OLDER THOUGHTS 2013 - 2014 27-07-15 REALITY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 17-10-14 ! THIS MUST BE A HOAX ! N.A.S.A. WANTS TO PREPARE HUMANITY FOR EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS AND IF IT ISN’T, CAN NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER BE TRUSTED? See also the news item of 13-10-14 "MARS MAY HAVE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL LIFE NOW" STATES N.A.S.A. CHIEF CHARLES BOLDEN   25-08-14 When not only with letters and words, but also with figures and numbers fantasy worlds can be created, how then can theoretical scientists and mathematicians discriminate between fantasy and reality? 21-08-14 RESPECT CAN ONLY START AS CAPITALISM ENDS 04-08-14 Aliens might be surprised to learn that in a cosmos with unlimited starlight, humans kill for energy buried in the sand. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Director, Hayden Planetarium, New York As found in the Dutch magazine BRES, Bewustzijn in Wording, edition 286, july/august 2014, the theme: Energy and Technique. 07-05-14 “HUMANS THINK THEY MUST PAY FOR THEIR LIFE ON EARTH” Quote from the Dutch Magazine BRES, Bewustzijn in Wording, edition 285, may/june 2014. An edition dedicated to one topic, the theme: Money - There are better  ways.  It is even worse. Think also about the costs for your death. Think also about the costs for your funeral and the years of preserving a few bones or ashes. 07-04-14 Order like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The problem is that subsequently the beholder of this order, tries to impose it unto others. 04-03-14 About the necessity of B.E.’s and a U.B.I. Everything is Energy. All humans need energy to live long and pleasurable from birth till death. This means B.E.’s (Breakthrough Energies or new sources of energy) and a U.B.I. (an Unconditional Basic Income to divide existing and new energy sources among humans equally) are the two ways to make real and righteous progress and to create a worldwide civilisation. 04-01-14 Humans who claim that the Earth is flat are regarded as stupid. Humans who claim and try to prove that the entire universe is a hologram, so in fact is flat, are regarded as intelligent. But if the universe really is flat, then the humans who claim that the Earth is flat are right after all. So, we all are “Flatlanders”. 03-01-14 The health of an economy should not be measured on the basis of the gambling palaces of the few, called stock-exchanges, but on the basis of the number of humans who experience poverty and with that a lack of well-being, and on the basis of the health of the Earth. 04-12-13 CAPITALISM ABUSES SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM It is astonishing how humans are capable to give the impression by way of word tricks and wordplay that communism and socialism are bad and that capitalism and  free market-principles are good. Even more amazing is that they qualify the actions of capitalistic extremists and capitalistic terrorists as communism, socialism,  social utopia and “grey mice-production”, with that imposing the impression that the problem lies with communism and socialism, while in fact capitalism is the truly  guilty one. It often drips inches thick from the own claims of these humans, who must be extremely indoctrinated indeed if they are not able or willing to comprehend  this. A typical example of this, could be read once again on the website “Niburu.co” (the website with the orange background) in the article “JESUIT POPE  BEGINNING TO SHOW HIS COLOURS”. Some of the cited quotes by “Niburu.co” from other websites:  "Paus Franciscus has in his first official writings to the Catholic Church lashed out harshly at the on avarice based economy. The Argentinian called the current economic system  'godless', 'deadly' and 'wrong in the roots'." "Paus Franciscus has warned against rampant capitalism. According to him it is a "new tyranny". He calls on world leaders to combat poverty and the growing unequality in the  world."  As a human this pope is absolutely right, but look how certain humans, amongst whom those of “Niburu.co”, then try to make their sanctimonious capitalism to the  one and only true belief from completely crooked reasoning. They write for instance: The message is loud and clear. One, which states that free humans are not capable to form a healthy society with each other and that a socialistic system is needed to lead and  govern the whole.  Because it does not concern a problem of just one country here, but a worldwide problem, a worldwide solution needs to be found for it. A world government (NWO) which will  take care of an “honest distribution” of the riches of the world.  "A social utopia with all equal grey mice, which are almost entirely dependent on the central government, later on can be easily transfered as a flock of sheep to the new world  government".  