EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL Leaving Earth. That is for us Earthlings the only sensible way to go. A gigantic universe awaits us outside, with unprecedented amounts of  energy and possibilities. We will not only continue to be Earthlings, but also have to become Extra-Terrestrials.  The quest for the twin-sister of our Earth has been firmly deployed by science the last years. That twin-sister is of importance to us Earthlings,  because it is a planet that resembles most closely the living conditions, in which we grew up. So, it offers Earthlings the most chances to  survive, with as little as possible technological adjustments. The less close to the necessary basic human needs an environment is, the more  technological adjustments and knowledge is necessary, to be able to live and survive there. Space colonisation projects, terraforming projects  and transhumanism play an important role in this. Of course, we must also be able to get there. For this, new, usable energy sources are a pure  necessity. In addition to becoming Extra-Terrestrials ourselves, there is the possibility, that we will meet other Extra-Terrestrials outside our planet.   Fortunately, in recent years, science has largely abandoned the dogma, that the Earth is the only planet in the entire universe capable of  accommodating life. Also the sub sect roman-catholicism of the christian belief sect has done this. A long row of discoveries has contributed to  this, from already more than a thousand detected exoplanets, to water at all kinds of places in our solar system and the space beyond.  For the search for life outside our planet it is, in my opinion, wise to keep all options open. Certainly also the option that for this, the twin-sister  of Earth is absolutely not necessary. There are plenty of proofs on our planet itself, that point to this. Like extremophiles and ecologies, which  are completely seperate from the rest of Earthly life and which thrive at the most extreme places. What shall we find, how will we treat it or  them, who will contact them?  A gigantic job lies before us. An amount of work that can be done best on a planetary level. Cooperating, living together and sharing together  are essential in this.  On the basis of own articles and articles of others I will try to picture, what awaits us and how we can tackle all of this as good as possible. But  I will also comment on information given by all kinds of alternative and mainstream media.  Open communication and information are human rights Further reasoning on Govert Schilling’s comparison U.F.O. amnesty, but what is the goal? For all Dap Hartmann's on the Earth - "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" "Highly credible" ex-military speak about U.F.O.'s (elitism in U.F.O. research) Book presentation: Ufo’s simply exist (An eyewitness account and further notes) Meet the Water Bear, a small case for ExtraTerrestrial Life Unite against the “Aliens” Why does an ex-president feel uneasy when asked certain questions regarding U.F.O.'s? (Body language analysis of an interviewee by Ben Hansen) Scientists daring to fantasise: Printing humans onto other planets (With some exploratory questions, remarks and fantasies of a layman) Up The Vatican’s chief astronomer and Extraterrestrial Life (Or the way christianity wants to believe about life) Rover Curiosity finds a “lizard” on Mars - Really? (Do MainStream-newsmedia abuse "ufologist" Scott C. Waring to discredit ufology?)