourselves. We would try to preserve ourselves in a perpetual here and now, without  any further evolution and progress. The emphasis of our cultures after hundreds of thousands of years still lies on competition. Capital extremism is a result of this. It keeps us  from really going forward. And... it does not show us in a positive light.  2017 January About Fake News and facts 2016 December Questions and some thoughts for mister Stephen Hawking - (Is it about the planet and all of humanity or only about the "elites"?) July Time for a Nexit from the N.A.T.O. - And to throw the North-American culture out of the country 2014 February E-Cat energy held captive in capitalistic behaviour (Still: Argus eyes on the E-Cat) 2013 October Fukushima and the “Abesolute Lie” February The new, broadly smiling bank boss mister of the S.N.S.-bank (And a proposal for a basic income based on a "human energy"-use standard) 2012 October Capital extremists - petty and disrespectful June The ongoing petty and sickening behaviour of capital extremism and the consequences June "The Bike Circle" or keep thinking stupid and stupidly go forward? June A proposal for new reintegration bureaus 2011 June A small article about a small grouping of small people April The oligarchy March Fishland and Grainland - A fictional story Up