CONSCIOUSNESS Many narrowed scientists see consciousness and consciousness of self of Human (I) as Mean(S) as just by-products of the brain. With that they  state, that it is more or less by accident that consciousness and consciousness of self evolved. And, that consciousness, in fact, is a non-  essential and not necessary product of the brain.  The same narrowed scientists may be assumed to be intelligent. They themselves will gladly affirm this. Intelligence, however, is no more than  a small part of the consciousness of self. So, intelligence is of even less worth than the self awareness and consciousness of Human (I) as  Mean(S). Because it is only a small part of an accidental, non-essential and not necessary by-product of the brain.  Still, it is with this consciousness and this intelligence, that Human (I) as Mean(S) not only becomes self aware and aware of All-else, but also  with this, he knows how to influence himself and All-else, so he can survive and live longer, and he knows how to extend this influence further  and further into the vastness of the universe. Nicely done, for just a small part of just an unnecessary by-product of the human brain.  Not only narrowed scientists have a lot of problems with consciousness and self awareness. Also many spiritual thinkers do not know what to  do with it. Ideally, they would like to see Human (I) as Mean(S) to get rid of her consciousness of self, they call it “ego” or “I”. They want to  dissolve it, remove it, abolish it.  The perfect solution to the problem of just a non-necessary by-product of the human brain? Up