In the first paragraph it is claimed that “free humans” need a capitalistic system to be free and not a socialistic one. In the second paragraph the impression is given,  that the “world government (NWO) which will take care of an “honest distribution” of the riches of the world” is a socialistic one, but then, in fact, all these so-called  dignitaries like the pope, and billionaires like Bill Gates, must not be capitalists, but communists and socialists. How crooked then you must be able and willing to  think? And do you want to think even more skewed, believe then especially that an “honest distribution”” can only come from a capitalistic system. Capital means:  large or much. It stands opposite: small or little. So, if there is one thing an economy and so-called free market based on a capitalistic system does, it is creating a  dishonest distribution. And a dishonest distribution always leads to slavery and coercion, or to “grey mice-production”. Look for instance at the enormous armies of  grey, green or in other monotonous colours uniformed little soldiers, little policemen, little priests, little marines and little MacDonald slaves or the armies of with  small orange flags waving little subjects of the so-called kingdom of The Netherlands, who all are deployed “uniformly” to maintain capitalism and the so-called free  market. And they write at “Niburu.co” also:  There is not any doubt about who later on will lead the one world government. Formally, the immense rich Vatican has become part of the Jesuits in 1963, though the Vatican has  been under the control of this club since 1814. Meanwhile also organisations like The United Nations, NAVO, the European Commission, Central Banks, mega industries,  intelligence services and diverse orders and societies like the Free Masons and Opus Dei have been added.  Please, explain why this pope Franciscus is railing so much against capitalism, if he himself is entirely a part of: “the immense rich Vatican”. Please, explain why  “Central Banks” and “mega industries” are not capitalistic, but communistic and socialistic, as is claimed above. The only thing, which can be deduced from articles  like these is, that humans who write like this either are very stupid or hold their readers for very stupid and manipulable. It are humans who themselves want to have  more, “large and much”, during their lives, because they think they are “more free” then, even though it is at the expense of their fellow human. And for this the  pathetic capitalistic system is in their idea the only way. So wordplay is needed to obscure and obfuscate the actual cause of lack of freedom and of dishonest  distribution. But what really is said in this article, and in all articles equivalent to it, is that capitalistic extremists and capitalistic terrorists abuse communistic and socialistic ideas  and instruments to gain even more capitalistic power. Wake up finally. Internet reference (29-11-13): http://niburu.co/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6409:jezuietenpaus-begint-kleur-te-bekennen&catid=20:het-complot&Itemid=33  18-10-13 ABOUT FUKUSHIMA: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN T.E.P.CO. AND BUREAUCRACY Is there a difference between T.E.P.Co. and bureaucracy? No! Bureaucracy moves documents aimlessly around from bureau to bureau to bureau to the wastepaper basket. T.E.P.Co. moves water, highly contaminated with radiation, aimlessly around from container to container to the ocean. Both are clueless with regard to  solutions. And because of this, both cause tremendous harm to many humans and the Earth. With the combination of a bureaucratic government and a corporation  like T.E.P.Co. in Japan the harm is squared. 08-10-13 NIKOLA TESLA ABOUT CIVILISATION “...for if every country, even the smallest, could surround itself with a wall absolutely impenetrable, and could defy the rest of the world, a state of things would surely  be brought on which would be extremely unfavorable to human progress. It is by abolishing all the barriers which separate nations and countries that civilization is  best furthered.” - In: The problem of increasing human energy - with special references to the harnessing of the sun's energy, by Nikola Tesla in Century Illustrated  Magazine, June 1900.  See: http://www.tfcbooks.com/tesla/1900-06-00.htm  03-07-13 COMPETITION-COERCION IS PETTY AND PATHETIC AND STANDS IN THE WAY OF REAL PROGRESS Competition is particularly abused by capitalistic economies and in fact by every oligarchy to force people to participate or to be marginalised. How many humans  really want to compete lifelong with their fellow humans to win, so for winnings, profit? How many humans just want a pleasurable and long life, without the constant  pressure of competition-coercion on their shoulders? And yes, of course, humans want to learn to think, feel and act as good as possible themselves, and in some  possibilities even they want to excel. But that is their choice and does not necessarily has to be aimed at winning and winnings. For this the term competence exists.  As long as competition-coercion is made obligatory by so-called authorities, we as human and humanity are not concerned with making progress on any area  whatsoever. For further thought: Is it not remarkable that the Dutch term “concurrentie” translated to English gives the terms “competition” and “rivalry”. While the translation of  the English term “concurrence” translated to Dutch gives terms like “akkoord” (agreement), “overeenkomst” (treaty, conformity) and “overeenstemming”  (consensus)? 12-05-13 ATHEISTS BELIEVE TOO An atheist is a human who does not believe in a (personal) god. But that is all the word atheist means. Nothing more, nothing less. So atheists are humans, who do  believe too. No human can escape this. 01-05-13 THE FANTASY OF THE INCREASING VALUE OF HOUSES Most of my life already, one of the most baffling fantasies to me is, that while humans accept that everything, literally everything, is subject to wear and tear and  because of this the value becomes less, this does not seem to be the case with houses. According to science everything in nature is subject to entropy: With  passage of time, all physical systems fall apart; everything tends to disorder. But I have until now never seen one scientist asking himself, why a house nevertheless  increases in value. A bicycle, a car, food utensils, a pair of trousers or a frock, a machine in a factory, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, even of humans themselves it is  accepted that they wear out, erode year after year, and consequently function less well or are less useful. And even of humans a decrease in value is therefore  accepted. Super athletes and super models have their good time at most between 15 and 25 years of age, after that they are already worn out, less valuable to even worthless and need to be replaced by new ones. For most of the other humans this applies as soon as they are 65 years of age. But houses, accommodations?  