2021 Februari 28 Earth(De)Forming and Human(De)Forming 2018 April 7 Human is an artificial caves dweller and pyramids dominate her life 2014 May "Secret Space Program - Connecting the Dots” (Fact or Fiction?) February A Ph.O.E. or Philosophy of Everything (Another Wordplay on Reality) 2013 April Again a scientist is called to (the) order March The sense and nonsense of "indigo children" (Or: An example of the waking up out of the narrowed ideas of capitalistic industrial civilisation) 2012 April Creativity and Reality March How to use fantasy and tool-making? 2011 December Our Universe - Total living environment for humanity? I. The biggest obstacle in humans: Egocentrism April What is Reality - Reaction on the conference “Secret Space Program - Breakaway Civilization” 2010 June Total Reality and the Life Course Defined Reality Up WHAT IS REALITY? For Human (I) as Mean(S) every fact starts as a fiction What is reality? No one is capable to give an answer. I will try to give my own concept. Also seen from the necessity for humanity to learn to  survive collectively on our home planet Earth.  In short, my idea is that each human being as an individual creates his/her own image of reality during his/her life. Based on his/her own  experiences each human being defines and limits his/her own reality. This reality I call the Life Course Defined Reality.  Beyond humanity, which is just a small part of the actual reality, exists something I call, for want of a better word, the Total Reality. For  instance, all Life Course Defined Realities of all humans who ever lived, who live at this moment and who someday will live are a part of this.  I wll try to develop this idea further by way of some articles. A thought to work from, is for instance:  Human (I) as Mean(S) is always the midpoint of his/her own small part of reality. She/He uses her/his own small part of reality as if it is the total and actual reality.