None of that! Despite all wear and tear and the because of this necessary maintenance, these objects alone keep increasing in value. Who has brought this fantasy  into the world? And why accept homeowners this fantasy so gladly? Just look, who benefits the most from this and you will have the answer.  24-03-13 “MENS DURF TE LEVEN” - FOR THE AWAKE HUMANS OF TODAY Many spiritualistic humans think that human has become more conscious and more awake in the last ten to fifteen years than in the time before that. However, this  has more to do with the worldwide and at the moment still free means of communication “personal computer” and “internet”, than with really becoming more awake  and more conscious. As an example of how almost a hundred years ago many humans were as awake already and were very well aware of the imposed reality, in  which they were forced to live, I would like to point to the song “Mensch durf te leven” (Human, dare to live). Dirk Witte wrote it in 1917.   That in that time his song had much less impact, is caused by the much more limited possibilities of communication of that time and too by the then also already  highly restrictive and strongly determining religious and science cliques, who then already dominated the communication media. This is evident from the brief article  on the Dutch Wikipedia. Below a recording of the song from 1919: For the text I point to a version, in which Ramses Shaffey sings this song, see: RAMSES SHAFFY - MENS DURF TE LEVEN.  The becoming awake and the becoming more conscious of larger numbers of humans starts with free information and free means of communication. Without these  possibilities, being awake and being more conscious are limited to what may be called an elite.  See amongst others: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirk_Witte http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssTpB9hu9Bs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTmldk0I3t0 19-03-13 IT IS CHAOS, WHICH OFFERS US UNCEASINGLY NEW POSSIBILITIES. IT IS OUR AMBITION FOR ORDER, WHICH DEPRIVES US OF THESE POSSIBILITIES. 22-02-13 THE ENERGY SCHISM Maybe the largest schism ever, is the schism humans have created in their thinking about energy. On the one hand there are the believers in the materialistic energy and on the other hand there are the believers in the spiritualistic energy. In reality no such schism exists. Humans themselves are proof of this. 24-01-13 POLITICAL CRITIC NOAM CHOMSKY ON THE TERM GLOBALISATION “The dominant propaganda systems have appropriated the term “globalization” to refer to the specific version of international economic integration that they favor,  which privileges the rights of investors and lenders, those of people being incidental. In accord with this usage, those who favor a different form of international  integration, which privileges the rights of human beings, become “anti-globalist”. This is simply vulgar propaganda, like the term “anti-Soviet” used by the most  disgusting commissars to refer to dissidents. It is not only vulgar, but idiotic.” Internet reference (24-01-13): http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=23481    18-01-13 About the seriousness of weapon pettiness A people, whose every, individual citizen needs to have weapons to defend himself and to feel himself safe in his own country, is a people, that does not live  together, does not work together and certainly does not share together. Therefore it can not be called a people. They are only a bunch of humans living close  together, who distrust each other more that that they trust each other. A people, whose every, individual citizen thinks he needs to have weapons to defend himself  and to feel himself safe against his own chosen leaders, is a people, that does not live together, does not work together and certainly does not share together and  because of that are not able to choose leaders, who really stand for the interests of each and every individual of that people. They are only a bunch of humans living close together, who distrust each other more that that they trust each other. A people, whose every, individual citizen needs to have weapons to defend himself and  to feel himself safe in his own country, is a people, that can never be trustworthy for any other people, whose every, individual citizen can feel safe without these  weapons and can live together, work together and especially share together. 09-01-13 There is nothing wrong with the ego Today, many so-called spiritually oriented humans think that the ego should be abolished. According to them, the ego, or I, is just ego - tistic or self - ish. And  according to these humans all human misery follows from it.  But then, let’s also abolish the bread knife. And the scissors. The fork. The computer. The car. And the money. They are all means, which are not made in the first  instance and with the sole reason to be used as a weapon. But as with any means in the hands of humans, they can, of course, be used as such. With the ego it is  not different. The problem is not the bread knife. Not the scissors. Not the fork. Not the computer. Nor the car. Nor the money. It is the manner in which humans use these means.  Similarly, there is nothing wrong with the ego. But there is something wrong with the manner in which humans use their ego.  Up              Next page